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Jihad Report
Sep 16, 2023 -
Sep 22, 2023

Attacks 21
Killed 73
Injured 53
Suicide Blasts 0
Countries 11

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
August, 2023

Attacks 148
Killed 683
Injured 485
Suicide Blasts 5
Countries 21
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 48 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 310 people were killed and 294 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2023.09.25 Saudi Arabia Yemen Border 2 0 Two Bahraini peacekeepers are killed by an Ansar Allah drone.
2023.09.24 Yemen Wadi al-Rafd 5 0 Five members of a foot patrol are ambushed and killed by al-Qaeda.
2023.09.24 Nigeria Zamfara 6 0 A half-dozen are left dead following an attack by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2023.09.24 Yemen Musainah 4 0 al-Qaeda bombers destroy a passing ambulance, along with four occupants.
2023.09.23 Nigeria Gwoza 4 20 A series of Boko Haram attacks along a highway leaves four commuters dead.
2023.09.23 Somalia Beledweyne 21 45 A Fedayeen suicide truck bomber takes over a dozen souls with him.
2023.09.23 Pakistan Mir Ali 1 0 Terrorists open fire on local security personnel, killing one.
2023.09.23 Nigeria Baram Karowa 10 9 Ten farmers are murdered in their field by Boko Haram.
2023.09.22 Pakistan Sohal 2 0 A man honor-kills his sister and another for marrying without consent.
2023.09.21 Nigeria Agagbe 3 0 Muslim militants murder three refugees at a displaced persons camp.
2023.09.21 Mali Timbuktu 2 5 Islamists send mortars into the historic city, killing two.
2023.09.20 Nigeria Kola 1 3 A pastor is among the victims of a targeted attack on a non-Muslim community.
2023.09.20 Ghana Cinkasse 9 6 Suspected Islamists fire into cars carrying traders to a market, killing nine.
2023.09.19 Burkina Faso Koulponsgo 12 2 A dozen people are murdered by Islamic militants.
2023.09.19 Burkina Faso Sirasso 4 0 Four civilians are found dead following an attack by Jihadists.
2023.09.19 Kenya Widhu 1 0 At least one person is killed when al-Shabaab go on a house-burning spree.
2023.09.19 Afghanistan Tangi Mami 2 0 Two Hazara minorities, father and son, are brutally beheaded by the Taliban.
2023.09.19 Philippines Lanao del Norte 4 0 Four Christian farmers are brutally shot in the head by apparent ISIS.
2023.09.18 Somalia Gedo 11 3 Eleven AU peacekeepers are cut down by an al-Shabaab roadside attack.
2023.09.18 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 An innocent Shiite is shot dead in a targeted attack.
2023.09.18 Pakistan Kulachi 1 0 Terrorist gunmen take out a cop.
2023.09.18 Syria Homs 3 3 ISIS gunmen kill three Shiites riding in a car.
2023.09.17 Pakistan Miranshah 1 0 Radicals gun down a local cop.
2023.09.17 Mali Léré 5 20 Jihadists kill five at a local military base.
2023.09.17 Nigeria Agiri 2 2 ISWAP members ambush a border patrol and kill two guards.
2023.09.16 Kenya Mandera 4 9 al-Shabaab plant a bomb that claims the lives of four innocents in a passing minibus.
2023.09.16 Pakistan Bajaur 1 0 A tribal elder is assassinated by ISIS-K.
2023.09.16 Iraq el-Eith 3 0 Three shepherds from the same family are blown to bits by Islamic bombers.
2023.09.16 Afghanistan Ghazni 1 0 A 23-year-old man is shot dead by the Taliban.
2023.09.15 Somalia Beledamin 1 0 A young Ugandan truck driver is aerated by Islamic shrapnel.
2023.09.15 Somalia Las Ga'amey 2 4 Two local soldiers are felled at their base by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2023.09.15 Iraq Tarmiyah 2 0 A farmer is among two people shot dead by ISIS.
2023.09.15 Nigeria Dogon Noma 15 32 Muslim militants kill fifteen Christians and kidnap thirty-two others.
2023.09.15 Mozambique Naquitengue 11 0 Eleven Christians are massacred after being force to identify their faith by Muslim radicals.
2023.09.14 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A former soldier's family blames the Taliban for his murder.
2023.09.14 Nigeria Borno 1 5 Islamists activate an IED against a passing vehicle, killing one.
2023.09.14 Nigeria Lake Chad 2 0 Two fishermen are murdered by Boko Haram.
2023.09.14 Mali Gao 3 0 At least three are left dead following a Jihadi ambush.
2023.09.14 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A man and his wife are murdered in a Muslim honor killing.
2023.09.13 Afghanistan Shengan 1 0 A miner is cut down by Muslim terrorists.
2023.09.13 India Anantnag 5 1 Five local soldiers succumb to injuries from a Lashkar-e-Taiba shooting.
2023.09.12 Afghanistan Moghol-Qeshlaq 1 0 The Taliban murder a former opponent.
2023.09.12 Mali Bourem 10 0 Jihadists attack a local security force, killing ten.
2023.09.12 Sudan Omdurman 17 0 RSF/Janjaweed shelling kills seventeen civilians.
2023.09.12 Nigeria Kulben 10 10 At least ten locals are massacred by Muslim militants.
2023.09.12 India Rajouri 1 3 Terrorists open fire on a security patrol, killing a member.
2023.09.12 Burkina Faso Wendou 8 10 Jihadists murder eight refugees at a Displaced Persons camp.
2023.09.12 Egypt Port Said 1 0 A young woman is stabbed in the neck for marrying by choice without male consent.
2023.09.12 Syria Idlib 2 0 Ansar al-Tawhid members detonate an IED against a passing vehicle, killing two passengers.
2023.09.11 Bangladesh Kutupalong 1 0 A refugee is shot to death by suspected ARSA.
2023.09.11 Nigeria Op-Agu 3 0 Muslim militants butcher three villagers.
2023.09.11 Pakistan Peshawar 1 7 The Tehreek-e-Taliban blow up a passing vehicle, killing a security officer.
2023.09.11 Somalia Galmudug 3 0 A lawmaker is among three souls claimed by an Islamist bomb blast.
2023.09.11 Lebanon Ain el-Hilweh 2 0 Two civilians are caught in the crossfire between Fatah and Islamist gunmen.
2023.09.10 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Muslim terrorists shoot a man to death.
2023.09.10 Kenya Baure 10 4 Ten border guards are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab bombers.
2023.09.10 Nigeria Taraba 2 0 A Christian couple is murdered by Muslim militants.
2023.09.10 Nigeria Kulben 10 1 Muslim terrorists massacre ten Christians.
2023.09.10 Syria Deir ez-Zor 9 10 Three shepherds are among nine laid out in a brutal ISIS attack.
2023.09.10 Nigeria Beni Sheik 1 0 ISWAP snipers pick off a man in his field.
2023.09.09 Afghanistan Khaneqah 1 0 A civilian is shot dead by terrorists.
2023.09.09 Afghanistan Bagram 1 0 Radicals gun down a local man.
2023.09.08 Mali Gao 1 0 A 'complex' suicide attack on an airport security base kills at least one.
2023.09.08 Pakistan Rawalakot 1 0 An Islamist is assassinated at a mosque by even more radical Islamists.
2023.09.08 Philippines Lanao del Norte 1 0 Islamic militants are suspected in the bombing of a cell phone tower that kills a responder.
2023.09.07 Mali Timbuktu 64 0 Forty-nine civilians are among over sixty massacred during a JNIM attack on a passenger boat.
2023.09.07 Nigeria Fadan Kamantan 1 0 A Catholic seminary student is burned alive in a rectory by Muslim militants.
2023.09.07 Pakistan Shawal 2 25 Terrorists target a group of laborers with an IED, killing two.
2023.09.07 Pakistan Bajaur 1 1 Islamic militants set off a bomb at an intersection, killing a passerby.
2023.09.07 Afghanistan Kart-e-Sulh 1 0 A former Taliban opponent is assassinated at his home.
2023.09.07 Pakistan Bus Adda 1 1 ISIS-K snipers pick off a local cop.
2023.09.07 Afghanistan Mamund 2 0 ISIS bombers kill two motorcycle riders.
2023.09.06 Philippines Shariff Saydona 1 0 Local Islamic State members shoot dead a civilian.
2023.09.06 Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 5 2 A suicide blast and a separate mortar attack leave a woman and four children dead.
2023.09.06 Pakistan Chitral 4 7 The Taliban stage a cross-border attack and kill four Pakistani guards.
2023.09.06 Uganda Katiryo 1 1 A Christian evangelist is beaten to death for converting Muslims.
2023.09.05 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 A secular politician is assassinated by radicals.
2023.09.05 Iraq Anbar 2 0 Two Iraqis are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2023.09.04 Pakistan Mastung 1 0 Islamists are behind the murder of a local cop.
2023.09.04 Pakistan Inayat Kalay 2 1 Two civilians are shot to death by terrorists at a market.
2023.09.04 Burkina Faso Koumbri 53 30 A massive Jihadists attack on civilian volunteers leaves over fifty dead.
2023.09.04 Somalia Dar al-Nama 12 3 A dozen other die during a massive al-Shabaab assault on a small town.
2023.09.03 Pakistan Faisalabad 0 1 A Christian priest is injured in a targeted attack by Muslim radicals.
2023.09.03 Kenya Mandera 2 6 Islamists hit a border patrol with an IED, killing two members.
2023.09.03 Sudan Khartoum 16 60 The RSF/Janjaweed shell parts of the capital, killing sixteen civilians.
2023.09.02 Pakistan Chucha 1 0 A woman is clubbed and stoned to death by relatives in an honor killing.
2023.09.02 Somalis Mogadishu 2 9 An al-Shabaab attack on a civilian checkpoint kills two.
2023.09.01 Nigeria Gwoza 1 0 At least one other person is killed in a firing by ISWAP.
2023.09.01 Pakistan Faisalabad 1 0 A Christian farmworker is kidnapped, tortured and killed by a Muslim gang.
2023.09.01 Burkina Faso Silmiougou 5 0 At least five locals are machine-gunned by Jihadists.
2023.09.01 Cameroon Kolofata 1 0 One villager is left dead after a Boko Haram raid.
2023.08.31 Israel Haifa 1 0 A woman is shot to death by her four sons, who honor-killed her over her "way of life".
2023.08.31 Israel Modiin 1 5 A Palestinian rams his car into a checkpoint, killing one person.
2023.08.31 Pakistan Janikhel 9 20 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle murders nine local soldiers.
2023.08.31 Afghanistan Khawosh 1 0 The Taliban execute a civilian.
2023.08.30 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 The TTP claim a roadside shooting attack that leaves a young police officer dead.
2023.08.29 Pakistan Daraban 2 2 Two locals are shot dead by Tehreek-e-Taliban.
2023.08.29 Pakistan Faqiran Chowk 3 2 Three security officers are brutally murdered by the Taliban.
2023.08.29 Syria Deir ez-Zor 4 8 Four civilians are reported dead following a series of ISIS attacks.
2023.08.28 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 2 3 Two local cops succumb to gunshot wounds following a terror attack.
2023.08.28 India Prayagraj 1 0 A Hindu boy is beaten to death by a Muslim gang.
2023.08.28 Thailand Yarang 3 5 Muslim "insurgents" carry out a bombing and shooting attack that leaves three dead.
2023.08.27 Yemen Lahj 10 12 At least ten others are killed in a surprise attack by Ansar Allah.
2023.08.27 Pakistan Mamund 1 0 A civilian is executed by the Islamic state.
2023.08.27 Pakistan Bannu 1 0 A hospital security officer is shot dead by terrorists.
2023.08.27 Afghanistan Gandab 1 0 A 60-year-old man is beheaded by radicals.
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