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Jihad Report
Sep 07, 2019 -
Sep 13, 2019

Attacks 30
Killed 138
Injured 145
Suicide Blasts 1
Countries 12

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
August, 2019

Attacks 155
Killed 734
Injured 1176
Suicide Blasts 13
Countries 27
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 110 Islamic attacks in 19 countries, in which 589 people were killed and 882 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2019.09.15 Somalia Bal'ad 5 3 Five people traveling along an agricultural road are obliterated by al-Shabaab bombers.
2019.09.15 Syria ar-Rai 12 23 Terrorists blow up a food truck outside a healthcare center, killing a dozen.
2019.09.15 Somalia Shalanbod 2 4 Two passersby lose their lives to an Islamist IED.
2019.09.14 Somalia Qoryoley 9 0 Islamists use an RPG and heavy machine-guns to dispatch nine people.
2019.09.14 Somalia Marka 2 0 A well-placed mortar-round by al-Shabaab claims two civilians.
2019.09.14 Egypt el-Arish 3 2 Fundamentalists open fire on a police checkpoint, killing three members.
2019.09.14 Somalia Gololey 3 0 Islamic radicals take out three passersby with an IED.
2019.09.14 Yemen Hodeida 11 0 Six members of a family are among eleven civilians murdered by Ansar Allah.
2019.09.13 Yemen Salih 2 0 Two children are reduced to pulp by an Ansar Allah rocket.
2019.09.13 Afghanistan Damani 9 0 A heinous attack by Taliban in uniform leaves nine dead.
2019.09.13 Iraq Shura 1 1 A vegetable seller is shredded by Mujahid shrapnel.
2019.09.13 Pakistan Spin Wam 1 0 Religious extremists shoot a security guard to death.
2019.09.13 Pakistan Dir 3 1 Three members of a border patrol are laid out by Muslim gunmen.
2019.09.13 Cameroon Soueram 6 9 A half-dozen border guards are murdered by Boko Haram.
2019.09.12 Afghanistan Chahar Asyab 4 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber claims four Afghans.
2019.09.12 Somalia Dinsor 5 3 Two children are among five exterminated by an al-Shabaab landmine.
2019.09.12 Pakistan Quetta 5 38 Women and children are among the casualties of a Tehreek-i-Taliban bomb blast.
2019.09.12 Nigeria Borno 7 0 An attack on three towns by Boko Haram leaves at least seven dead.
2019.09.11 Syria Tabaqa 10 0 The Islamic State claims an attack that leaves ten dead.
2019.09.11 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 al-Shabaab send mortars into a residential area, killing one.
2019.09.10 Nigeria Gudumbali 9 27 Nine local security personnel are left dead following an attack by Muslim radicals on their base.
2019.09.10 Kenya Elwak 5 20 Five border guards are laid out by an al-Shabaab rocket barrage.
2019.09.10 Iraq Humayra 1 0 A shepherd is vaporized by a Mujahid IED.
2019.09.09 Burkina Faso Soum 6 0 A violent attack by Jihadists leaves six dead.
2019.09.09 Nigeria Shamawa 5 0 Five farmers are shot to death in their fields by an Islamic group.
2019.09.09 Afghanistan Imam Sahib 10 3 Ten local cops are killed during a series of Taliban assaults.
2019.09.09 Iraq Salahia 1 6 Mujahideen plant a bomb along a road, killing a passing farmer.
2019.09.09 Syria Raqqa 2 0 Two civilians are brought down by armed terrorists.
2019.09.08 Cameroon Talkoumri 4 0 Four villagers are abducted and murdered by Boko Haram.
2019.09.08 Iraq Karbala 1 0 A Shiite pilgrim is discovered shot in the head.
2019.09.08 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A civiian is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2019.09.08 Burkina Faso Barsalogho 15 6 Jihadists plant a mine that kills fifteen traders.
2019.09.08 Burkina Faso Sanmatenga 14 4 An Islamist ambush on a convoy carrying food to refugees leaves fourteen dead.
2019.09.08 Iraq Kirkuk 1 8 Suspected ISIS plant three bombs that kill one civilian.
2019.09.08 Somalia Mahaday 5 3 Five people lose their lives to an al-Shabaab bombing.
2019.09.07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A bomb left in a house kills two sappers.
2019.09.07 Philippines Isulun 0 7 Islamists place a bomb at a market that causes eight casualties.
2019.09.07 Iraq Samara 1 0 A civilian is reduced to paste by a bomb left inside his vehicle.
2019.09.07 Iraq Mukhisa 1 0 An unarmed farmer is shot to death by courageous lions of Allah.
2019.09.07 India Sopore 0 3 A brutal attack by Lashkar e-Toiba on a fruit vendor's home leaves a 2-year-old girl severely injured.
2019.09.06 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 'Insurgents' shoot an armed man along a city street.
2019.09.06 Afghanistan Farah 2 15 Two civilians lose their lives to an attack by a group fighting for Sharia.
2019.09.06 Nigeria Kamuya 1 3 Islamic militants fire on a security patrol, killing one member.
2019.09.05 Nigeria Gajiram 4 0 Islamists fire into a village, killing four.
2019.09.05 Somalia Afgoye 5 0 Five people are reported killed following an al-Shabaab attack at an agricultural town.
2019.09.05 Somalia Awdhegle 3 5 Three civilians are obliterated by an Islamist landmine.
2019.09.05 Afghanistan Kabul 12 42 A Shahid suicide bomber slaughters twelve outside a busy diplomatic area.
2019.09.05 Burkina Faso Soum 6 0 A half-dozen local security personnel lose their lives to a Jihadist ambush.
2019.09.05 Iraq Tikrit 5 0 An Islamic State attack leaves five dead.
2019.09.05 Afghanistan Logar 4 11 Four civilians are pulled into pieces by Taliban shrapnel.
2019.09.05 Pakistan Pishtakhara 1 0 Terrorists shoot a female health worker to death.
2019.09.05 Pakistan Quetta 1 10 The Tehreek-e-Taliban is suspected of a bomb attack that kills a rescue worker.
2019.09.04 Iraq Shoura 13 0 Thirteen women are discovered in a mass grave following Islamic State execution.
2019.09.04 Nigeria Gajiram 2 0 Two civilians are killed during a Boko Haram raid.
2019.09.03 Mali Mopti 14 24 Women and children are among fourteen bus passengers sent to Allah by Jihadi bombers.
2019.09.03 Afghanistan Takhar 11 0 Eleven locals are machine-gunned by the Taliban.
2019.09.03 Iraq Gohbali 1 0 A Yazidi woman is picked off with a silencer-equipped firearm.
2019.09.03 Afghanistan Kerraj 2 0 Two local cops succumb to injuries following a Taliban bomb blast.
2019.09.02 Afghanistan Alishing 5 6 Five civilians are disintegrated by a Taliban rocket.
2019.09.02 Afghanistan Kashak 2 0 Sunni radicals use an IED to aerate two passing civilians.
2019.09.02 Afghanistan Regi 1 0 A government employee is assassinated by a fundamentalist group.
2019.09.02 Afghanistan Khonyan 6 3 Armed fundamentalists ambush a local security patrol and kill six members.
2019.09.02 Somalia Mogadishu 2 4 An early-morning suicide blast leaves two dead.
2019.09.02 Afghanistan Kabul 16 119 A massive suicide blast targeting foreigners leaves at least sixteen dead.
2019.09.01 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khumri 4 20 Four civilians succumb to injury following a violent attack by Sunni activists.
2019.09.01 Iraq Dabke 1 0 A refugee at a displaced persons camp is shot to death by terrorists.
2019.09.01 Iraq Shoala 1 0 A civilian is riddled with bullets by Mujahideen.
2019.09.01 Afghanistan Balkh 8 0 Eight civilians are aerated with Taliban shrapnel - including women and children.
2019.09.01 Iraq Abbara 1 0 Jihadis pick off a farmer with a planted bomb.
2019.09.01 Pakistan Charmang 1 0 A civilian is obliterated by a Tehreek-e-Taliban IED.
2019.08.31 France Villeurbanne 1 9 An asylum seeker goes on a stabbing spree at a bus stop, killing one and injuring nine others because they "do not read the Quran."
2019.08.31 Afghanistan Kunduz 30 85 Approximately thirty others are killed when the Taliban overrun a city, starting with a suicide blast.
2019.08.31 Iraq Aman Ali 5 0 Five members of a family, including three children, are slaughtered in their home by Holy Warriors.
2019.08.31 Nigeria Gidan Waya 4 0 Four farmers working their crops are beheaded by Religion of Peace proponents.
2019.08.30 Nigeria Balumri 4 2 Islamists cut the throats of four villagers.
2019.08.30 Burkina Faso Tongomael 1 5 A Jihadist attack leaves one dead.
2019.08.30 India Parimpora 1 0 Terrorists shoot a 65-year-old shopkeeper to death.
2019.08.30 Nigeria Monguno 8 5 Islamists hurl grenades at a security patrol, killing eight members.
2019.08.30 Yemen Aden 6 0 An Islamic State suicide bomber claims six souls.
2019.08.30 Pakistan Gulshan-i-Iqbal 1 0 A Shiite doctor is gunned down in a sectarian attack.
2019.08.30 Iraq Sinjar 13 0 An grave is uncovered containing the victims of thirteen religious minorities executed by ISIS.
2019.08.30 Iraq Qara Teba 1 0 Terrorists bring down a civilian in a hail of bullets.
2019.08.29 Iraq Dabatiya 4 1 Four members of a tribal defense group are ambushed and killed by ISIS.
2019.08.29 Nigeria Attaka 8 5 Militant Muslim attack a farming community and kill mostly women.
2019.08.29 Iraq Garma 4 7 Mujahideen shoot four Iraqis to death.
2019.08.29 Israel Bethlehem 1 0 An aspiring makeup artist is tortured and beaten to death by her brother for shaming the family by posting a video with her fiancé.
2019.08.29 Nigeria Kiri 5 0 Five Christian villagers are killed by militant Muslims, who also destroy homes.
2019.08.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two women are brutally murdered by armed fundamentalists.
2019.08.28 Afghanistan Kharopate 3 6 Three children are disassembled by a terrorist rocket.
2019.08.28 Afghanistan Rubat-e-Sangi 14 9 Attacks by the Taliban leave fourteen dead outside several villages.
2019.08.27 Burkina Faso Kaurao 3 0 Three civilians make easy pickings for Jihadi gunmen.
2019.08.27 Pal. Auth Gaza 2 0 Two police officers are obliterated by a suicide bomber on a motorcycle.
2019.08.27 Pal. Auth Gaza 1 0 Another police officer is killed in a second Salafi suicide attack.
2019.08.27 Iraq Khanaqin 2 0 Two Iraqis are cut down by Mujahid gunmen.
2019.08.27 Yemen Kataf 25 20 Over two dozen local security personnel lose their lives to an Ansar Allah attack.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 3 A university dean of arts is sent to Allah via a magnetic bomb.
2019.08.27 Nigeria Wajirko 11 0 Eleven construction workers laying fiber cable, are neatly gunned down by Boko Haram.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Gareda Serai 1 0 A tribal elder is assassinated in front of his home by an Islamic group.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Ahmad Aba 1 0 A man is murdered by the Taliban while walking home from work.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Tikar 2 3 A shell hits a home during a Taliban attack, killing two children.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Kokardash 10 11 Ten Afghans are killed by the Taliban.
2019.08.27 Afghanistan Ghulam Sediq 3 0 A group of fundamentalists ambush and kill three local cops.
2019.08.26 Iraq Katun al-Rahma 1 0 Islamic State shrapnel claims one life.
2019.08.26 India Tral 2 0 Jaish-e-Mohammed members abduct two minorities, brutally killing them in captivity.
2019.08.25 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 A Christian mother and daughter are murdered by suspected ISIS.
2019.08.25 Somalia Hadan 1 3 One person is laid out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2019.08.25 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A former politician is blown to bits by Islamist bombers.
2019.08.25 Cameroon Wum 7 1 A Bible translator is among seven hacked to death by Fulani terrorists.
2019.08.25 Afghanistan Zabul 6 7 Six local police are killed in an unprovoked attack by the Taliban.
2019.08.25 Afghanistan Cheshma-e-Sher 1 3 A local council member is abducted and murdered by a religious group.
2019.08.25 Iraq Daquq 6 19 Sunnis fire a mortar round into a soccer match near a Shiite shrine, killing six.
2019.08.24 Syria Idlib 2 11 Mujahid car bombers take out a pair of civilians.
2019.08.24 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 2 3 Islamists on motorbikes attack a checkpoint, killing two passersby.
2019.08.24 Niger Gueskerou 12 5 A late night assault on a village by Boko Haram leaves a dozen dead.
2019.08.24 Afghanistan Midan Barra Khana 2 1 A group fighting for Sharia kills two civilians with a well-placed motorcycle bomb.
2019.08.24 Nigeria Nganzai 4 21 Islamists raid a village, kill four residents and kidnap twenty-one others.
2019.08.23 Afghanistan Farsi 5 3 A Taliban attack on a home leaves five occupants dead.
2019.08.23 Afghanistan Khogyani 1 14 Suspected religious radicals set off a bomb at a bazaar that kills a civilian.
2019.08.23 Thailand Thung Yang Daeng 1 0 Suspected insurgents assassinate a civilian on his way home.
2019.08.23 Iraq Musayib 3 34 Thirty-seven casualties are reported when Jihadis bomb a market near a Shiite mosque.
2019.08.23 Iraq Babil 4 35 Religious radicals set off a bomb outside a row of shops, killing four.
2019.08.23 Israel Dolev 1 2 Terrorists plant a bomb at a spring that kills a 17-year-old girl and badly injures another teen.
2019.08.23 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Suspected ISIS shoot a citizen to death.
2019.08.22 Afghanistan Khogyani 3 2 Three local cops are cut down by Taliban gunmen.
2019.08.22 Bangladesh Chittagong 1 0 An Awami leader is gunned down by Rohingya militants.
2019.08.22 Iraq Hashimat 1 0 A middle-of-the-night mortar attack on a farming village kills a member.
2019.08.22 Syria Aleppo 7 14 At least seven civilians are killed by a sustained mortar attack and suicide bombing.
2019.08.22 Syria Qadam 1 3 A civilian is flattened by an ISIS IED.
2019.08.22 Niger Boulahardé 1 4 A civilian is killed, and four more abducted by Boko Haram.
2019.08.21 Nigeria Gubio 1 0 One person loses their life to a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2019.08.21 Mali Hombori 5 3 Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam Muslimeen members ambush and kill five local security personnel.
2019.08.21 India Ganie-Haman 1 1 Lashkar-e- Toiba militants gun down a local cop.
2019.08.20 Afghanistan Baghlan-e-Markazi 1 0 A man is kidnapped and murdered by a fundamentalist group.
2019.08.20 Afghanistan Firouz Koh 2 1 A man and his son are murdered by the Taliban.
2019.08.20 Afghanistan Kala Shamir 2 0 A Taliban IED shatters two lives.
2019.08.19 Sudan Kumbo Kesri 1 1 A 16-year-old girl is shot to death by suspected Janjaweed.
2019.08.19 Burkina Faso Koutougou in Soum 24 12 A Jihadist attack on a local security patrol leaves two-dozen dead.
2019.08.19 Afghanistan Jalalabad 0 66 Dozens of casualties are reported following a series of Islamic State blasts.
2019.08.18 Syria Masada 3 3 A terrorist IED claims three civilians.
2019.08.18 Afghanistan Chehldokhtaran 1 0 A village elder is taken hostage by the Taliban and then murdered.
2019.08.18 Afghanistan Qahramon-e-mili 1 0 A woman is kidnapped on her way home, and then killed the next day by a religious group.
2019.08.18 Pakistan Ladha 2 0 Islamic militants kill two individuals with a roadside bomb.
2019.08.18 Pakistan Upper Dir 5 6 A tribal elder is among five people laid out by a Taliban bomb blast.
2019.08.18 Afghanistan Barbar Qala 12 0 Four women and five children are among a dozen torn apart by a buried Taliban explosive.
2019.08.18 DRC Oicha 2 0 Two villagers are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2019.08.18 Nigeria Mogul 4 0 Four local security personnel are cut down by ISWAP gunmen.
2019.08.17 Syria Almah 1 0 An imam is assassinated in front of his mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2019.08.17 Pakistan Kuchlak 1 0 A prayer leader is shot to death at a grocery store in a suspected sectarian attack.
2019.08.17 Somalia Daynunay 2 2 A surprise al-Shabaab attack leaves two dead.
2019.08.17 Iraq Houd 5 0 The bodies of five people executed by ISIS are discovered.
2019.08.17 Afghanistan Yangi 9 6 A senseless attack by the Taliban leaves nine dead.
2019.08.17 Afghanistan Mullaian 1 6 A 12-year-old child is laid out by a well-placed Taliban mortar round.
2019.08.17 Afghanistan Wayez 3 3 Three civilians are left dead after an attack by suspected ISIS gunmen.
2019.08.17 Afghanistan Kabul 81 182 A Fedayeen suicide bomber goes off in a crowded wedding hall, destroying over eighty Shiites.
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