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Jihad Report
Feb 10, 2024 -
Feb 16, 2024

Attacks 25
Killed 60
Injured 46
Suicide Blasts 0
Countries 10

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
January, 2024

Attacks 158
Killed 841
Injured 710
Suicide Blasts 5
Countries 20
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

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2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks
Kaduna Riot: 800 Dead

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 1998 Islamic attacks in 57 countries, in which 9098 people were killed and 16926 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2011.12.31 Pakistan Khugakhel 2 13 Two children bleed to death following a bomb blast outside the home of a tribal elder.
2011.12.31 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A Shia leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.12.31 Iraq Diyala 5 0 Five Iraqis are murdered in cold blood by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2011.12.30 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 23-year-old man is picked off in front of his home by Muslims on motorcycles.
2011.12.30 Yemen Zinjibar 2 3 Two local soldiers are killed by 'Partisans of Sharia' gunmen.
2011.12.30 Pakistan Salarzai 2 3 Women are among the casualties when Islamic bombers target a peace committee.
2011.12.30 Pakistan Shakoi 2 4 Talibanis mortar a neighborhood, killing two residents.
2011.12.30 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Boko Haram gunmen invade the home of a rival cleric and murder three of his family members.
2011.12.30 Afghanistan Trinkot 4 1 Holy Warriors take out four civilians riding in a car.
2011.12.30 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 1 Suspected Boko Haram gun down two civilians at a market.
2011.12.30 Pakistan Salarzai 2 1 Two children are burned to a crisp when a militant Muslim detonates an incendiary device in a store.
2011.12.30 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 4 At least four people are killed when Islamists set off a bomb outside a rival mosque.
2011.12.30 Pakistan Quetta 16 35 A suicide bomber slaughters thirteen innocents, including women and children.
2011.12.30 Pakistan Dara Bazar 2 3 A bomb explodes on the main road leading into a village, leaving two dead.
2011.12.29 Pakistan Khairpur 0 10 Ten are injured when two religious groups clash over a Quran reading.
2011.12.29 Afghanistan Kapisa 3 0 Two French and one local troops are murdered by a terrorist in an Afghan uniform.
2011.12.29 Afghanistan Nad Ali 10 1 Ten police recruits are torn to shreds by a Taliban bomb.
2011.12.29 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 Religious radicals murder a tribal elder.
2011.12.29 Egypt Assiut 0 5 At least five people are hurt when a Muslim mob burns Christian homes over a Facebook cartoon.
2011.12.28 Nigeria Sapele 0 7 Seven children at a religious school are injured when a bomb is thrown to settle a dispute over mosque leadership.
2011.12.28 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four local police officers are killed in and around the city by Muslim terrorists.
2011.12.28 Pakistan Plateau 3 0 A baby is among three members of a Christian family shot and hacked to death by machete-wielding Muslims.
2011.12.27 Thailand Yala 1 1 One person is killed when Muslim 'insurgents' bomb a group of teachers and their security.
2011.12.27 Pakistan Peshawar 1 0 Islamists gun down a security official as he is leaving a mosque.
2011.12.27 Iraq Kirkuk 2 1 Mujahideen kill two civilians with a car bomb.
2011.12.27 Pakistan Gulbahar 2 0 A prayer leader is among two gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2011.12.27 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A man and his father are murdered in their home by 'insurgents'.
2011.12.27 Pakistan Tank 1 2 Terrorists fire on a local peace committee, killing one member.
2011.12.26 Pakistan Banaras 1 0 The caretaker of a seminary is murdered by sectarian gunmen.
2011.12.26 Iraq Baiji 1 0 A man is shot in the head by al-Qaeda.
2011.12.26 Pakistan Kohat 1 1 Two members of a peace committee are fired on by Islamic militants.
2011.12.26 Pakistan Peerabad 1 0 A school clerk is murdered by religious fundamentalists.
2011.12.26 Iraq Baghdad 7 37 Seven people are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2011.12.25 Iraq Dujail 2 20 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends two Iraqis to Allah.
2011.12.25 Iraq Garma 6 2 Six local cops at a checkpoint are machine-gunned at point-blank range by Sunni terrorists.
2011.12.25 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Muslim snipers pick off a Christian just outside his home.
2011.12.25 Pakistan Loralai 1 0 A civilian is kidnapped and executed by Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2011.12.25 Nigeria Jos 1 0 Muslim militants fire on a protestant church, killing a guard.
2011.12.25 Nigeria Damaturu 3 1 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates near a security compound, killing three people.
2011.12.25 Nigeria Madalla 45 73 Religion of Peace bombers strike a Catholic church during a morning Christmas mass, slaughtering forty-five worshippers.
2011.12.25 Afghanistan Talaqan 22 50 Two dozen mourners at a funeral are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.12.25 Sri Lanka Sammanthurai 1 0 A Muslim father beats his daughter to death for dating a non-Muslim.
2011.12.25 Pakistan Gilgit 1 0 A Shiite is gunned down by Sunni rivals.
2011.12.24 Pakistan Urmur 1 3 A toy bomb planted by religious extremists leaves a father dead and three children injured.
2011.12.24 Iraq Mosul 4 3 Four Iraqis are shot to death in a series of Mujahideen shootings.
2011.12.24 Iraq Kirkuk 3 1 Two brothers are kidnapped and murdered by 'insurgents', who also kill a school principal.
2011.12.24 India Srinagar 1 0 The Islamic Movement of Kashmir assassinate a local official.
2011.12.24 Uganda Namasuba 0 1 A young pastor, who left Islam after having been born the son of an imam, is blinded by acid in a vicious Christmas Eve attack.
2011.12.24 Kenya Wajir 0 6 A half-dozen people are injured when fundamentalists throw a grenade into a bar.
2011.12.24 Pakistan Bannu 9 17 A Fedayeen suicide car bomber murders nine others.
2011.12.24 Afghanistan Takhta Pul 3 0 Three locals are killed by a Taliban bomb.
2011.12.24 Nigeria Maiduguri 11 0 A pastor and his young daughter are incinerated when Islamists fire bomb three churches.
2011.12.23 Pakistan Tank 1 17 The Taliban take hostages after a deadly attack on a post, threatening to cut them into pieces.
2011.12.23 Somalia Mataban 3 0 A Religion of Peace 'activist' shoots three aid workers to death.
2011.12.23 Nigeria Potiskum 1 7 A 10-year-old boy is among the casualties of a shooting attack by Muslim militants.
2011.12.23 Nigeria Damaturu 4 0 Boko Haram militants open fire on a group of police, killing four.
2011.12.23 Syria Damascus 44 166 Over forty people are torn to shreds by two Shahid suicide bombers in an upscale district.
2011.12.23 Pakistan Shadman 2 2 Two employees at a telecom office are gunned down in cold blood by orthodox Muslims because they worked for a Norwegian firm.
2011.12.22 Nigeria Chibok 2 0 Islamists invade a family home and murder a father and son simply because they are Christian.
2011.12.22 Pakistan Lahore 0 1 A young Christian is stabbed several times after having been falsely accused of insulting Islam.
2011.12.22 Iraq Baqubah 5 0 Five family members are machine-gunned in their home by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2011.12.22 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A young man is kidnapped and executed by 'insurgents'.
2011.12.22 Iraq Baghdad 72 217 Over seventy Iraqis are massacred by 'freedom fighters' in a series of bombings and rocket attacks across the city following the departure of U.S. troops.
2011.12.22 Nigeria Damaturu 4 0 Four Nigerians are taken down by Boko Haram bombers.
2011.12.22 Pakistan Hangu 0 4 Terrorists bomb the clinic of a female doctor, injuring four, including a young girl.
2011.12.22 Pakistan Punjab 0 16 Two student Islamic groups clash over sectarian differences.
2011.12.21 Thailand Pattani 2 11 Two Thais are killed during a wave of Mujahid bombing and shootings.
2011.12.21 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 One person is killed during a clash between Sunni and Shia.
2011.12.21 Thailand Yala 1 1 A villager is shot and killed by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.12.21 Afghanistan Rawza 5 0 Five Polish soldiers are killed by Taliban bombers in a roadside attack.
2011.12.20 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 Four contractors are kidnapped and murdered.
2011.12.20 Pakistan Huta 1 0 A government official is assassinated by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2011.12.19 Nigeria Ungwan Rami 5 6 Five Christian villagers are hacked and shot to death by Muslim raiders. The victims include a mother and her baby.
2011.12.19 Pakistan Mastung 1 0 Wahhabis gun down a Shia civilian waiting for a bus.
2011.12.19 Iraq Kokjali 1 1 A teenager is murdered by Muslim terrorists while walking home from school.
2011.12.19 Iraq Mosul 4 4 A grocer is among four left dead after separate Mujahideen attacks.
2011.12.19 Iraq Balad 1 2 Sunnis bomb a minibus carrying Shia pilgrims, killing at least one.
2011.12.19 Kenya Dadaab 1 2 al-Shabaab bombers take out a guard at a refugee camp.
2011.12.18 Pakistan Jhang 2 0 Two women are murdered by relatives on suspicion of illicit relations.
2011.12.18 Nigeria Kano 6 10 A half-dozen victims result from a terror attack by Islamic fundamentalists.
2011.12.18 Lebanon Ain al-Helweh 1 3 A child is among the casualties of a Jund al-Sham shooting attack.
2011.12.18 Pakistan Muzaffargarh 1 3 One person is killed in a fight between two groups of worshippers over control of a mosque.
2011.12.17 Pakistan Katasarai 3 0 Tehreek-e-Taliban terrorists kill three local soldiers with an IED.
2011.12.17 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A government official is shot to death by Taliban militants while walking home.
2011.12.17 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic 'separatists' kill a 35-year-old man in a drive-by.
2011.12.17 Iraq Abu Ghraib 3 2 Jihadis bomb a minibus, killing two passengers.
2011.12.17 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A secular judge is assassinated by suspected religious radicals.
2011.12.17 Pakistan Loralali 1 0 A woman is honor-killed by her two brothers-in-law.
2011.12.16 Pakistan Muslim Dhand 3 0 A woman is among three killed when Talibanis mortar a residential neighborhood.
2011.12.16 Pakistan Bara 1 4 Terrorists take out a 6-year-old girl in a rocket attack on her home.
2011.12.16 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A 7-year-old girl dies from splinter injuries from a grenade thrown by Sunni radicals.
2011.12.16 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A man is shot to death in his home by Mujahideen.
2011.12.15 Thailand Yala 2 1 Suspected Islamists riddle a family vehicle with bullets, killing a mother and son.
2011.12.15 Nigeria Kano 4 2 Four security personnel are killed by a surprise Boko Haram assault on their school.
2011.12.15 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 0 Gunmen from an Islamic sect fire on a group of civilians outside a shop, killing two.
2011.12.15 Saudi Arabia Jeddah 0 6 At least six Ethiopian Christians are beaten when police storm a prayer meeting. Twenty-nine women are strip-searched.
2011.12.14 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two more Christians are shot to death.
2011.12.14 Lebanon Ain al-Helweh 1 0 A man is shot to death by Jund al-Sham gunmen.
2011.12.14 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 3 Boko Haram members fire on a group of people playing cards, killing two.
2011.12.14 Dagestan Caspiisk 1 0 Muslim 'separatists' murder a man in his own home.
2011.12.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A local politician is assassinated by Muslim radicals.
2011.12.14 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 The son of a cleric is murdered by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.12.14 Pakistan Landikotal 2 0 Two cemetery guards are shot to death by Abdullah Ezaam terrorists.
2011.12.14 Iraq Tal Afar 5 33 Jihadis take down five Iraqis with two car bombs - the first of which was intended to attract more victims.
2011.12.14 Afghanistan Khanishin 3 3 Three Afghans lose their lives to a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.12.14 Pakistan Bara 2 1 Two peace committee members are murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2011.12.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 A Fedayeen suicide bombing leaves one other person dead.
2011.12.13 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' gun down a Buddhist mechanic riding a motorcycle.
2011.12.13 Yemen Zinjibar 3 11 al-Qaeda gunmen murder several local troops in a shooting attack.
2011.12.13 Iraq Mosul 2 2 A Christian man and his wife are gunned down in their car by Jihad warriors. Their children survive with injuries.
2011.12.13 Iraq Ishaqi 2 3 Muslim bombers take out two Iraqis.
2011.12.13 Iraq Fallujah 3 5 Three bus passengers are riddled with bullets by al-Qaeda assassins.
2011.12.13 Pakistan Shalobar 2 7 Two women are killed in a Taliban rocket attack on their neighborhood.
2011.12.13 Pakistan Bara 4 4 Two children and a woman are among four civilians killed when Islamic militants shell their home.
2011.12.13 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 11 A 9-year-old child is among four reported dead from a suicide attack.
2011.12.13 Pakistan Satellite Town 1 0 The body of a young Hindu is found, three weeks after his abduction by Muslim militants.
2011.12.12 Afghanistan Greshk 6 2 The Taliban slaughter six women and children with a roadside bomb.
2011.12.12 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 Terrorists gun down two people and attempt to blow up six others.
2011.12.12 Pakistan Hangu 4 4 Militant Muslims kill four people in two attacks, which include firing rockets into a commercial district.
2011.12.12 Indonesia Jakarta 0 2 A man stabs members of a TV crew for supposedly insulting Allah.
2011.12.12 India Sujna 1 0 Mujahideen shoot a police officer to death.
2011.12.12 Nigeria Borno 4 0 A woman is among four people machine-gunned by suspected Islamists in a surprise drive-by attack.
2011.12.12 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A young Hindu is abducted and murdered in captivity.
2011.12.12 Pakistan Karachi 0 53 Fifty-three people, some children as young as 7, are chained and tortured in the basement of a seminary by the staff.
2011.12.12 Pakistan Dadar 1 0 The driver of an oil tanker is pulled out of his truck and shot to death by Taliban militants.
2011.12.11 India Srinagar 1 3 Muslim terrorists are responsible for a shooting attack that leaves one dead.
2011.12.11 Kenya Mandera 1 12 One person is killed when al-Shabaab bombers target humanitarian workers outside a refugee camp.
2011.12.11 Pakistan Kharhy Mela 3 0 Three tribal elders are shot to death by Islamic activists, including one in captivity.
2011.12.11 Nigeria Kagoro 1 2 Fulani extremists gun down a Christian mother.
2011.12.11 Nigeria Gombe 1 0 Muslim gunmen murder a Christian as he is putting gas in his car.
2011.12.10 Nigeria Sapele 0 1 A disagreement at a mosque leads to a bombing that leaves one badly injured.
2011.12.10 Pakistan Karachi 1 7 A 45-year-old man is killed when Islamists detonate a bomb at a university.
2011.12.10 Nigeria Kukum Gida 1 2 Muslim gunmen ambush Christian villagers in the middle of the night, murdering a 50-year-old woman.
2011.12.10 Afghanistan Maiwand 1 0 A civilian on a motorcycle is taken out by a Taliban bomb.
2011.12.10 Afghanistan Khakrez 3 0 Sunni bombers murder three civilians riding a taxi.
2011.12.10 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 16 Islamists attach a bomb to a bicycle that manages to kill two innocents.
2011.12.10 Yemen Zinjibar 2 36 Two local soldiers are murdered in a violent al-Qaeda assault on a barracks.
2011.12.10 Iraq Kirkuk 7 4 Seven Iraqis are killed in a series of sectarian attacks.
2011.12.10 Pakistan Sham 1 3 Terrorists take down a child and injure three women with a landmine.
2011.12.10 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 A victim of torture is among three people killed in sectarian violence.
2011.12.10 Nigeria Jos 1 11 A young fan is killed when Islamic bombers target several Christian areas, including an outdoor viewing of a televised soccer match.
2011.12.10 Pakistan Landikotal 1 0 Religious extremists tear down two Sufi shrines and murder an elderly caretaker.
2011.12.10 Nigeria Sapele 0 1 A bomb is thrown into a mosque to settle a disagreement between members over 'mode of worship'.
2011.12.09 Pakistan Karachi 3 4 A roadside attack by suspected Islamists leaves three security personnel dead.
2011.12.09 Afghanistan Ghazi Abad 6 8 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside a mosque, killing six.
2011.12.09 Thailand Yala 1 0 Militant Muslims shoot a 28-year-old man to death outside a rubber plantation.
2011.12.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 45-year-old Shia man is gunned down in his own home by Wahhabis.
2011.12.08 Yemen Dammaj 7 15 Seven are killed when Salafists and Shiites lob shells at each other.
2011.12.08 Pakistan Khyber 1 0 The Abdullah Azam Brigade claim responsibility for the murder of a women's rights advocate.
2011.12.07 Iraq Fallujah 3 2 Three local cops are taken out by Jihadi bombers.
2011.12.07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A professor is among two people shot to death by suspected Islamists.
2011.12.07 Yemen Dammaj 3 0 Sunni Islamists open fire on a group of Shia, killing three.
2011.12.07 Afghanistan Sangin 19 6 Holy Warriors massacre nineteen bus passengers, including five children, with a landmine.
2011.12.07 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A Buddhist cop is murdered by a Muslim drive-by.
2011.12.07 Nigeria Kaduna 10 12 Very young children are among the casualties of a Shahid suicide bombing in a commercial district.
2011.12.06 Somalia Mogadishu 4 10 A Fedayeen suicide bomber scatters the body parts of at least four victims along a city street.
2011.12.06 India Pulwama 1 0 Islamic militants abduct and murder a civilian.
2011.12.06 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 4 21 Four Shiites leaving a mosque are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bicycle bombers.
2011.12.06 Iraq Kirkuk 1 8 Sunnis fire mortars at a Shia mosque, killing one occupant.
2011.12.06 Afghanistan Kabul 80 134 About eighty Shiite pilgrims, including women and children, are torn to shreds outside a shrine by a Sunni wearing an explosives vest packed with ball bearings.
2011.12.06 Pakistan Jhang 0 6 After offering prayers, two rival Islamic groups pelt each other with stones.
2011.12.06 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 An oil company employee is blown up by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2011.12.05 Iraq Baghdad 3 20 Three Shiite pilgrims are killed by Sunni bombers.
2011.12.05 Iraq Baghdad 8 18 A Sunni roadside bomb attack on a Shia procession leaves eight pilgrims dead.
2011.12.05 Iraq Hillah 22 63 Two dozen pilgrims, mostly women and children, are ripped apart by three Sunni car bombs.
2011.12.05 Somalia Bosaso 1 0 al-Shabaab extremists gun down a rival cleric at a mosque.
2011.12.05 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two people praying at a mosque are gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.12.05 Kenya Dadaab 1 3 An al-Shabaab roadside bomb leaves a refugee camp guard dead.
2011.12.05 Pakistan Kohat 2 11 Muslim militants fire a rocket into a market, killing two people.
2011.12.05 Afghanistan Chora 5 6 Four children and a woman are dismantled by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.12.05 Iraq Latifiyah 2 3 Sunni bombers take down two Shiite pilgrims on foot.
2011.12.05 Pakistan Jhang 0 8 Sunni and Shia clash over religious differences.
2011.12.05 Kenya Nairobi 0 1 A 23-year-old Christian is beaten into unconsciousness by seven Muslims for the crime of leaving Islam.
2011.12.05 Syria Homs 36 0 Sectarian violence between the Farouq Brigade of Islamists and Alawites results in thirty-six people kidnapped, tortured and beheaded.
2011.12.04 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Suspected fundamentalists smash in the head of a 24-year-old lesbian and throw her into a garbage dump.
2011.12.04 Bangladesh Dhaka 0 1 A man ties up his wife and then cuts off her fingers for seeking higher education without his approval.
2011.12.04 Nigeria Bauchi 6 2 A boy is among six people killed by a Boko Haram bombing and shooting attack..
2011.12.04 Iraq Bayaa 1 9 Sunni bombers manage to take down a Shia pilgrim on foot.
2011.12.03 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two men are shot to death by sectarian Jihadis.
2011.12.03 Iraq Zakho 0 32 Thirty-two people are injured during a rampage by fundamentalists against Christian-owned businesses.
2011.12.03 Iraq Baaj 3 0 Three brothers are shot to death in their home by Sunni militants.
2011.12.03 Iraq Iskandariya 3 0 Three innocent people are killed by an 'insurgent' roadside bomb.
2011.12.03 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A man and his wife are murdered by Islamist gunmen.
2011.12.03 Yemen Zinjibar 5 0 Five local soldiers are taken out in a brutal al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.12.03 Pakistan Jaffarabad 2 0 Two people are shot to death on suspicion of 'illicit relations'.
2011.12.03 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 3 Boko Haram Islamists fire into a wedding ceremony, killing the groom and a guest.
2011.12.03 Kazakhstan Boraldai 2 0 Two policemen are shot to death by a group of Muslim radicals.
2011.12.02 Iraq al-Sharqat 3 2 Three civilian defense volunteers are machine-gunned at a checkpoint by al-Qaeda.
2011.12.02 Pakistan Landi Kotal 2 2 Two peace committee members are murdered by armed radicals.
2011.12.02 Pakistan Khyber 5 0 Three women and two children are killed in the crossfire between two Islamist groups.
2011.12.02 Yemen Ghayl Ba Wazir 2 3 al-Qaeda gunmen spray the inside of a coffee shop with bullets, leaving at least two dead.
2011.12.02 Afghanistan Logar 1 84 A suicide truck bomber kills a carpenter and injures about eighty others.
2011.12.02 Iraq Taji 4 7 al-Qaeda bombers take down four Iraqis, including a man and his mother.
2011.12.01 Thailand Yala 1 1 A local soldier is killed by a bomb planted by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2011.12.01 Iraq Jil al-Said 8 5 al-Qaeda gunmen pull eight people from their homes, line them up against the wall and shoot them.
2011.12.01 Iraq Khalis 10 25 Ten patrons at a vegetable market are ripped apart by a well-placed bomb.
2011.11.30 Yemen Aden 2 0 Two guards are shot to death by Islamists.
2011.11.30 Turkey Istanbul 0 2 A man fires a shotgun at the guards of a palace complex while shouting 'Allah Akbar'.
2011.11.30 Egypt Ghorayzat 2 3 Two Christian brothers are murdered in cold blood by a Muslim mob rampaging through Christian homes and businesses.
2011.11.30 Somalia Mogadishu 4 12 Four Somalis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.11.30 Pakistan Hangu 1 2 A member of a peace committee gets a rude awakening from militant car bombers.
2011.11.29 Iraq Samarra 5 0 Sunni extremists murder five family members of a Shia cleric in their home, including two women.
2011.11.29 Pakistan South Waziristan 2 3 Two people are killed by a Taliban bomb while attending a funeral.
2011.11.29 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic 'separatists' kill a 49-year-old civilian in a drive-by.
2011.11.29 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 Wahhabis murder a Shia professor.
2011.11.28 Iraq Baghdad 5 6 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates himself outside the parliament building, killing five people.
2011.11.28 Iraq Kirkuk 1 13 One family member is killed when 'insurgents' throw a bomb into a house.
2011.11.28 Iraq Taji 19 24 Suicide bombers destroy a minibus, along with nineteen passengers.
2011.11.27 Philippines Zamboanga 3 27 Holy Warriors bomb a hotel packed with wedding guests, killing at least three.
2011.11.27 Pakistan Numaish Chowrangi 2 8 Two people are killed during a sectarian incident between Sunni and Shia.
2011.11.27 Somalia Afmadow 2 0 Two youth are beheaded by al-Shabaab Islamists.
2011.11.27 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two Shias are gunned down in separate sectarian attacks.
2011.11.27 Yemen Damaj 30 61 Militant Shiites shell a Sunni town, killing thirty, including several students.
2011.11.27 Nigeria Borno 2 0 Boko Haram Islamists shoot two people to death.
2011.11.27 Somalia Mogadishu 1 5 Religion of Peace proponents blow a hole in a hospital, killing a nurse treating famine victims.
2011.11.26 Nigeria Geidam 4 20 Islamic radicals descend on a small town, burn eight churches and murder four defenders.
2011.11.26 India Kakinara 1 0 A 17-year-old Hindu girl is stabbed to death by a Muslim rapist.
2011.11.26 Pakistan Rawalpindi 2 0 Two sisters have their throats slit by conservative in-laws after failing to conceive.
2011.11.26 Iraq Baghdad 7 28 Holy Warriors take down seven Iraqis with well-planted bombs along a commercial district.
2011.11.26 Iraq Abu Ghraib 8 13 Eight construction workers are permanently demolished by a Mujahid bombing attack.
2011.11.25 Mali Timbuktu 1 0 A German tourist is shot to death at a restaurant by al-Qaeda.
2011.11.25 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 70-year-old Shia man is shot through the head in his shop by sectarian Jihadis.
2011.11.25 Kenya Garissa 2 27 Islamists toss grenades into a restaurant, killing two patrons.
2011.11.25 Kenya Garissa 1 0 One person is murdered outside of a church by Muslim radicals.
2011.11.25 Afghanistan Gereshk 2 0 Two police officers are gunned down in cold blood by religious radicals.
2011.11.25 Pakistan Muzaffargarh 0 2 Two Christian women are beaten on their own land with clubs by a group of Muslim 'men'.
2011.11.24 Nigeria Kwok 26 0 Twenty-six Christian villagers are shot and hacked to death by Fulani herdsmen screaming 'Allah Akbar'.
2011.11.24 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 18 1 A Christian family of sixteen, including children, is burned alive by Fulanis.
2011.11.24 Iraq Baghdad 1 2 A woman is murdered in her home by Islamic terrorists.
2011.11.24 Iraq Basra 25 71 Two dozen people are sent to Allah by Mujahid bombers at an outdoor market.
2011.11.24 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two drug manufacturers are gunned down by suspected Islamists.
2011.11.24 Kenya Mandera 1 4 A Kenyan soldier loses his life to a cross-border IED attack by Islamic terrorists.
2011.11.24 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 Three plantation workers are shot to death by suspected Muslim radicals while riding in a pickup truck.
2011.11.24 Afghanistan Bakwah 10 7 At least ten security guards are slaughtered by Taliban gunmen.
2011.11.24 Pakistan Gujrat 2 0 A young couple is shot to death by the wife's family for marrying for love.
2011.11.24 Saudi Arabia Qatif 4 9 Sunni gunmen fire into a Shiite funeral, killing four mourners.
2011.11.23 Iraq Diyala 9 0 Nine torture victims of al-Qaeda are found buried together.
2011.11.23 Nigeria Yobe 2 0 Militants kidnap and kill two children to punish their father for being 'disloyal to Islam' by converting to Christianity.
2011.11.23 Afghanistan Grishk 1 1 A civilian is murdered by armed Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.11.23 Pakistan Khurda Renala 1 0 Muslims torture and shoot to death a Catholic father of four.
2011.11.23 Nigeria Sabon Layi 4 0 A Bible teacher is among four worshipers slaughtered at a church by Muslim radicals.
2011.11.23 Pakistan Darbaan Kalan 2 7 Two local cops are exterminated by a Sunni rocket attack on their station.
2011.11.22 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A father of three is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2011.11.22 Pakistan Pasni 2 0 Two members of a peace committee are abducted by Islamic militants, slaughtered and then dumped in a market.
2011.11.22 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A mosque imam is gunned down after prayer by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.11.22 Pakistan Mardan 2 7 A guard and passerby are killed when religious radicals bomb a girl's school.
2011.11.22 Pakistan Dera Bugti 5 11 Islamic militants are thought responsible for an attack on a group of Chinese engineers that leaves five dead.
2011.11.22 Afghanistan Alingar 4 2 A woman and child are among four civilians murdered during a Taliban roadside attack.
2011.11.22 Somalia Mogadishu 11 4 Three children are among eleven civilians disassembled by an al-Shabaab bomb.
2011.11.21 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 1 0 Islamic extremists behead a young Christian.
2011.11.21 Thailand Pattani 0 9 Three Buddhist monks and three elderly men are among nine injured by a Muslim bomb hidden in a flower pot.
2011.11.21 Pakistan Orakzai 2 11 Tehrik-e-Taliban kill two local security personnel in a sustained assault on their post.
2011.11.21 Iraq Abbarah 1 3 A civilian is taken out by Jihadi bombers.
2011.11.21 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 55-year-old businessman is torn to shreds by a Muslim bomb.
2011.11.20 Pakistan Karachi 0 5 Fundamentalists bomb a cinema.
2011.11.20 Iraq Hillah 4 0 Three women are among four Iraqis executed at point-blank range by Mujahid gunmen.
2011.11.20 Nigeria Razat 3 1 Muslims hack three young Christians to death at an illegal roadblock.
2011.11.20 Pakistan Sindh 1 0 Sunnis set up a fake roadblock and kill a Shiite driver.
2011.11.19 Yemen al-Mukalla 1 0 al-Qaeda assassins are suspected in a deadly shooting.
2011.11.19 Pakistan Shaidu 1 1 A moderate cleric is shot to death in a mosque after telling radicals not to preach there.
2011.11.19 Azerbaijan Baku 1 0 A journalist is beaten and stabbed five times over an article deemed critical of Muhammad.
2011.11.19 Iraq Mussayab 2 0 'Insurgents' kidnap and behead two civilians.
2011.11.19 Iraq Ramadi 5 4 Terrorists attack a police checkpoint, shooing five officers to death.
2011.11.18 Iraq Abu Ghraib 4 13 Four people are killed when Muslim rivals bomb their mosque.
2011.11.18 Iraq Fallujah 5 2 A 55-year-old woman and children are among five members of a family blown apart by a Jihad bomb attack on their home.
2011.11.18 Afghanistan Nangarhar 4 6 Four children are reportedly killed by a Taliban bomb at a playground.
2011.11.18 Thailand Pattani 1 1 A 43-year-old Buddhist is taken down by Muslim bombers.
2011.11.18 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 A child is among three people killed in a Boko Haram ambush.
2011.11.17 Thailand Narathiwat 0 5 Five Buddhist teachers are shot point-blank by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2011.11.17 Somalia Mogadishu 4 12 Children are among the casualties when al-Shabaab militants send mortars into a home.
2011.11.17 Yemen Aden 1 0 al-Qaeda cadres shoot a Yemeni to death.
2011.11.17 Iraq Mahmoudiya 4 8 Jihadi car bombers take down four Iraqis.
2011.11.17 Egypt Cairo 0 32 Islamic radicals violently attack a group of Copts, marching to a memorial for slain victims of another massacre.
2011.11.17 Nigeria Gargari 4 6 Three young girls are among four Christians murdered by Muslim extremists in their own homes.
2011.11.17 Pakistan Qamber 2 0 Two Sikhs are crushed to death by a Muslim militant rocket attack on their shop.
2011.11.16 Russia Moscow 1 0 A poet is shot five times in the head after 'angering' Islamic separatists in Chechnya.
2011.11.16 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 Two hero cops die from injuries suffered while stopping four Shahid suicide bombers.
2011.11.16 Pakistan Spori 6 2 Six villagers are disassembled by a Taliban landmine.
2011.11.16 Jordan Tafilah 1 0 An 18-year-old woman has her throat slit at a bus station by her brother for being sexually 'impure'.
2011.11.16 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A pastor is shot in the neck and face in a targeted ambush.
2011.11.16 Iraq Baghdad 2 18 Two Shiite pilgrims die following a bomb attack on their bus by militant Sunnis.
2011.11.16 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two men are machine-gunned by Islamic 'insurgents' while in their car.
2011.11.15 Pakistan Bahawalpur 1 0 A woman is hacked to death by her three brothers for having a sexual affair.
2011.11.15 Afghanistan Ghormach 1 15 One Afghan is killed by Taliban bombers.
2011.11.15 India Kishtwar 1 0 Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members open fire on a group of policemen, leaving one dead.
2011.11.15 Somalia Mogadishu 1 9 A child is dies from splinter injuries after fundamentalists toss a grenade into a house hosting a television soccer match.
2011.11.15 Israel Haifa 0 1 An 82-year-old nun is tied up and severely beaten by a gang of four Muslims, including a father and son.
2011.11.14 Iraq Mosul 2 3 Two civilians are murdered by 'insurgents'.
2011.11.14 Pakistan Gharyal 2 0 Bodies are found of a woman and her husband who were stabbed to death by her family after eloping against their will.
2011.11.14 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic gunmen aerate an innocent plantation worker.
2011.11.14 Pakistan Nala 4 5 An Islamic drive-by leaves four local soldiers dead.
2011.11.14 Pakistan Kohat 1 8 Terrorists fire mortar shells into a residential neighborhood, killing a woman.
2011.11.14 Pakistan Landhi 1 0 A father of four is shot to death in a sectarian attack.
2011.11.14 Pakistan Chowrangi 1 1 A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.11.13 India Kerala 1 0 Fundamentalists tie a man to a tree and torture him to death over sexual indiscretion.
2011.11.13 Dagestan Mutsalaul 1 0 An imam's assistant is shot to death by suspected extremists.
2011.11.13 Iraq Tikrit 3 11 'Insurgents' murder three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2011.11.13 Pakistan Mastak 9 6 Six people are sent to Allah when terrorists detonate a bomb at a marketplace.
2011.11.13 Pakistan Spah Darri 6 0 Four children and two women are crushed to death by a mortar attack on their home by Religion of Peace militants.
2011.11.13 Iraq Kadhimiya 1 4 A Shiite pilgrim bleeds to death following a bomb attack on his bus by Sunni radicals.
2011.11.12 Afghanistan Mitram 9 0 A woman and child are among eight civilians torn to shreds by a Taliban bomb.
2011.11.12 Pakistan Charsadda 1 1 A local cop bleeds to death following a Sunni bomb attack.
2011.11.12 Afghanistan Khash Rod 1 0 Holy Warriors shoot a village elder to death.
2011.11.12 Kazakhstan Taraz 7 0 An orthodox Muslim kills seven people before blowing himself up.
2011.11.12 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite man is murdered by Sunni gunmen.
2011.11.11 Iraq Hillah 2 6 A 6-year-old boy is among the casualties of a series of Jihad bombings.
2011.11.10 Nigeria Kafanchan 2 0 Islamic raiders murder a village chief and his wife.
2011.11.10 Afghanistan Ghazni 2 0 A mother and daughter are stoned to death for adultery following a fatwa.
2011.11.10 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 A doctor and his son are dismantled by Mujahid bombers.
2011.11.10 Pakistan Akakhel 4 0 Four members of a local peace committee are ambushed and killed by Lashkar-e-Islam (Army of Islam). One is beheaded.
2011.11.10 Afghanistan Chamkani 3 3 Fedayeen stage a suicide bombing, with supporting fire from a mosque, which leaves three locals dead.
2011.11.10 Kosovo Mitrovica 1 2 Muslim snipers shoot a Serb twice in the back, killing him.
2011.11.10 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 2 1 Two civilians are incinerated by a suicide bomber. A child is badly burned.
2011.11.10 South Sudan Yida 12 20 The Islamic Republic of Sudan bombs a refugee camp from the air, killing about a dozen.
2011.11.10 Philippines Carmen 1 0 A church elder and father of thirteen is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists at his farm.
2011.11.09 Yemen Zinjibar 2 0 Two local soldiers are killed by an al-Qaeda bomb.
2011.11.09 Pakistan Mardan 2 0 Two girls are 'honor killed' and dumped into a field.
2011.11.09 Indonesia Jakarta 0 1 A deaf and disabled man is brutally attacked with a machete by Sunni fundamentalists for being Ahmadi.
2011.11.08 Afghanistan Badghis 11 3 Six children are among eleven lives brutally ended by a Taliban bomb on Eid al-Adha.
2011.11.08 Afghanistan Sar Howza 2 4 Fundamentalist bombers kill a government official and his bodyguard.
2011.11.08 Somalia Mogadishu 2 5 Two person are killed when al-Shabaab militants throw a grenade at a house.
2011.11.08 Iraq Samarrah 3 7 Three Shiite pilgrims are sent to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2011.11.08 Russia Yaroslavl 1 0 Suspected Islamists shoot a rival imam several times in the head.
2011.11.07 Pakistan Swabi 3 9 A secular politician and his son are among three dismantled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.11.07 Pakistan Taluka Chak 3 1 A doctor is among three Hindus gunned down by Muslims at a village clinic.
2011.11.07 Afghanistan Garm Ser 3 0 The Taliban end the lives of three Afghans with a roadside bomb.
2011.11.07 South Sudan Guffa 7 12 Seven die when a refugee camp is bombed by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2011.11.07 Pakistan Sindh 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Sunnis.
2011.11.06 Pakistan Gilgit City 1 0 Sunni gunmen pick off a Shiite.
2011.11.06 Yemen Zinjibar 2 0 al-Qaeda snipers take down a local patrol.
2011.11.06 Pakistan Abbottabad 0 1 A pregnant Christian woman is tortured for three hours by police.
2011.11.06 Pal. Auth. Qalqiliya 1 0 Islamic terrorists gun down a man outside a mosque.
2011.11.06 Pakistan Azam Warsak 3 3 Muslim militants open fire in a bazaar, killing three people.
2011.11.06 Pakistan Bara Kaman Gara 1 3 A woman is shot to death by Mujahideen inside her home.
2011.11.06 Iraq Baghdad 10 29 Islamic militants detonate several bombs at a shopping mall, killing ten patrons.
2011.11.06 Afghanistan Hassin Tal 7 18 A suicide bomber on foot takes out seven people leaving a mosque.
2011.11.06 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Islamists shoot a man to death in front of his family.
2011.11.05 Pakistan Razmak 5 3 Talibanis massacre five members of a security patrol.
2011.11.05 Pakistan Speen Mella 3 7 Three bomb disposal personnel are ambushed and murdered by Sunni hardliners.
2011.11.05 Iraq Taji 4 11 A woman is among four family members machine-gunned in their home by al-Qaeda.
2011.11.05 Kenya Garissa 2 3 A member of the choir is killed along with an 8-year-old girls when al-Shabaab terrorists toss a grenade into a church.
2011.11.04 Nigeria Zonkwa 1 1 Nigerian Islamists shoot another Christian to death in a village raid.
2011.11.04 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two men on motorcycles are murdered in separate 'insurgent' drive-by shootings.
2011.11.04 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 6 At least four people are killed by coordinated Fedayeen attacks, one at a college.
2011.11.04 Nigeria Potiskum 2 0 At least two villagers are gunned down by Muslim raiders.
2011.11.04 Nigeria Potiskum 150 200 Two-hundred militants shout 'Allah Akbar' as they slaughter one-hundred and fifty in a bombing and shooting rampage that targeted six churches and a police station. At least one-hundred and thirty of their victims were Christian.
2011.11.04 Philippines Malabang 2 0 Suspected Moro Islamists murder two Catholic roadside vendors.
2011.11.04 India Karachi 1 0 Three Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen murder a lawyer outside his home.
2011.11.03 Nigeria Zonkwa 2 12
2011.11.03 Iraq Baqubah 10 40 A double suicide attack leaves ten Iraqis dead. The second blast was intended to kill victims fleeing the first.
2011.11.03 Iraq Karradah 4 7 Sunni bombers take out four Shiites in a residential neighborhood.
2011.11.03 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A prayer leader is murdered by suspected sectarian rivals.
2011.11.03 Nigeria Kaduna 2 14 Mujahideen gunmen attack a church, shooting two female worshippers to death.
2011.11.03 Afghanistan Herat 2 4 A Shahid suicide attack on a construction company leaves two guards dead.
2011.11.03 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A child is taken out by a Taliban rocket.
2011.11.02 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two civilians bleed to death following a Sunni roadside bombing.
2011.11.02 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Islamists are suspected of killing a vegetable vendor and injuring his daughter.
2011.11.02 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A robed fundamentalist pulls out an automatic weapon and murders a guard at a market.
2011.11.02 Dagestan Babayurt 2 3 Two local cops are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2011.11.02 Thailand Narathiwat 6 2 Six Buddhist civilians are blown apart and then raked with gunfire by militant Muslims.
2011.11.02 Pakistan Nasirabad 2 6 Sunni terrorists detonate a roadside bomb under a passing vehicle, killing two occupants.
2011.11.02 Iraq Basra 12 62 A dozen Iraqis are torn to shreds by motorcycle bombs placed outside three cafes.
2011.11.02 Pakistan Peshawar 1 10 Jihadis detonate a bomb in a packed marketplace.
2011.11.02 Pakistan Gilgit City 1 0 A second Shiite dies from a Sunni shooting attack.
2011.11.01 Pakistan Gilgit City 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Sunnis.
2011.11.01 Pakistan Sira Karpai 2 2 Religious extremists attack a police checkpoint, killing two officers.
2011.10.31 Afghanistan Kandahar 6 5 Suicide bombers kill three people outside a humanitarian aid office.
2011.10.31 Pakistan Pakhtunkhwa 3 0 Religious militants abduct and behead three locals.
2011.10.31 Thailand Sri Sakhon 0 2 A child loses a foot and another suffers deep shrapnel injuries following an Islamist bombing.
2011.10.30 Thailand Songkla 1 0 Muslims gun down a civilian in a drive-by attack.
2011.10.30 Israel Ashkelon 1 4 A 56-year-old father of four bleeds to death after Palestinians fire a rocket into an apartment building.
2011.10.30 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 Three Buddhists are gunned down in brutal fashion by Muslims at a grocery, including a woman and an elderly man.
2011.10.30 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five Iraqis are sent to Allah by Mujahideen bombers.
2011.10.30 Iraq Bani Saad 2 1 Terrorists shoot two brothers to death in their home.
2011.10.30 Pakistan Malir 1 0 Sectarian gunmen take down a civilian.
2011.10.30 Pakistan Jahlum 2 0 An Ahmadi doctor and his 11-year-old son are kidnapped and presumed murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.
2011.10.29 Nigeria Borno 1 0 Islamists gun down a rival cleric in front of his home.
2011.10.29 Somalia Mogadishu 10 0 At least ten people are killed during a Fedayeen assault on an African Union base.
2011.10.29 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A technology worker is blown up 'insurgent' bombers.
2011.10.29 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 9 A Taliban in uniform shoots three Australian police trainers and an interpreter to death.
2011.10.29 Pakistan Changa Manga 1 0 Religious extremists are suspected of binding a local official and then burning him alive.
2011.10.29 Iraq Deli Abbas 1 0 Fundamentalists shoot a liquor store owner to death in his home.
2011.10.29 Iraq Khalis 1 2 Jihadis take down a teenage girl riding in a family car.
2011.10.29 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A woman shopping at a market is gunned down by terrorists.
2011.10.29 Pakistan Tank 1 0 Islamic radicals murder a member of a local peace committee.
2011.10.29 Afghanistan Kabul 17 8 Women and children are among the dead as suicide bombers target a NATO bus, killing at least seventeen.
2011.10.28 Afghanistan Khost 4 0 Four people riding in a car are exterminated by Sunni gunmen.
2011.10.28 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 A Shia is shot in the head and neck by sectarian Jihadis in front of his wife.
2011.10.28 Pakistan Shindhand 2 0 Two brothers are killed when religious militants fire a rocket into their car.
2011.10.28 Pakistan Nowshera 2 7 Two local cops are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.10.28 Iraq Saadiyah 3 1 Three family members are executed at point-blank range by Muslim terrorists.
2011.10.28 Dagestan Bairamaul 1 1 Islamic 'separatists' fire on a group of policemen, killing one.
2011.10.28 Yemen Aden 1 3 Children are among the casualties of an al-Qaeda car bombing.
2011.10.28 Iraq Baqubah 2 2 Holy Warriors machine-gun a family, killing the two male members and leaving a child and mother with serious injuries.
2011.10.28 Bosnia Sarajevo 0 1 A radical Islamist fires on the US embassy for 30 minutes with an assault rifle.
2011.10.27 Dagestan Tabasaransky 1 0 A moderate cleric is shot to death by extremists.
2011.10.27 Iraq Amiriya 1 2 al-Qaeda bombers take down an opponent.
2011.10.27 Iraq Iskandariya 2 2 A child is among two Iraqis obliterated by 'insurgent' bombers.
2011.10.27 Kenya Mandera 4 4 A school principal is one of four killed when Islamists rocket a vehicle carrying student exam papers.
2011.10.27 Iraq Baghdad 36 78 Fundamentalists target a music store with twin blasts, slaughtering at least thirty innocents.
2011.10.27 Kenya Nairobi 0 1 A young convert from Islam is left for dead after being severely beaten with iron rods in front of his church.
2011.10.26 Pakistan Mohmand 3 0 Three local soldiers are kidnapped and executed by Religion of Peace proponents.
2011.10.26 Philippines Sangali 1 8 Muslim terrorists are suspected of planting a bomb outside a lottery office.
2011.10.26 Iraq Mosul 9 16 Two car bombs in the same neighborhood take down nine Iraqis.
2011.10.26 Iraq Iskandiriyah 2 2 Sunnis enter the home of a Shiite cleric and brutally shoot his wife and daughter to death.
2011.10.26 Iraq Khanaqin 0 7 Seven Shia pilgrims are injured when Sunni radicals bomb their bus.
2011.10.26 Iraq Hilla 2 0 A woman and her daughter are killed when terrorists blow up their home.
2011.10.26 Pakistan Bajaur 1 4 Four children are among the casualties when Muslim radicals shell their home.
2011.10.26 Pakistan Faqir Kalay 0 12 Young children are among the casualties when religious extremists bomb a clothing market.
2011.10.26 Pakistan Tank 2 0 Two members of a peace committee are machine-gunned in their sleep by Islamists.
2011.10.26 Afghanistan Parwan 6 50 Six locals are killed when Sunni fundamentalists detonate a fuel tanker.
2011.10.26 Pakistan Bara 1 0 Lashkar-e-Islam abduct and behead a defense volunteer.
2011.10.25 Pakistan Bara 1 0 Tahreek-e-Taliban militants murder a member of a peace committee.
2011.10.25 Thailand Yala 3 34 Muslim 'rebels' set off a series of bombs in populated areas, killing at least three civilians.
2011.10.25 Pakistan Lower Dir 4 3 Sunni fundamentalists take down four people with a roadside bomb, including a 12-year-old boy.
2011.10.25 Iraq Baghdad 5 13 Three Iraqis are killed in a two-day spree of bombings targeting traffic cops.
2011.10.24 Iraq Baghdad 1 7 A civilian is taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.10.24 Iraq Abu Ghraib 1 3 'Insurgents' murder a woman inside her home.
2011.10.24 Pakistan Korangi 2 1 Islamic militants are suspected of shooting a 12-year-old and one other person to death.
2011.10.24 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2 2 A cab driver and member of a peace committee are gunned down by terrorists in separate attacks.
2011.10.24 Afghanistan Maymanah 1 6 A suicide bomber successfully takes out a child.
2011.10.24 Kenya Nairobi 1 10 Islamists throw a grenade into a bus stop, killing one person.
2011.10.24 Yemen Aden 2 0 Two Yemeni soldiers are machine-gunned by suspected Ansar al-Sharia.
2011.10.24 Kenya Nairobi 0 14 Fourteen people suffer horrific burns and shrapnel injuries when Islamists throw a grenade into a nightclub.
2011.10.24 Nigeria Damaturu 1 0 Muslim gunmen knock on the door of an off-duty cop, then blow him away when he answers.
2011.10.23 Thailand Narathiwat 2 1 Terrorists dressed as women open fire on a civilian defense patrol, killing two members before fleeing.
2011.10.23 Thailand Narathiwat 5 8 A child and his parents are among five people torn to pieces by two Muslim bombs at a grocery.
2011.10.23 Afghanistan Shindand 2 0 Two local cops are obliterated by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.10.23 Afghanistan Zarghon 4 2 A Taliban bomb takes out four civilians.
2011.10.23 Philippines Lanao del Norte 3 3 Three members of a security patrol are killed by a Moro Islamist ambush.
2011.10.23 Philippines Cabengbeng 5 8 Five Catholic plantation workers are massacred by Moro Islamists in a pre-dawn attack on their village.
2011.10.23 Iraq Tikrit 2 0 A teacher and his daughter are brutally murdered by Mujahideen gunmen.
2011.10.22 Nigeria Saminaka 2 0 Radicals bomb and shoot up a bank, killing two, while yelling 'Allah Akbar'.
2011.10.22 India Anantapur 0 1 A school headmaster is severely beaten by Muslim activists after asking that women remove veils.
2011.10.22 Iraq Ameriyat 1 1 A civilian is cut down by automatic weapons fire from 'insurgents' in a passing car.
2011.10.22 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A popular TV journalist is murdered in front of his home by Boko Haram assassins.
2011.10.22 Israel Kfar Iksa 0 1 A Jewish teenager is left with serious injuries after a stabbing attack by a Palestinian.
2011.10.21 Iraq Mosul 1 0 'Insurgents' murder a woman inside her home.
2011.10.21 Pakistan Bazai 3 1 Muslim extremists throw grenades into a home, killing three family members including a woman.
2011.10.21 Philippines Kabasalan 3 8 Moro Islamists gun down three local cops.
2011.10.20 Philippines Alicia 4 6 Four local soldiers are ambushed and murdered by Moro Islamists.
2011.10.20 Somalia Mogadishu 10 2 Ten African peacekeepers are murdered by al-Shabaab terrorists - some by beheading.
2011.10.20 Pakistan Khyber 4 3 A brutal Lashkar-e-Islam attack leaves four dead.
2011.10.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 22-year-old Shiite is shot to death outside his home by Wahhabis.
2011.10.20 Nigeria Bauchi 0 1 A Christian boy is shot at a soccer match by armed Muslims.
2011.10.20 Nigeria Yelwa 1 0 Three Muslim soldiers break into a home and shoot a Christian mother of five to death.
2011.10.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Boko Haram gunmen murder two civilians in separate attacks.
2011.10.19 Iraq Ramadi 2 5 'Insurgents' bomb a health office, killing two innocents.
2011.10.19 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A judge and his driver are assassinated by Mujahideen.
2011.10.19 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni activist is gunned down by sectarian Jihadis.
2011.10.19 Afghanistan Badghis 3 2 A father and son are among three civilians ripped apart by a suicide bomber.
2011.10.19 Yemen Lahj 2 12 An al-Qaeda militant throws a grenade into a packed market, killing two civilians.
2011.10.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 The owner and a patron are shot to death at a barber shop by Islamic terrorists.
2011.10.19 Afghanistan Zarghun 5 0 Five Afghan troops are blown to bits by Taliban bombers while returning to their base.
2011.10.18 Pakistan Marot 2 0 A woman seeking a divorce is butchered along with her daughter by her husband's family in an honor killing.
2011.10.18 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A Shiite baker is murdered by Sunni hardliners.
2011.10.18 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three seminary students are shot dead in a suspected sectarian attack.
2011.10.18 Pakistan Buner 3 2 Fundamentalists open fire on a party hosting transvestites, killing three.
2011.10.18 Philippines Basilan 19 14 Nineteen local soldiers are killed during an ambush by Moro Islamists.
2011.10.18 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 32-year-old Shiite is murdered by Sipah-e-Sahaba assassins.
2011.10.18 Somalia Mogadishu 4 6 A Holy Warrior detonates himself along a city street, cutting down four innocents.
2011.10.18 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Islamic 'separatists' put four bullets into the back of a wood trader.
2011.10.18 Thailand Pattani 1 2 Muslim militants open fire on a group of investigators looking into an earlier murder.
2011.10.18 Pakistan Bara 3 3 Islamic militants are thought responsible for shelling that kills a doctor and two others, including a child.
2011.10.18 Afghanistan Gozara 2 0 Two women accused of 'immoral' activity are shot to death.
2011.10.17 Algeria Boumerdes 1 2 A 7-year-old barely survives a fundamentalist bombing that leaves his mother dead.
2011.10.17 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 45-year-old Shiite man is gunned down by Wahhabi terrorists.
2011.10.17 Iraq Baghdad 7 18 Fundamentalists set off a bomb near a liquor store, exterminating seven.
2011.10.17 Pakistan Bara 9 3 Sunni extremists ambush a group of local soldiers and gun down at least nine.
2011.10.17 Pakistan Orakzai 1 0 The chief of a local peace committee is murdered by Islamists while on his way to a funeral.
2011.10.16 Afghanistan Gardez 1 0 A city worker is killed by a car bomb.
2011.10.16 Nigeria Gombe 4 0 Boko Haram bombers set off a blast that kills three civilians and a cop.
2011.10.16 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A lawmaker is assassinated by Islamic gunmen while standing outside his home.
2011.10.16 Afghanistan Faryab 1 4 A child of about 3 bleeds to death following a suicide blast.
2011.10.16 Nigeria Jos 1 0 Militant Muslims hack a local soldier to death with machetes.
2011.10.16 Egypt Mallawy 1 0 A Coptic high school student is beaten to death after refusing to take off his cross.
2011.10.15 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 48-year-old woman is stalked and murdered by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.10.15 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A local official is shot to death by Boko Haram.
2011.10.15 Afghanistan Panjshir 2 2 Two civilians are taken out by Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan suicide bombers.
2011.10.15 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 An interior minister is assassinated by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.10.14 Pakistan Kharkai 2 6 Islamic militants kill two civilians with a mortar attack on their village.
2011.10.14 Iraq Hilla 10 40 Sunni bombers target a Shia funeral procession near a mosque, killing at least ten mourners.
2011.10.14 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 3 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three local police officers.
2011.10.14 Pakistan Islamabad 1 1 Terrorists gun down a neighborhood cop.
2011.10.13 Iraq Sadr City 18 43 Eighteen people at a market are torn to shreds by Ansar al-Islam bombers.
2011.10.13 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram gunmen assassinate a man in his home.
2011.10.13 Iraq Kirkuk 1 42 A Shahid suicide bomber kills one other person near a bank.
2011.10.13 Thailand Pattani 3 0 Two people riding in a pickup truck and a teenager standing nearby are machine-gunned by Muslim militants.
2011.10.13 Thailand Pattani 3 0 A married couple and their relative are brutally cut to pieces in their own shop by Islamic gunmen.
2011.10.12 Iraq Baghdad 9 27 Nine people are reported dead after a Sunni suicide bombing in a Shia neighborhood.
2011.10.12 Iraq Baghdad 14 28 A powerful Shahid car bomb blast leaves at least fourteen Iraqis dead.
2011.10.12 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1 4 Children are among the casualties of an Islamist drive-by and mortar attack.
2011.10.12 Thailand Yala 1 0 A civilian is shot to death on his way home by 'insurgents'.
2011.10.12 Iraq Illam 6 28 Three Jihadi car bomb kill six Iraqis.
2011.10.12 Pakistan Korangi 1 0 A Muslim slashes a Christian mother's throat after raping her.
2011.10.11 Iraq Garma 1 0 al-Qaeda gunmen murder a man outside his home.
2011.10.11 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Islamists send a mortar round into the maternity ward of a hospital, crushing a staff member.
2011.10.11 Pakistan Kalaya 1 9 A mortar round fired by the Taliban reportedly slams into a home, killing one occupant.
2011.10.11 Pakistan Dasht 2 0 The Taliban set fire to an oil tanker, burning the driver and helper to death.
2011.10.11 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 2 Suspected Islamic 'rebels' murder one person in a drive-by attack.
2011.10.10 Afghanistan Dangam 6 2 A road construction crew is the target of a vicious double bombing that leaves six dead.
2011.10.10 Pakistan Chadrarh 2 0 Two former members of a peace committee are shot to death by militant Muslims.
2011.10.10 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 2 Two Nigerians are killed by a Boko Haram bomb.
2011.10.10 Iraq Baghdad 13 22 Jihadi bombers murder thirteen Iraqis, including first responders, in a string of bombings.
2011.10.09 Pakistan Maidan 2 0 The Taliban kidnap and murder two young men.
2011.10.09 Philippines Zamboanga 0 13 Abu Sayyaf bombers injured thirteen people in separate attacks targeting Christians.
2011.10.09 Egypt Cairo 27 329 Military and Islamist gunmen massacre over two dozen Christians peacefully protesting a church burning.
2011.10.09 Somalia Mogadishu 12 40 At least a dozen civilians are killed during an al-Shabaab mortar attack on a residential area.
2011.10.08 Yemen Aden 1 7 A local soldier is killed in a bombing by Islamic extremists.
2011.10.08 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Muslim gunmen shoot an elderly Christian and a woman.
2011.10.07 Pakistan Rawalpindi 0 24 About two dozen students and teachers at a girls school are thrashed with iron rods by fundamentalists for dressing "immodestly."
2011.10.07 Pakistan Malik Garhi 2 0 A man and boy are tortured, thrown off a 30-foot bluff, and then shot to death for engaging in homosexual sex.
2011.10.07 Iraq Itafiyah 5 20 Mujahideen set off a bomb along a crowded street, killing five Iraqis.
2011.10.06 Thailand Narathiwat 1 1 Islamic gunmen fire on a Buddhist couple sitting in their truck, killing the wife.
2011.10.06 Pakistan Faisalabad 3 0 Three women are dragged out of a house and shot by a relative in an honor attack.
2011.10.06 Afghanistan Gereshk 1 16 Taliban snipers pick off a child riding a bus. Sixteen other civilians survive with injuries.
2011.10.05 Pakistan Mian Channu 1 38 A Christian trying to build a church orphanage is murdered by Muslims in a "land dispute."
2011.10.05 Thailand Narathiwat 1 5 A Buddhist woman is shot to death in her own house by Muslim militants.
2011.10.05 Yemen Abyan 2 0 Two people are dismantled by terrorist bombers.
2011.10.05 Somalia Belet Hawo 1 0 A man sitting at a tea shop is shot to death by Islamic assassins.
2011.10.04 Pakistan Quetta 14 6 Fourteen Shia pilgrims are pulled off of a bus by Sunni gunmen, lined up and mowed down.
2011.10.04 Somalia Mogadishu 101 122 Over one-hundred people are blown to bits in a powerful truck bombing by Islamic fundamentalists. Many victims were students.
2011.10.04 Nigeria Tanjol 1 1 Muslim militants gun down two Christian villagers.
2011.10.03 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 19 A Shahid suicide bomber takes two civilians with him, including a child.
2011.10.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Terrorists kill a child with a bomb.
2011.10.03 Iraq Arab Jobour 1 2 Hardliners open fire on a schoolteacher, killing him and injuring his wife and young son.
2011.10.03 Iraq Anbar 6 13 At least six people are killed in a bank siege by a suicide squad from the 'Islamic State of Iraq'.
2011.10.03 Pakistan Khuzdar 1 1 A schoolteacher is shot to death in a suspected sectarian attack.
2011.10.03 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 A tea seller and customer are shot at point blank range by local Islamists.
2011.10.02 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A pharmacist is murdered in his store by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.10.02 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Islamists murder a 30-year-old restaurant employee in a targeted attack against Christians.
2011.10.02 Somalia Mogadishu 2 3 An al-Shabaab roadside bomb takes out two civilians.
2011.10.02 Syria Damascus 1 0 The son of a prominent cleric is gunned down in a suspected sectarian attack.
2011.10.02 Afghanistan Gardez 9 4 Nine Afghan soldiers are torn to shreds by Sunni fundamentalist roadside bombers.
2011.10.02 Iraq Mishahda 4 3 al-Qaeda bombers take down four Iraqis.
2011.10.02 Dagestan Kizilyurt 2 1 A Shahid suicide bomber kill two local police officers.
2011.10.01 Somalia Dharkenley 11 24 Eleven civilians are killed during an al-Shabaab attack.
2011.10.01 Iraq Buhriz 3 5 Two family members are among three killed during an al-Qaeda home invasion.
2011.10.01 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A 60-year-old Christian is shot to death by Muslim assassins.
2011.10.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two civilians at a wedding are taken down by a Boko Haram bomb.
2011.10.01 Pakistan Torghar 4 15 Four police trainees are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2011.10.01 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim gunmen assassinate a 50-year-old man outside a mosque.
2011.10.01 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Terrorists shoot a truck driver to death near a tea shop.
2011.10.01 Philippines Patikul 3 0 Abu Sayyaf militants claim credit for shooting down a helicopter and killing three people.
2011.10.01 Pakistan Sheikhupura 1 0 A schoolteacher is quickly murdered in front of students after being labeled 'liable to be killed' by local clerics for embracing the Ahmadi faith.
2011.10.01 Kenya Manda Bay 1 0 An elderly Frenchwoman in a wheelchair is kidnapped by al-Shabaab and later dies in captivity.
2011.09.30 Iraq al-Khafaji 17 30 Sunni car bombers blast a funeral procession for a Shia sheikh, killing at least seventeen mourners.
2011.09.29 Pakistan Chora 1 0 The beheaded body of a young man is found three days after his abduction.
2011.09.29 Afghanistan Herat 3 2 Two women are among three killed in a Taliban bomb blast.
2011.09.29 Iraq Kirkuk 3 76 Jihadis detonate a massive truck bomb outside a bank. Two women are among the dead.
2011.09.29 Egypt Tamia 1 2 A guard at a church is taken out by a Muslim drive-by.
2011.09.28 Iraq Abu Ghraib 5 7 Three children are among five family members brutally shot to death in their home by al-Qaeda intruders.
2011.09.28 Dagestan Hajjalmakhi 8 4 An 11-year-old girl is among eight killed in a violent car bombing by Muslim extremists.
2011.09.28 India Batmaloo 1 0 An Islamist shoots a police officer to death in cold blood.
2011.09.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 48-year-old trader is shot to death at a market by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.09.28 Thailand Narathiwat 4 3 A 6-year-old boy is among the casualties when Islamic terrorists open fire on guards outside a school.
2011.09.28 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 8 3 Sunni hardliners roll up on a local police checkpoint and machine-gun eight officers.
2011.09.28 Dagestan Izberbash 2 0 Two opponents of extremism are assassinated by Religion of Peace gunmen.
2011.09.27 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Sunni terrorists detonate a bomb outside a popular Shia restaurant, killing three members of the night crowd.
2011.09.27 Pakistan Swat 2 0 Islamic radicals are suspected of making a bomb shaped like a toy that takes the lives of a young child and his grandfather.
2011.09.27 Pakistan Islamabad 2 0 A woman seeking a divorce is shot to death along with her daughter in an 'honor killing'.
2011.09.27 Yemen Aden 2 10 A suicide bombing near a hotel leaves two people dead.
2011.09.27 Philippines Sumisip 6 5 Abu Sayyaf members assault a village, killing six, including several residents.
2011.09.27 Afghanistan Shindand 16 4 Eleven children and four women are among a family of sixteen shredded by Mujahideen bombers.
2011.09.27 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 2 26 A man and boy are torn apart by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.09.27 Pakistan Salarzai 2 6 Two members of a peace committee are shot to death by Sunni hardliners.
2011.09.26 Mali Bamako 0 7 Several people are hurt when fundamentalists armed with Molotov cocktails destroy a bar located too close to a mosque.
2011.09.26 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 An American security analyst is gunned down by a Fedayeen working as a trusted employee.
2011.09.26 Iraq Diwaniya 1 1 An imam nearly loses his life to Religion of Peace rivals, who do manage to kill his companion.
2011.09.26 Iraq Kirkuk 3 1 Holy Warriors take down three civilians traveling in a car.
2011.09.25 Iraq Khalidiya 2 6 Women and children are among the casualties when Mujahideen detonate a bomb outside a house.
2011.09.25 Iraq Karbala 17 113 al-Qaeda devotees target Shiites with four bomb blasts that leave nearly twenty dead.
2011.09.25 Philippines Talipao 3 8 A villager is among three people killed in an Abu Sayyaf ambush.
2011.09.25 Indonesia Solo 2 20 A teenage girl is among two worshippers cut to pieces by a Shahid who wanders into a church service and detonates a bomb packed with nails and bolts.
2011.09.25 Afghanistan Yahya Khel 2 2 A suicide bomber sends two local souls to Allah.
2011.09.25 Somalia Deynile 1 0 Islamists behead a 17-year-old whose family held secret Bible studies in their home.
2011.09.24 Afghanistan Maywand 7 4 Two women and three children are among seven civilians disassembled by Mujahid bombers.
2011.09.24 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 Bombers kill a security guard outside a UN building.
2011.09.23 Pakistan Quetta 3 2 Sunni gunmen identify and execute three Shia laborers after forcing them off a bus.
2011.09.23 Dagestan Makhachkala 4 0 Two children are among four people shot to death by Islamic 'separatists' in a targeted killing.
2011.09.23 Iraq Baghdad 5 12 Sectarian Jihadis take down five Iraqis in a Sunni neighborhood.
2011.09.23 Iraq Husseiniya 4 17 Four people are taken apart by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2011.09.23 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two policemen on guard duty are shot to death by Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2011.09.23 Israel Kiryat Arba 2 0 An infant and his father are killed when their car crashes after Palestinians throw a rock through the windshield.
2011.09.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A young nurse is machine-gunned while riding to work at a hospital.
2011.09.22 Nigeria Madala 5 0 Five Christian traders are executed by Boko Haram gunmen when they are unable to recite Quran verses as ordered.
2011.09.22 Pakistan Chamarkand 5 8 A 10-year-old boy is among five people blown to bit by a Taliban bomb.
2011.09.22 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 'Insurgents' shoot a man twice in the head and then set his body on fire.
2011.09.22 Iraq Iskandariyah 2 20 Two Shiite pilgrims, a 5-year-old girl and her father, are murdered by Sunni bombers outside a restaurant.
2011.09.22 Pakistan Landikotal 2 1 Islamic radicals ambush a truck, killing the driver and a passenger.
2011.09.21 Dagestan Makhachkala 6 50 A triple car-bomb attack by Muslim extremists leaves six dead and over fifty injured.
2011.09.21 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Boko Haram gunmen riddle two men with bullets in their home.
2011.09.21 Pakistan Khwezai 3 0 The bodies of three abducted tribesman are found a month later - sans heads.
2011.09.21 Israel Samaria 0 1 Palestinian stone-throwers hit a 20-month-old Jewish baby girl in the face.
2011.09.20 Pakistan Mastung 26 6 Twenty-six Shia pilgrims are pulled off a bus, lined up and executed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi Sunnis..
2011.09.20 Pakistan Quetta 3 1 Three mourners, traveling to pick up bodies from an earlier Sunni ambush, are gunned down in route.
2011.09.20 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 The head of a peace council is killed by a Shahid who hid the bomb in his turban.
2011.09.20 Iraq Ramadi 4 17 Three Fedayeen suicide bombers murder four Iraqis at a government complex.
2011.09.20 Iraq Baghdad 3 0 Terrorists gun down three policemen at point-blank range.
2011.09.20 India Samba 1 1 Pakistani backed militants fire on a security-patrol, killing one member.
2011.09.19 Pakistan Khyber 1 1 A truck driver is riddled with bullets during an Islamist drive-by.
2011.09.19 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 Islamic militants abduct and execute a tribal elder and member of a peace committee.
2011.09.19 Afghanistan Aqcha 4 9 A brutal suicide attack leaves four dead, including a woman and her child.
2011.09.19 Afghanistan Jowzjan 5 0 The Taliban take down five local policemen with roadside bombs.
2011.09.19 Pakistan Peshawar 5 33 Five people are killed when fundamentalists set off a bomb at a market selling DVDs and music.
2011.09.19 Pakistan Karachi 8 9 A teacher and her 8-year-old child are among eight who lose their lives to a Tehreek-e-Taliban suicide bombing outside a house.
2011.09.19 Pakistan Miranshah 1 0 A man is taken from a marketplace by local Islamists and executed in captivity.
2011.09.18 Nigeria Bitaro 3 8 Muslim activists raid a village, pull members of a Christian family from their home and then hack and shoot them to death. The victims included children.
2011.09.18 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 0 A local security official is gunned down by Muslim assassins.
2011.09.18 Pakistan Haider Khan 3 0 Three are killed when terrorists open up on a passenger bus with automatic weapons.
2011.09.17 Afghanistan Faryab 9 1 Five children are among nine civilians ripped to pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2011.09.17 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three children are killed by a homemade bomb found in their yard.
2011.09.17 Pakistan Akka Khel 5 3 Four members of a peace committee are among five killed at point-blank range by Jihadi gunmen.
2011.09.16 Iraq Baghdad 4 2 Four people are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2011.09.16 Thailand Narathiwat 6 118 Four tourists, including a 3-year-old child and his grandparents, are among six people blown apart when Islamist place a bomb outside a brothel,
2011.09.16 Thailand Yala 2 3 Islamists gun down two persons at a mosque.
2011.09.16 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram radicals kill one of their own for holding peace talks.
2011.09.15 Dagestan Kadar 1 0 Muslim radicals enter an imam's home and shoot him 57 times.
2011.09.15 Pakistan Lower Dir 45 62 A suicide bomber detonates in the middle of a packed funeral, killing at least forty-five mourners.
2011.09.15 Thailand Pattani 5 1 'Islamic separatists' set off a landmine under a vehicle, then drag out five injured soldiers and shoot them in the head.
2011.09.14 Iraq Ramadai 6 10 Six Iraqis at an airport are sent to Allah by Jihad bombers.
2011.09.14 Thailand Narathiwat 2 2 A Muslim soldier murders two Buddhists in a suicide attack.
2011.09.14 Iraq Hillah 17 46 Seventeen people die in a car bomb blast outside a restaurant, including three children.
2011.09.14 Pakistan Bannu 3 1 The Taliban intercept a car carrying security officials and machine-gun them.
2011.09.14 Afghanistan Helmand 2 8 Women are among the casualties of a Sunni car bomb.
2011.09.14 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 15-year-old girl is strangled to death by her uncle for a suspected affair with a Christian boy.
2011.09.14 Pakistan Tirah 1 0 Islamists behead a civilian.
2011.09.13 Pakistan Lakki 2 0 The Taliban kidnap and murder two villagers.
2011.09.13 Pakistan Khyber 3 3 Three tribal elders are executed by radical Muslims.
2011.09.13 Iraq Taji 1 9 A Shahid suicide bomber kills a civilian.
2011.09.13 Afghanistan Kabul 21 31 Over twenty people are killed when a wave of Fedayeen assault the US embassy.
2011.09.13 Pakistan Matani 5 19 Sunni militants blast a school bus full of children with machine-gun fire, killing four kids and the driver.
2011.09.13 Somalia Dhusamareb 2 6 Two people are killed during an al-Shabaab attack.
2011.09.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 4 0 Boko Haram Islamists shoot two bar workers and two patrons.
2011.09.12 Indonesia Maluku 6 80 Six people are killed when machete-wielding Muslims attack a Christian village on a false rumor.
2011.09.12 Nigeria Misau 7 7 A suspected Boko Haram assault on a bank leaves seven dead.
2011.09.12 Iraq Anbar 22 0 Sunnis stop a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims and shoot twenty-two of them in the back of the head.
2011.09.12 Yemen Aden 1 0 Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen assassinate a security official.
2011.09.12 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Mujahideen behead a man in his own home.
2011.09.11 Afghanistan Charkh 6 0 The bodies of six civilian contract workers are found five days after being abducted by Sunni militants.
2011.09.11 Iraq Baquba 1 7 A journalist at a cafe bleeds to death following a Mujahid bombing.
2011.09.11 Iraq Taji 3 0 Three civilians are shredded by a roadside bomb.
2011.09.11 Kenya Lamu 1 1 al-Shabaab radicals are suspected of shooting an unarmed man on his honeymoon and kidnapping his wife.
2011.09.11 Afghanistan Wardak 5 94 Children are among the casualties when Fedayeen detonate a truck bomb.
2011.09.11 Afghanistan Bermel 6 9 The Taliban take out six civilians, including two women, with a roadside bomb.
2011.09.11 Afghanistan Gortepa 5 0 Three children are among five civilians disassembled by a homemade Sunni bomb.
2011.09.11 Afghanistan Herat 3 0 Three policemen are shot to death by Religion of Peace hardliners.
2011.09.11 England London 0 2 Two activists are stabbed by Muslims after disparaging Islam.
2011.09.11 USA Waltham, MA 3 0 Three Jewish men have their throats slashed by Muslim terrorists.
2011.09.10 Afghanistan Bagram 2 0 Two security guards are killed by a Taliban rocket.
2011.09.10 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 Religious radicals assassinate a police chief.
2011.09.10 Nigeria Vwang Fwil 14 6 Fourteen Christian villagers from the same family, including a woman in labor, are hacked to death during a midnight Muslim raid.
2011.09.10 Yemen Zinjibar 2 4 An al-Qaeda mine takes out two local soldiers.
2011.09.09 Somalia Mogadishu 5 10 An al-Shabaab bomb left on the street sends five souls to Allah.
2011.09.09 Afghanistan Manogai 4 0 Four local security personnel are killed by Taliban bombers.
2011.09.09 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 9 0 A Christian father and his seven young children are among nine shot to death in a Fulani raid on their home.
2011.09.09 Nigeria Kunsen Gashish 3 0 Three Protestant farmers are hacked to death by machete-wielding Muslims.
2011.09.09 Pakistan Islamabad 1 0 A Christian imprisoned for 'offending the Quran' dies after being denied medical treatment by prison officials.
2011.09.09 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 26-year-old policeman is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2011.09.08 Afghanistan Sangin 7 5 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out seven Afghans with a nail-packed car bomb.
2011.09.08 Somalia Coast 1 2 Muslim 'pirates' shoot an unarmed French sailor on his own yacht.
2011.09.08 Afghanistan Khost 5 0 Five Afghans lose their lives to roadside bombers.
2011.09.08 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A man driving a pickup truck is shot in the head by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.09.08 Afghanistan Herat 3 0 Sunni bombers take down an engineer and two other employees at a construction company.
2011.09.08 Nigeria Tsohon Foron 10 0 Muslim extremists murder a family of ten Christians.
2011.09.07 Iraq Baghdad 1 6 One Iraqi is killed when Jihadis bomb a marketplace.
2011.09.07 Iraq Dujail 1 0 Terrorists enter a home and shoot a man to death in front of his wife.
2011.09.07 Pakistan Quetta 26 80 Twin suicide bombers send over two dozen souls to Allah including a woman and three children.
2011.09.07 India New Delhi 15 89 Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami cadres use a suitcase bomb to murder fifteen others outside a packed courtroom.
2011.09.06 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 The Taliban are suspected of killing a U.S. citizen.
2011.09.06 Thailand Narathiwat 2 5 A 9-year-old boy is among the victims of two attacks by Muslim gunmen, one at a teahouse.
2011.09.06 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamists kill a 38-year-old Buddhist teacher, then set his body on fire.
2011.09.06 Yemen Abyan 5 3 An al-Qaeda attack leaves five local soldiers dead.
2011.09.06 Nigeria Kuru 14 13 Fourteen residents of a Christian village are hacked and shot to death in an orgy of Islamic violence that lasts an hour.
2011.09.06 Nigeria Zakaleo 4 0 Four Christians are burned alive when militant Muslims set fire to their house.
2011.09.06 Iraq Anbar 9 0 Terrorists machine-gun a bus carrying Iraqi soldiers at point-blank range, killing all eight passengers and their driver.
2011.09.05 Pakistan Humrang Beebak 2 0 Two brothers are abducted and murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2011.09.05 Nigeria Dabwak 4 0 An elderly Christian couple and their two grandchildren are shot to death in their home by Muslim raiders.
2011.09.05 Nigeria Tatu 8 0 A Christian family of eight including the parents and six children are hacked to death by Muslim militants in their home.
2011.09.05 Afghanistan Parwan 2 0 The bodies of two German hikers are found three weeks after they were abducted and shot to death.
2011.09.05 Afghanistan Qaisar 5 0 Sunni militants take out five civilians with a well-placed roadside bomb.
2011.09.05 Thailand Pattani 2 1 Muslim prisoners target and murder two Buddhist inmates.
2011.09.05 Pakistan Faisalabad 1 0 Islamic seminary students shoot an innocent member of the Ahmadi sect to death.
2011.09.05 Iraq Kirkuk 2 0 Jihadis shoot a skilled neurologist to death along with his brother.
2011.09.05 Nigeria Zakalio 7 0 Seven Christian villagers are murdered by Muslim extremists.
2011.09.04 Iran Ahvaz 3 0 Three people are hung for 'forbidden acts against religion'.
2011.09.04 Nigeria Zannari 1 0 Boko Haram Islamists assassinate a local scholar.
2011.09.04 Iraq Mosul 1 1 A man is shot to death in his home by Mujahideen.
2011.09.04 Afghanistan Kandahar 3 21 A Holy Warrior detonates in the prayer area of a security office, killing three others.
2011.09.04 Pakistan Godhra 5 7 Five people are killed when two rival Islamic groups work out their differences.
2011.09.04 Pakistan Mariamabad 1 0 A Catholic pilgrim is kidnapped and murdered while walking to a shrine.
2011.09.03 Kenya Madera 1 3 Somali Islamists are suspected of a bomb attack that leaves a Kenyan dead.
2011.09.03 Yemen Aden 3 7 A Shahid suicide bomber kills three local cops.
2011.09.02 Ingushetia Nesterovskaya 1 0 A local religious figure is shot to death by suspected Muslim militants.
2011.09.02 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A government official is assassinated by Islamic terrorists.
2011.09.02 Somalia Hudur 1 0 A convert to Christianity is kidnapped and beheaded by Muslim activists.
2011.09.01 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 5 35 Five civilians are crushed under collapsing buildings during by a Fedayeen suicide car bombing.
2011.09.01 Dagestan Khasavyurt 1 3 Women are among the casualties of an Islamist car bombing.
2011.09.01 Pakistan Kurram 7 1 Seven Shias riding a minibus are machine-gunned to death by Sunni rivals.
2011.08.31 Pakistan Quetta 11 22 Children are among the victims of a Sunni suicide blast at a Shia mosque during worship.
2011.08.31 Iraq Baghdad 5 22 Five shoppers at a mall are taken down by Jihadi bombers.
2011.08.31 Ingushetia Nazran 2 0 Salafi bomber kill two people with a car bomb.
2011.08.30 Chechnya Grozny 9 22 Three suicide bombers detonate among bustling street crowd, killing nine.
2011.08.29 Nigeria Jos 2 1 A pastor who preached religious tolerance is hacked to death by Islamic extremists along with his son at their church.
2011.08.29 Israel Tel Aviv 0 8 A Palestinian shouting 'Allah Akbar' stabs eight nearby Israelis.
2011.08.29 Iraq Baqubah 3 2 Three Iraqis are gunned down by Mujahideen.
2011.08.29 Iraq Mosul 2 9 A Shahid suicide bomber sends two other souls to Allah.
2011.08.28 Iraq Salman Pak 1 4 'Insurgents' shoot a woman to death at a checkpoint.
2011.08.28 Pakistan Punjab 3 6 Sectarian Jihadis take down three rivals.
2011.08.28 Yemen Dofas 17 45 Seventeen local soldiers die during the aftermath of an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.08.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim 'rebels' kill a plantation worker with a bomb.
2011.08.28 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 1 A 64-year-old maid is beaten by madrassah students for hosting a Christian prayer meeting in her home.
2011.08.28 Afghanistan Takhar 2 0 A doctor and medical worker are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2011.08.28 Iraq Baghdad 29 37 A Holy Warrior praises Allah before detonating at a Sunni mosque and laying out two dozen worshippers.
2011.08.27 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 24-year-old civilian is shot to death by Muslim gunmen.
2011.08.27 Somalia Mogadishu 1 1 A woman dies from injuries suffered from an Islamic bomb attack.
2011.08.27 Pakistan Chitral 32 9 A massive Taliban assault across the border leaves dozens of security personnel and civilians dead.
2011.08.27 Pakistan Kohat 1 0 A retired man is abducted by Muslim radicals and executed.
2011.08.27 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 4 21 Three children are among four civilians torn to shreds by a suicide bombing outside a bank.
2011.08.27 Afghanistan Kandahar 4 19 A suicide bomber manages to kill an Afghan child and three others.
2011.08.27 Iraq Baghdad 8 15 Sunni bombers take down eight Iraqis in three attacks.
2011.08.27 Algeria Ataq 2 3 Two guards at an oil facility are shot to death by al-Qaeda militants.
2011.08.27 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two Sunni leaders are gunned down by Muslim rivals.
2011.08.27 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A Protestant evangelist is assassinated in his own home by Religion of Peace enthusiasts.
2011.08.26 Norway Jaeren 0 1 A Christian convert from Islam is scalded with boiling water and acid at a refugee center.
2011.08.26 Nigeria Abuja 23 68 Over two dozen people at a UN building housing humanitarian agencies are crushed to death by a suicide car bomber.
2011.08.26 Afghanistan Herat 1 10 A woman is blown to bits by a Taliban bomb hidden in a handcart.
2011.08.26 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a Buddhist laborer to death.
2011.08.26 Algeria Cherchell 18 26 Two al-Qaeda suicide bombers murder eighteen soldiers and civilians following the break of daily Ramadan fasting.
2011.08.26 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two young boys are beheaded by Islamic radicals.
2011.08.26 Thailand Narathiwat 5 1 Five rescue workers are blown apart by a bomb placed under their car.
2011.08.25 Iraq Fallujah 9 34 A series of Jihad car bombings leaves at least nine dead.
2011.08.25 India Baramulla 2 15 Two people die from splinter injuries after an Islamist tosses a grenade into a market.
2011.08.25 Iraq Basra 3 50 Holy Warriors detonate a car bomb outside a rival mosque, killing at least three.
2011.08.25 Pakistan Nowshera 12 17 A dozen people at a restaurant are sent to Allah by bombers who hid their device on a child's tricycle.
2011.08.25 Thailand Yala 2 9 A 3-year-old girl and her father are shot to death by Holy Warriors.
2011.08.25 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A 19-year-old man is beheaded by al-Shabaab.
2011.08.25 Iraq Jbela 3 1 Islamic militants fire on a vehicle, killing a boy, his father and an uncle.
2011.08.25 Nigeria Gombi 16 12 Two banks and a police station are the target of 'Allah Akbar' screaming Islamists, who leave at least sixteen innocents dead.
2011.08.24 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 60-year-old man is shot in the head by Muslim 'insurgents' while walking home.
2011.08.24 Iraq Diyala 5 9 A woman and child are among five innocents exterminated by Jihadi bombers.
2011.08.24 Afghanistan Paktia 3 9 Islamists send rockets into a market, taking out at least three patrons, including a child.
2011.08.24 Iraq Ramadi 6 8 A suicide car bomber takes out a half dozen Iraqis.
2011.08.24 Iraq Ramadi 2 7 Sunni snipers fire on a car carrying civilians, killing two.
2011.08.24 India Avdesh 2 0 Two brothers are abducted and murdered by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2011.08.24 Thailand Songkhla 2 0 Two security personnel die during an Islamist ambush.
2011.08.24 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Mujahideen gun down a school guard.
2011.08.23 Yemen Abyan 8 28 Eight security personnel are killed during an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.08.23 Pakistan Datta Khel 1 0 The Taliban shoot a refugee to death.
2011.08.23 Afghanistan Balkh 2 3 Sunni radicals kill two cops with a roadside bomb.
2011.08.23 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 1 Boko Haram gunmen shoot a woman 7-months pregnant to death in her home.
2011.08.23 Thailand Pattani 2 14 Buddhist monks are among the casualties of two bombings that claim two lives.
2011.08.23 Algeria Taouarga 1 2 Fundamentalists machine-gun a local soldier to death at a checkpoint.
2011.08.22 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A man is shot to death by Muslim terrorists while working a rubber plantation.
2011.08.22 Iraq Mosul 4 3 A car-bombing and separate shooting attack leave four Iraqis dead, including a teenager.
2011.08.22 Iraq Baqubah 2 0 A 3-year-old girl and her father are shot to death by Islamic 'insurgents' in their home.
2011.08.22 Pakistan Khyber 2 0 Tahreek-e-Taliban militants kidnap, bind and then shoot two rivals.
2011.08.22 India Handwara 1 1 A housewife is killed when Muslim terrorists open fire on security forces at a village.
2011.08.22 Afghanistan Gereshk 2 4 A child and a shop owner are successfully killed by Mujahideen bombers at a market.
2011.08.21 Nigeria Riyom 6 0 Fulani raiders attack a Christian village, hacking six to death, including women and children.
2011.08.21 Dagestan Makhachkala 0 17 Children are among the casualties when Islamic 'separatists' set off two bombs at a grocery store.
2011.08.21 Pakistan South Waziristan 3 6 Three defenders are killed during an assault by Islamic militants on their police post.
2011.08.21 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 Taliban gunmen assassinate a court official on his way to work.
2011.08.21 Yemen Moudia 4 0 Four people are torn to pieces by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber with a ball-bearing packed belt.
2011.08.21 Yemen Arqoup 9 20 Nine members of a tribal gathering are sent to Allah by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.08.21 Thailand Yala 1 0 Islamic gunmen murder a 23-year-old man outside a shop.
2011.08.21 Nigeria Bajju 2 3 Suspected Muslim radicals shoot two Christians to death in their homes, including a 10-year-old boy.
2011.08.21 Afghanistan Trekh Zaber 1 0 Religious extremists murder a 60-year-old Afghan farmer in front of his sons.
2011.08.20 Afghanistan Kunar 2 0 Two Afghan soldiers returning home leave are stoned, hanged and shot by the Taliban.
2011.08.20 Israel Beersheba 1 8 Children are among the casualties when Hamas sends rockets into an Israeli town.
2011.08.20 India Gurez 1 2 A local defender loses his life to an attack by Pakistani-backed militants.
2011.08.20 Iraq Hadid 3 0 Three family members are killed by Mujahideen bombers.
2011.08.20 Afghanistan Herat 2 8 Two Afghan security personnel are killed by fundamentalist bombers.
2011.08.20 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 2 Religious extremists take out three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.08.20 Nigeria Borno 4 0 Islamists burst into a home and murder four people watching television.
2011.08.19 Thailand Pattani 2 0 Two Buddhist mattress salesmen, father and son, are shot in the head by Muslim 'activists'.
2011.08.19 Pakistan Jamrud 56 123 A devout Shahid detonates a ball-bearing packed suicide vest at a crowded mosque, slaughtering over fifty others.
2011.08.19 Israel Ashdod 0 10 Gaza militants send rockets into an Israeli seminary, injuring ten.
2011.08.19 Pakistan Kurram 3 3 A Taliban landmine takes out three locals.
2011.08.19 Afghanistan Kabul 9 16 Two Holy Warriors detonate themselves in front of the British council, killing nine innocents.
2011.08.19 Somalia Mogadishu 7 0 Seven youth are beheaded by al-Shabaab fundamentalists.
2011.08.18 Pakistan Karachi 3 0 Three people are kidnapped, executed and dumped outside a mosque in a suspected sectarian attack.
2011.08.18 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A mosque official is gunned down by rivals.
2011.08.18 Pakistan Tirah 1 0 The Taliban behead a man for 'crimes against Islam'.
2011.08.18 Israel Eilat 8 30 Eight Israelis, including four family members, die when Arab snipers open fire on buses and cars.
2011.08.18 Afghanistan Gardez 2 0 A Shahid suicide bomber kills two guards trying to stop him.
2011.08.18 Afghanistan Herat 24 9 Seven children are among two dozen bus passengers torn to shreds by Taliban bombers.
2011.08.18 Egypt Sinai 6 0 Terrorists fire on Egyptian police, killing six.
2011.08.18 Ingushetia Nazran 1 0 Three Muslim extremists shoot a cop to death in his home.
2011.08.17 Algeria Beni Aissa 2 1 A bus driver is among two people who lose their lives to a fundamentalist ambush.
2011.08.17 Thailand Narathiwat 3 0 A rubber tapper is among three civilians shot to death by Muslim gunmen in separate attacks.
2011.08.17 Thailand Pattani 1 0 An elderly Buddhist school bus driver is murdered by Islamic snipers.
2011.08.17 Iraq Baghdad 2 3 Jihad gunmen kill a cafe owner and marketplace patron in separate attacks.
2011.08.17 Iraq Tarmiya 2 7 A suicide bomber takes down two family members in their own home.
2011.08.17 Pakistan Chamarkand 2 0 A man and his son are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2011.08.16 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Nasabi-Wahhabi terrorists gun down a Shia shopkeeper.
2011.08.16 Iraq Mosul 8 12 Eight local police are murdered in two separate bombings.
2011.08.16 Iraq Buhriz 2 0 Two boys are shot to death in their own home by 'insurgents'.
2011.08.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 Fundamentalist gunmen murder an 18-year-old teenager as she is getting into her car.
2011.08.16 Afghanistan Uruzgan 8 8 Eight innocents are dismantled by a Taliban motorcycle bomb at a market.
2011.08.15 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 4 8 Four guards at a fuel depot die during a Fedayeen assault.
2011.08.15 Nigeria Heipang 9 1 Seven children are among a Christian family of nine brutally murdered in their home by Muslim raiders.
2011.08.15 Nigeria Foron 3 0 Three people are hacked to death by angry Muslims with machetes
2011.08.15 Nigeria Sokoto 6 0 A half-dozen Nigerians are taken out by Boko Haram terrorists.
2011.08.15 Iraq Yusufiya 7 0 al-Qaeda kidnap seven Sahwa members from a mosque and execute them in cold blood.
2011.08.15 Iraq Karbala 3 41 A Jihad car bomb leaves at least three dead.
2011.08.15 Iraq Bani Sa'ad 12 33 Sunni car bombers take down eight Shia. Four other Iraqis are gunned down in a separate attack.
2011.08.15 Iraq Karbala 3 41 Three Iraqis are taken down by Mujahid car bombers.
2011.08.15 Iraq Tikrit 6 10 Suicide bombers send six Iraqis to Allah.
2011.08.15 Iraq Najaf 11 74 Seven Shias are left dead after a brutal bombing by Sunni militants.
2011.08.15 Yemen al-Jouf 14 5 An al-Qaeda suicide attack leaves fourteen Shiite tribesmen dead.
2011.08.15 Iraq Kut 42 75 Over three dozen shoppers at a market are snuffed out by al-Qaeda bombers. The dead include twelve children.
2011.08.15 Iraq Kirkuk 0 14 Fourteen are injured when Muslims bomb a church.
2011.08.14 Thailand Pattani 1 0 'Insurgents' shoot a man to death outside a mosque.
2011.08.14 Pakistan Miramshah 3 25 Three local soldiers are killed when Islamic militants fire rockets into their camp during a celebration.
2011.08.14 Afghanistan Charikar 22 34 Five Fedayeen stage a suicide assault on a government compound, shooting and blasting at least twenty-two others to death.
2011.08.14 Algeria Tizi Ouzou 0 33 'Thanks to Allah' an al-Qaeda suicide bomber injures at least thirty-three people, including foreigners.
2011.08.14 Iraq Baghdad 8 13 Separate bombings targeting security personnel leave at least eight dead.
2011.08.14 Ingushetia Dattykh 4 7 Four security personnel are executed by Muslim gunmen.
2011.08.14 Pakistan Karachi 0 1 A Christian is beaten with iron rods after declining an offer to embrace Islam.
2011.08.14 Pakistan Karachi 0 2 Two Christians are beaten to unconsciousness with iron rods after refusing an offer to embrace Islam.
2011.08.13 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A grown woman is shot to death by her nephew on suspicion of 'illicit relations'.
2011.08.13 India Kerala 1 0 A Hindu woman is kidnapped, gang-raped and killed by Muslim militants.
2011.08.13 Dagestan Makhachkala 2 0 Suspected Islamists shoot two civilians to death in front of their home.
2011.08.13 Dagestan Boatshyurt 4 0 Four victims of Muslim 'insurgents' are found bound and shot to death.
2011.08.13 Afghanistan Helmand 5 0 Three women are among five civilians taken apart by a Taliban bomb.
2011.08.13 Dagestan Khasavyurt 1 1 A fireman is shot to death by suspected Islamic militants.
2011.08.13 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A Shiite cleric is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.08.12 Dagestan Kurush 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Muslim 'separatists' wielding machine-guns.
2011.08.12 Iraq Baghdad 2 13 Terrorists bomb a cafe, killing two Iraqis.
2011.08.12 Pakistan Peshawar 3 3 Three guards escorting prisoners for medical attention are cut down by Taliban gunmen.
2011.08.12 Afghanistan Wardak 8 0 Eight local security personnel are abducted and murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2011.08.12 Nigeria Ngala 1 0 A 65-year-old cleric is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2011.08.12 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 0 Two policemen standing outside a mosque are murdered by angry Muslims.
2011.08.12 Pakistan Haridasnagar 1 1 A man is beaten to death after being accused of sorcery.
2011.08.12 Pakistan Bilal 0 12 A small group of Catholics are beaten by fundamentalists after gathering to watch a religious film.
2011.08.12 Indonesia Sepe 5 2 Jihad warriors attack a Christian village with bombs and knives, killing at least five residents and burning homes and churches.
2011.08.11 Indonesia Malei 1 0 A Christian is killed while trying to salvage items from his home after it is destroyed by a Muslim mob.
2011.08.11 Nigeria Ratsa Foron 6 0 Six Christians are hacked to death in the middle of the night by Muslim raiders.
2011.08.11 Iraq Ramadi 3 24 'Insurgents' kill three Iraqis in their home with two bombs.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Chapperi 2 0 Two tribesmen are shot to death by terrorists.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Tirah Valley 5 1 Three women and two children are dismantled by a militant bomb attack on their home.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Peshawar 6 17 A child is among six innocents blown to bits by Islamist bombers.
2011.08.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 20 A female Shahid suicide bomber tosses grenades before detonating, killing another woman.
2011.08.10 Pakistan Shadman 1 0 The caretaker of a shrine is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2011.08.09 Pakistan Manshera 1 0 Islamic radicals shoot a tribesman to death.
2011.08.09 Afghanistan Dehrawod 5 1 Taliban bombers take down five Afghans at a crowded market.
2011.08.09 Afghanistan Bala Bulok 4 0 Four civilians are kidnapped and beheaded by Sunni hardliners.
2011.08.09 Dagestan Kadar 1 0 A policeman is murdered on the doorstep of his home by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2011.08.09 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 52-year-old man is shot several times in the head and chest by 'insurgents'.
2011.08.08 Egypt Minya 1 1 A Christian farmer has his throat slit in front of his son by a Muslim mob, who attack Christian homes and also severely beat a pastor.
2011.08.08 Iraq Mosul 4 1 A child and woman are among the dead victims of two Jihad bombings.
2011.08.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 Boko Haram cadres assassinate a prison comptroller.
2011.08.08 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 A teacher is shot to death by Boko Haram Islamists.
2011.08.08 Dagestan Karamakhi 1