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Jihad Report
Feb 11, 2017 -
Feb 17, 2017

Attacks 43
Killed 344
Injured 623
Suicide Blasts 7
Countries 12

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
January, 2017

Attacks 201
Killed 1412
Injured 1679
Suicide Blasts 40
Countries 30
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Islamic Terror:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by

During this time period, there were 149 Islamic attacks in 25 countries, in which 936 people were killed and 1184 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2017.02.19 Somalia Mogadishu 34 50 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates himself at a packed market, taking over thirty souls with him.
2017.02.18 Afghanistan Paktika 12 4 Eight children are blown to bits along with four others when the Taliban detonate a bomb under their vehicle.
2017.02.16 Egypt al-Arish 1 0 A Coptic teacher is gunned down by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis on his way to school.
2017.02.16 Pakistan Sehwan 88 250 A massive suicide blast at a Sufi shrine leaves over eighty worshippers in pieces, including thirty children.
2017.02.16 Iraq Baghdad 59 66 A devastating car bomb attack claims sixty lives near a row of car dealerships.
2017.02.15 Pakistan Hyatabad 2 18 A suicide bomber targeting judges takes out their driver and a passerby.
2017.02.14 Iraq Baghdad 3 10 Jihadi car bombers pick off three passersby in an industrial area.
2017.02.14 India Bandipora 4 8 Lashkar-e-Toiba gunmen open fire on a security patrol, killing four members.
2017.02.14 China Pishan 5 5 Muslim separatists stab ten people in a melee attack.
2017.02.14 Yemen Radaa 3 8 A child is among three killed when a Shahid suicide bomber detonates outside a Shia school.
2017.02.13 Nigeria Mifa 1 1 Boko Haram militants kill a scholar and break a young boy's hand.
2017.02.13 Pakistan Orangi Town 2 1 Suspected Lashkar-e-Jhangvi open fire outside a hotel, killing two people.
2017.02.13 Pakistan Zar Melan 3 3 The Taliban murder three security personnel with a nail-bomb.
2017.02.13 Syria Sere Kaniye 1 2 An older man is killed by an ISIS landmine that badly injures his son and grandson.
2017.02.13 Iraq Mosul 4 24 An ISIS mortar sent into a school claims the live of three students and a teacher.
2017.02.13 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A young man is thrown from a rooftop for homosexuality hours after his father is executed.
2017.02.13 Pakistan Lahore 16 90 At least sixteen participants are exterminated by a Jamaat-ul-Ahrar suicide bomber at a demonstration.
2017.02.13 Afghanistan Baba Pul 1 1 Islamic militants fire on two brothers, killing one.
2017.02.12 Afghanistan Wama 2 0 A young couple is beaten and lynched by a mob over an adulterous relationship.
2017.02.12 Somalia Tihsile 2 0 An al-Shabaab attack claims the lives of two security personnel.
2017.02.12 India Kashmir 4 3 Islamic extremists open fire on police officers, killing two, along with two bystanders.
2017.02.12 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 The Taliban set up an ambush on a news crew, killing an assistant cameraman.
2017.02.11 Kenya Embu 1 0 A cleric is murdered by followers of a rival cleric.
2017.02.11 Iraq Tawakol 1 3 Islamists plant a bomb in a field that kills a farmer.
2017.02.11 Iraq Mosul 8 0 Four women are among eight people murdered by ISIS bombers at two funerals.
2017.02.11 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two girls are murdered with silencer-equipped pistols for not wearing the niqab.
2017.02.11 Iraq Shajarah 15 0 Children are among fifteen family members burned alive for attempting to flee the caliphate.
2017.02.11 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 12 22 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends a dozen souls to Allah.
2017.02.10 India Pandavapura 1 0 A young man is stabbed by 'friends' for not joining a radical Islamic group.
2017.02.10 Iraq Rutba 25 0 Twenty-five victims of ISIS execution are found in a two mass graves.
2017.02.10 Nigeria Borno 7 23 Seven Nigerian security personnel are massacred by Boko Haram.
2017.02.10 Iraq Mosul 4 15 A suicide bomber at a restaurant claims four patrons in mid-bite.
2017.02.10 Iraq Baghdad 9 32 ISIS car bombs take out nine Iraqis in a commercial district.
2017.02.10 Iraq Mosul 1 4 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a checkpoint, killing a police officer.
2017.02.10 Pakistan Arang Tehsil 1 4 A child bleeds to death after Jihadis detonate an IED under a family vehicle.
2017.02.10 Egypt Sinai 5 0 Five Egyptians are forced to lie face down and then shot in the back of the head by hardcore fundamentalists.
2017.02.10 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 Three children are caught by a roadside bomb blast - only two survive.
2017.02.09 Syria Homs 3 3 Three civlians are blasted into the hereafter by Jihadi car bombers.
2017.02.09 Somalia Beledweyne 4 4 Four people are blown to bits by al-Shabaab bombers.
2017.02.09 Iraq Fallujah 2 2 Two Iraqis are terminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.02.09 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An ISIS rocket scatters a child's body into parts.
2017.02.09 Israel Petah Tikva 0 4 A terrorist opens fire on a market and stabs a patron with a screwdriver.
2017.02.09 Syria Aleppo 3 7 Three die when a Sunni terror group sends a mortar round into a humanitarian relief center.
2017.02.08 CAR Bangui 3 26 A church burning spree by Muslim milita leaves three dead.
2017.02.08 Syria Daraa 4 3 Four civilians are crushed by a Sunni rocket shell.
2017.02.08 Syria Sweida 2 0 Terrorists shoot two passing civilians to death.
2017.02.08 Afghanistan Paktia 2 1 Two civilians are exterminated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.02.08 Iraq Wadi Hajar 20 7 ISIS reportedly burns twenty civilians alive and flogs another seven.
2017.02.08 Iraq Jazair 1 19 Terrorists use a drone to drop a bomb on a neighborhood, killing one resident.
2017.02.08 Somalia Bosasso 4 0 Four guards lose their lives preventing the massacre of hotel guests by Islamic gunmen.
2017.02.08 Afghanistan Jowzjan 6 2 At least six Red Cross workers are murdered by suspected Islamic State enthusiasts.
2017.02.07 Iraq Mosul 15 0 Fifteen civilians are summarily executed by the Islamic State.
2017.02.07 Afghanistan Kabul 21 48 Women and children are among the victims, as a suicide bomber detonates outside a courtroom.
2017.02.07 Syria Aleppo 5 0 Five children die from splinter injuries suffered during the detonation of an explosive device planted by Islamists.
2017.02.07 Syria Hamdaniyeh 2 14 Terrorists deliberately target a neighborhood with rockets, killing two residents.
2017.02.07 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A government official is assassinated by Taliban bombers.
2017.02.07 CAR Bangui 2 0 A man and woman are killed by Muslim militia automatic weapons fire.
2017.02.07 CAR Bangui 1 0 A pastor is stabbed to death in his church by Muslim radicals.
2017.02.06 Pakistan Sahiwal 1 0 A Shiite doctor is shot to death at his clinic by Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat radicals.
2017.02.06 Somalia Jamame 4 0 Four men are beheaded by Islamists.
2017.02.06 Iraq Baghdad 1 4 One person is killed by a Jihadi bomb placed at a popular market.
2017.02.06 Iraq Tal Afar 1 0 A civilian is shot for refusing to pay the caliphate tax.
2017.02.06 Afghanistan Maidani 3 4 Two women and a child are torn open by a Taliban rocket fired into their home.
2017.02.05 Iraq Majisa 3 10 Three Iraqis are blown to bits by two Shahid car bombers.
2017.02.05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two men are crucified for smoking in the Islamic State.
2017.02.05 Iraq Rashidiya 4 5 Four civilians are killed by an ISIS drone attack on a humanitarian food line.
2017.02.05 Nigeria Sasawa 2 0 At least two people are killed during a Boko Haram attack.
2017.02.05 Iraq Sumer 12 12 Five women and three children are among a dozen people aerated by ISIS shrapnel.
2017.02.04 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2017.02.04 Iraq Nergal 13 0 Children are among thirteen bodies found in a mass grave near an ISIS prison.
2017.02.04 Mali Ménaka 4 8 Four security personnel are murdered by Ansar Dine.
2017.02.04 Somalia Kismayo 3 3 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves three dead.
2017.02.03 Pakistan Astarzai 1 0 A woman is gunned down by a conservative relative for working outside the home.
2017.02.03 Kenya Mandera 1 0 A 15-year-old boy succumbs to al-Shabaab gunshot wounds.
2017.02.03 France Paris 0 0 A man wielding a machete charges guests at the Louvre while shouting 'Allah Akbar!'
2017.02.03 Iraq Madean 1 5 Jihadis set of a bomb at a fish market, killing a bystander.
2017.02.03 Syria Aleppo 3 4 Three children are disassembled by a Sunni bomb blast.
2017.02.03 Iraq Mosul 7 24 The Islamic State sends rockets into a residential neighborhood, killing seven civilians.
2017.02.02 Pakistan Lower Mall 1 2 A mother of three is gunned down by her conservative brother for having an affair.
2017.02.02 Afghanistan Almar 8 0 Eight police officers from one family are drugged and shot to death in their sleep by a terrorist in uniform.
2017.02.02 Aghanistan Yusof Khail 2 0 A cleric and his wife are gunned down in their own home by Religion of Peace rivals.
2017.02.02 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 al-Shabaab is suspected of a car bomb blast that leaves one dead.
2017.02.02 Yemen Amsurrah 6 0 Six people are laid out by al-Qaeda shrapnel.
2017.02.02 Iraq Qa'emshahr 1 0 A girl is stabbed to death by her conservative father for sneaking out to a party.
2017.02.01 Somalia Bosaso 2 6 An al-Shabaab attack on a remote checkpoint leaves two dead.
2017.02.01 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 2 A child is disintegrated by a Taliban rocket.
2017.02.01 Iraq Hawija 5 0 Five Iraqis are forced to their knees and shot as an ISIS video camera rolls.
2017.02.01 Iraq Baghdad 2 11 A pair of Mujahideen bomb blasts claim two lives.
2017.01.31 Iraq Mosul 14 22 ISIS members send rockets into a residential neighborhood, killing fourteen innocents.
2017.01.31 USA Denver, CO 1 0 A pastor working as a security guard is shot to death at a transit office by a 'radicalized' Muslim.
2017.01.31 Cameroon Kontcha 5 3 An aid worker is among five people murdered by Boko Haram.
2017.01.31 Afghanistan Yumgan 1 0 A woman accused of a sexual affair is shot and killed by Islamic fundamentalists.
2017.01.31 Nigeria Kubwa 1 3 A Boko Haram ambush leaves one dead and three injured.
2017.01.31 Nigeria Dalori 1 0 A university student is killed by a child suicide bomber at a mosque.
2017.01.31 Cameroon Double 1 7 Three suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2017.01.31 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three children are successfully picked off by an ISIS booby-trap.
2017.01.31 Iraq Zolo 2 0 Two construction workers are kidnapped and pumped full of holes by Islamic militants.
2017.01.30 Yemen Hodeida 2 3 Two crew members are killed when a Saudi frigate is attacked by suicide bombers in boats.
2017.01.30 Chechnya Chali 2 2 Islamic extremists attack a police station, killing two members.
2017.01.29 Bangladesh Dhaka 1 0 A 72-year-old woman's throat is slit by hardliners over her religious views.
2017.01.29 Iraq Farouq 1 2 An ISIS drone drops a bomb on a 4-year-old, killing him and wounding his parents.
2017.01.29 Nigeria Bulabulin 15 9 Islamists machine-gun fifteen motorists along a highway.
2017.01.29 Bahrain Bilad al-Qadeem 1 0 Shia militants gun down an off-duty cop.
2017.01.29 Philippines al-Barka 2 3 Two children, ages 2 and 5, are obliterated by an Abu Sayyaf bomb blast.
2017.01.29 Iraq Rashidiyah 27 0 Twenty-seven men, women and children are discovered in an ISIS mass grave.
2017.01.29 Iraq Hawija 3 0 Three 'youths' are brutally executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28 Somalia Qandala 3 0 Three hostages are beheaded by al-Shabaab.
2017.01.28 Iraq Mosul 20 0 Three professors and a doctor are among a group of twenty Iraqis executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28 Syria Palmyra 2 0 Two prisoners are dragged to an ancient Roman amphitheater and executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28 Iraq Tuz Khormato 1 0 A Sunni civilian is murdered by Hashd al-Shaabi Shiite radicals.
2017.01.28 Iraq Fallujah 2 3 Two Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2017.01.28 Iraq Hawija 4 8 A bomb targeting refugees fleeing the caliphate brings down four.
2017.01.28 Syria Hasakah 3 0 Three women are detained and executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 The life of a promising student is cut short by Boko Haram.
2017.01.28 Iraq Rashidiyah 2 2 ISIS lobs a mortar into a family home, killing both parents and injuring their children.
2017.01.27 Iraq Hand 1 0 A man's throat is slit on charges of apostasy.
2017.01.27 Somalia Kulbiyow 57 0 Armed Islamists attack a peacekeeping base and kill at least forty people.
2017.01.26 Afghanistan Kulah Sabz 1 2 Sharia activists kill a rickshaw driver with a planted bomb.
2017.01.26 Syria Homs 3 0 Two children, ages 3 and 7, are leveled by an ISIS bomb blast along with their mother.
2017.01.26 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 Jihadis pick off a shopper at a popular market.
2017.01.26 Trinidad Arima 1 1 A Muslim teen is shot dead for having a Christian boyfriend, who is badly injured.
2017.01.26 Iraq Mosul 23 0 Two dozen returning refugees are reported killed by ISIS booby-traps.
2017.01.25 Iraq Sawas 23 0 ISIS executes twenty-three prisoners.
2017.01.25 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 2 A man is killed in his home in the middle of the night by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.01.25 Somalia Mogadishu 28 43 Religion of Peace activists stage a suicide assault on a hotel, killing at least twenty-eight others.
2017.01.25 Iraq Baghdad 3 14 Three people at a car dealership are vaporized by Jihadi bombers.
2017.01.25 Nigeria Kaleri 1 2 A suicide bomber blows himself up at a rival mosque, killing a guard.
2017.01.24 Iraq Baghdad 2 10 Two people are sectionalized by a car bomb blast at a garage.
2017.01.24 Iraq Baghdad 2 10 A woman is among two Iraqis terminated by Mujahideen bombers.
2017.01.24 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shiite man is gunned down by Sunni assassins.
2017.01.24 Iraq Mosul 14 13 Islamists blast residential areas with rockets, dismembering fourteen and maiming a dozen others.
2017.01.24 Somalia Afgoye 7 0 Seven local cops are laid out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2017.01.24 Somalia Afgoye 1 4 A women dies trying to defend her farm against an Islamist attack.
2017.01.23 Iraq Sharqat 3 6 Three children are reduced to parts by an Islamic State mortar round.
2017.01.23 Myanmar Padakar 3 0 Three villagers are executed by Muslim terrorists for refusing to help.
2017.01.23 Kenya Mandera 1 0 al-Shabaab members throw explosives at a bank and food kiosk, killing a guard.
2017.01.23 Nigeria Dzaku 8 7 Boko Haram slaughters eight villagers and kidnaps seven women.
2017.01.23 Syria Raqqa 2 0 Two men are beheaded for "opposing Allah's Sharia."
2017.01.22 Iraq Mosul 7 3 Seven civilians are dismantled by an ISIS shrapnel.
2017.01.22 Nigeria Gidan Waya 5 0 Five college students are ambushed and brutally murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2017.01.22 Egypt Sinai 5 0 Five people sitting in a taxi are machine-gunned point blank by Islamic extremists.
2017.01.22 Egypt Rafah 8 0 Eight family members are blown to bits in their own home by an Islamist shell.
2017.01.22 Iraq Taji 1 4 An ISIS bomb planted in a neighborhood kills one person.
2017.01.22 Iraq Baghdad 1 5 A bomb left outside a garage claims one civilian.
2017.01.22 Syria Alkhafsa 1 0 A man is forced to his knees and shot in the head for 'cursing Allah'.
2017.01.22 Iraq Kirkuk 7 0 Seven Iraqi civilians are lined up and run over with a backhoe…
2017.01.21 Afghanistan Dashti Archi 4 0 Four people are left dead following a suicide attack.
2017.01.21 Pakistan Parachinar 25 87 Two children are among twenty-five innocents reduced to pulp at a market by bombers striving for a Sharia state.
2017.01.21 Syria Rukban 4 3 Radicals set off a car bomb at a camp for displaced persons, killing four.
2017.01.21 Niger Geskerou 2 7 Boko Haram stage a cross-border raid that leaves two guards dead.
2017.01.21 Iraq Rashidiya 13 0 Thirteen civilians are executed by the Islamic State after being used as human shields.
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