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Jihad Report
Feb 10, 2024 -
Feb 16, 2024

Attacks 25
Killed 60
Injured 46
Suicide Blasts 0
Countries 10

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Jihad Report
January, 2024

Attacks 158
Killed 841
Injured 710
Suicide Blasts 5
Countries 20
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Islam and Infidelophobia

Infidelophobia is kind of like Islamophobia, only with dead bodies.

Do you suffer spinal twinges when reading of Buddhist teachers shot in the back by Jihad terrorists?  Are you prone to a slight jabbing pain in the side when hearing of another Israeli stabbed to death by the Palestinian Fedayeen?  Do you get a sort of burning sensation in your sinuses upon learning of a family of Hindus burned alive by Mujahideen?  Is there a dry or scratchy feeling in the back of your mouth when told of Christians getting their throat slashed by Islamists?  How about old-school decapitation with a dull blade?  Leave you feeling a bit light-headed?

If so, then you may have "Islamophobia", a new term that literally means "irrational" fear of Islam and its strict devotees.  The United Nations held a seminar on Islamophobia, in which the venerable Kofi Annan, stated that “When the world feels compelled to coin a new term to take account of widespread bigotry – this is a troubling development.” 

Kofi went on to say that Islamophobia has left “many Muslims around the world feeling aggravated and misunderstood, concerned about the erosion of their rights and even fearing for their physical safety.”

What would Kofi have to say about Infidelophobia.  It’s a condition that leaves a lot of people (infidels, in this case) concerned, aggravated and also fearing for their safety... along with something else – a big pile of dead bodies.  More than 175,000 in fact, and that’s just since 9/11.  Nor does it include the more than 300,000 others who have been maimed in nearly 30,000 fatal terrorist attacks tracked by  It's all for the cause of killing infidels as inspired by the Quran and Hadiths.. let Allah sort them out.

Those whining about Islamophobia seem to completely ignore the contingency between Jihad and a fear of Islam on the part of its victims.  Their solution is to change the attitude of the victims rather than the behavior or terrorists.

Let’s compare what we have thus far.

Victims of Islamophobia (when they aren’t whining) spend their time worrying that they might be insulted, given the finger, or detained at the airport (in other words, pretty much the same things that happen to a lot of Americans everyday, sometimes concurrently).

By contrast, victims of Infidelophobia don’t have it quite as good.  They have to worry about horrific acts of terrorism in places where Muslims have a significant minority (Kashmir, The Philippines, Lebanon, Nigeria…) and flat-out subjugation in the areas under Islamic hegemony (Sudan, Iran, Indonesia and basically any other Muslim country).  Even in the “Land of the Free”, thousands of Americans have been killed in more than a dozen attacks for shopping, flying or simply showing up at work on time.

Victims of Infidelophobia have good reason to be afraid because unlike Islamophobia, which may usually be categorized as a natural apprehension based on empirical observation, Infidelophobia is nurtured by thousands of radical imams in hate-filled sermons across the globe, as well as thousands of Islamist schools teaching extreme bigotry.  There are even millions of Infidelophobes across the world, quite apathetic or even supportive of the many violent fanatics busily applying a literal interpretation of the Quran by killing thousands of infidels each year.

Still not sure which is worse?  Well, another advantage that an Infidelophobe has over an Islamophobe, is international impunity.  Rack up an impressive list of hate crimes and you may find yourself being handed a Nobel Peace Prize someday (like Yassir)!

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