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Jihad Report
Jul 08, 2017 -
Jul 14, 2017

Attacks 37
Killed 207
Injured 196
Suicide Blasts 8
Countries 15

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
June, 2017

Attacks 164
Killed 1176
Injured 1382
Suicide Blasts 34
Countries 30
List of Attacks

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The Quran

List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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than live on my knees."
Stephane Charbonnier

List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 131 Islamic attacks in 20 countries, in which 981 people were killed and 1015 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2017.07.20 Kenya Kiunga 2 0 Two innocents are shot at cose range by al-Shabaab members.
2017.07.20 Thailand Bacho 1 1 Militant Muslims hurl pipe bombs at police, killing one.
2017.07.20 Afghanistan Shah Walikot 16 7 A Taliban attack leaves sixteen others dead.
2017.07.20 Iraq Baaj 3 0 A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three Iraqis.
2017.07.20 Afghanistan Gereshk 6 5 A wave of suicide bombers take out a half-dozen cops.
2017.07.19 Afghanistan Chaparhar 0 1 A 10-year-old girl loses both her legs to a Taliban IED.
2017.07.19 Pakistan Mastung 5 1 A woman is among four Hazara minorities gunned down along with their driver in a targeted attack.
2017.07.19 Iraq Mosul 3 2 Three Iraqis are killed by a suicide bomber.
2017.07.19 Egypt Sinai 8 4 Eight civilians are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers.
2017.07.19 Iraq Mosul 8 5 Islamists booby-trap two houses, netting eight residents.
2017.07.18 Afghanistan Zabul 8 7 Sunni hardliners attack a checkpoint and murder eight officers.
2017.07.18 Iraq Chragh 5 0 A rival cleric is among a group of civilians shot to death in their village by Islamic State members.
2017.07.18 Syria Hasakeh 4 0 Four Kurds are brought down by a suicide bomber.
2017.07.17 Iraq Jalawa 1 2 Islamists kill a woman and kidnap her two sons.
2017.07.17 Yemen Shabwa 8 3 A suicide bomber lays out eight locals.
2017.07.17 Pakistan Hayatabad 2 4 A suicide bomber kills two local security personnel.
2017.07.17 Nigeria Maiduguri 8 13 A female suicide bomber rushes into a crowd of worshippers at a rival mosque and detonates, killing eight.
2017.07.17 Egypt al-Arish 5 11 Jihadists kill five security personnel in two terror attacks.
2017.07.17 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 5 Two others are killed by two suicide bombers.
2017.07.17 Afghanistan Ahmad Abad 3 0 Three border guards are shot in cold blood by Sunni fundamentalists.
2017.07.16 Yemen Shabwa 5 3 Five local soldiers guarding a pipeline are raked with automatic weapons fire by al-Qaeda.
2017.07.16 Egypt Alexandria 0 1 An attempted stabbing spree at a church is thwarted by a guard, who is injured in the process.
2017.07.16 Iraq Hawija 1 0 A female doctor is stabbed to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2017.07.16 Iraq Baghdad 1 7 Mujahideen take out a civilian with a car bomb.
2017.07.15 Thailand Pattani 0 7 Three women and a 4-year-old boy are among the casualties of a targeted shooting attack against Buddhists.
2017.07.15 Nigeria Muna Delti 1 1 A 12-year-old boy is killed after Boko Haram straps a bomb to him.
2017.07.15 Afghanistan Qalat 4 1 Sunni hardliners open fire on a group of policemen, killing four.
2017.07.15 Syria Dara'a 1 0 A man is shot in the head for 'blasphemy'.
2017.07.14 Israel Jerusalem 2 1 Two police officers are gunned down in cold blood by three terrorists near a Jewish holy site.
2017.07.14 Egypt Giza 5 0 Five police sitting in their car are machine-gunned point-blank by religious radicals.
2017.07.14 Egypt Hurghada 2 4 Two German women are stabbed to death at their hotel in a targeted attack by a suspected fundamentalist.
2017.07.14 Kenya Lamu 3 0 Three young men are murdered after being kidnapped by al-Shabaab.
2017.07.13 Saudi Arabia Qatif 1 1 A border guard is slain by Shiite radicals.
2017.07.13 Afghanistan Shahjoi 2 2 Two children are disassembled in their home by a Taliban rocket.
2017.07.13 Syria Azaz 4 7 Four people succumb following a car bombing outside a school.
2017.07.13 Iraq Garma 17 9 A suicide bomber takes out seventeen bystanders at a security headquarters.
2017.07.13 Philippines Barangay 1 0 Another Vietnamese sailor is found shot to death by Abu Sayyaf captors.
2017.07.13 Cameroon Waza 15 42 A baby is among fifteen villagers slaughtered by two female suicide bombers.
2017.07.13 Pakistan Quetta 4 0 A Taliban faction sprays four local cops with automatic weapons fire.
2017.07.13 Kenya Milihoi 3 2 al-Shabaab shoot three people dead.
2017.07.13 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four Iraqis are sent to Allah by five suicide bombers.
2017.07.12 Philippines Marawi 6 0 Six more victims of Islamist execution are discovered.
2017.07.12 Somalia Mogadishu 5 8 Women and children are among the casualties of a suicide truck bombing.
2017.07.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 12 4 Suicide bombers slaughter a dozen others.
2017.07.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 7 19 A suicide bomber murders seven civilians gathered to mourn the victims of an earlier bombing.
2017.07.12 Syria Idlib 12 12 A suicide bombing at a textile factory claims a dozen lives.
2017.07.11 Iraq Khalis 1 1 A civilian is taken out by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2017.07.11 Afghanistan Farah 7 9 Militant Sunnis force seven passengers off a bus and shoot them point-blank.
2017.07.11 Nigeria Lake Chad 8 0 Eight villagers are forced to the ground and executed for defying Sharia.
2017.07.10 Afghanistan Ali Shing 2 7 Women and children are among the casualties of a Taliban attack.
2017.07.10 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A former teacher is shot to death by suspected 'insurgents'.
2017.07.10 Pakistan Tegha 3 4 A bomb planted by the Tehreek-e-Taliban kills three security personnel.
2017.07.10 Iraq Tal Afar 7 0 Seven children are executed and hung from lamp posts by the Islamic State.
2017.07.10 Pakistan Chaman 3 11 Three people bleed to death following a suicide bomb blast.
2017.07.10 Pakistan Haji Soomro 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is honor killed by her father for marrying by choice.
2017.07.10 India Anantnag 8 19 Eight Hindu pilgrims, including six women, are massacred by heavily-armed Muslim terrorists.
2017.07.10 Iraq Hawija 3 3 Islamic bombers target fleeing families, killing three members of one.
2017.07.09 Somalia Halgan 2 3 Islamists overrun a village and kill two guards.
2017.07.09 Iraq Hawija 32 4 Thirty-two civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2017.07.09 Iraq Marir 3 7 Three civilians are obliterated by an ISIS projectile.
2017.07.09 Syria Qantarah 1 4 One resident is killed when Jihadis fire a rocket into a neighborhood.
2017.07.09 Mali Menaka 8 0 Eight local soldiers are captured and then killed in captivity by Jihadists.
2017.07.08 Egypt Sinai 2 9 Two Egyptians are killed by Islamic bombers.
2017.07.08 Pakistan Pekha 1 4 A pro-Sharia group is thought responsible for a blast that kills a tribal elder.
2017.07.08 Kenya Poromoko 9 0 Thirteen Christians are beheaded after being unable to recite Islamic dogma.
2017.07.07 Iraq Mosul 2 0 The Islamic State trap and kill two TV journalists.
2017.07.07 Iraq Hawija 1 0 A man is burned alive by the Islamic State.
2017.07.07 Egypt Qalyoubiya 1 0 The Hasm militant group shoots a man on his way to a mosque.
2017.07.07 Egypt el-Barth 23 33 Islamic militants stage a brutal assault on a checkpoint that beings with a suicide blast and leaves two dozen dead.
2017.07.06 Syria Hama 3 9 Three people at a bus stop are sent to their final destination by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.07.06 Saudi Arabia Qatif 1 6 Shiite extremists kill a local cop with an explosive device.
2017.07.06 Somalia Galkayo 1 0 An Islamist group is thought responsible for a car bomb blast that kills a businessman.
2017.07.06 India Basirhat 1 0 A 65-year-old Hindu is stabbed to death during a Muslim riot over an 'offensive' Facebook post.
2017.07.06 Thailand La Nga 1 0 A young man is gunned down at a market by terrorists.
2017.07.06 Thailand Mayo 2 0 Two villagers are shot to death by militant Muslims.
2017.07.05 Afghanistan Haji Abad 3 9 Religious extremists attack a rival mosque and murder three people.
2017.07.05 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 A well-placed Taliban rocket exterminates a woman and child.
2017.07.05 Niger Midal 5 0 Jihadists ambush and kill five local soldiers.
2017.07.05 Philippines Sumisip 2 0 An Abu Sayyaf-linked group beheads two Vietnamese hostages.
2017.07.05 Kenya Pandanguo 3 0 al-Shabaab members raid a town and kill three guards.
2017.07.04 Egypt al-Arish 3 10 Fundamentalists kill three local police with a planted bomb.
2017.07.04 Saudi Arabia Qatif 1 3 Shiite radicals are suspected in the murder of a local cop.
2017.07.04 Somalia Mogadishu 2 0 Two guards are killed when al-Shabaab lob mortars at a government residence.
2017.07.04 Iraq Tal Afar 200 0 Women and children are among 200 ethnic minorities summarily executed by the Islamic State.
2017.07.04 India Karnataka 1 0 A Hindu activist is stabbed to death by angry Muslims.
2017.07.03 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 A male model is stabbed and tortured to death after ignoring warnings to dress more conservatively.
2017.07.03 Iraq Hawija 3 2 Three members of a family trying to flee the caliphate are blown to bits by ISIS bombers.
2017.07.03 Afghanistan Kabul 1 1 Sunni extremists are suspected in a bomb attack that leaves one dead.
2017.07.03 Afghanistan Khakrez 4 1 Two women are among four civilians torn apart by a Taliban explosive.
2017.07.03 Cameroon Homaka 4 10 Four people are ripped to shreds by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.07.03 Iraq Zanjili 74 0 The bodies of 74 men, women and children, shot to death by the Islamic State, are discovered in the street.
2017.07.03 Iraq Mosul 1 3 Two female suicide bombers manage to take out one other person.
2017.07.03 Iraq Hawija 12 0 A family of four is among a dozen people forced into cages and burned alive by the Islamic State.
2017.07.02 Niger Ngalewa 9 30 Islamists swoop in on camels and massacre nine villagers.
2017.07.02 Afghanistan Qala-e-New 2 0 A man shoots his teen daughter and her friend for eloping, then joins the Taliban.
2017.07.02 Iraq Tal Afar 1 0 A man is burned alive by the Islamic State for mourning another person's death.
2017.07.02 Iraq Vefa 16 20 Sixteen women and children at a refugee camp are massacred by a Shahid suicide bomber hiding beneath a burka.
2017.07.02 Syria Deir Ezzor 2 4 Two civilians are aerated by ISIS shrapnel.
2017.07.02 Afghanistan Chemtal 13 0 Fundamentalists storm a rival mosque and shoot thirteen worshippers to death.
2017.07.02 Syria Damascus 18 20 A Sunday morning suicide car bomber sends eighteen souls to Allah.
2017.07.02 Iraq Mosul 3 9 A 12-year-old girl is strapped with a suicide bomb and sent to kill three others.
2017.07.02 Egypt Tala 1 0 Jihadis slit the throat of a Christian doctor at his clinic.
2017.07.02 Egypt Heliopolis 1 0 A 55-year-old Coptic jeweler is shot to death in his home by religious extremists.
2017.07.01 Pakistan Tirah Valley 3 0 Three security personnel are ambushed and killed by radical Sunnis.
2017.07.01 Pakistan Kalu Khan 1 0 Terrorists gun down a polio immunization worker.
2017.07.01 India Dailgam 2 0 A woman is among two civilians killed when terrorists use them as a human shields.
2017.07.01 Cameroon Mora 1 2 Four females suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2017.07.01 Pakistan Aka Chel 4 0 Four people are blown to bits by Islamic militants.
2017.07.01 Syria Hadar 1 2 Jabhat al-Nusra members kill a civilian.
2017.07.01 Syria Adra 1 19 A woman is killed when Sunni terrorists fire on a prison.
2017.07.01 Syria Daraa 2 12 An Islamic group sends shells into a residential neighborhood, killing two civilians.
2017.07.01 Somalia Elasha 2 6 A woman is among two taken down by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2017.07.01 Iraq Mosul 28 0 Thirteen children are among two dozen civilians cut down by gunfire for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2017.06.30 Afghanistan Aqbalaq 10 0 Ten 'heretics' are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2017.06.30 Somalia Galkayo 2 0 Islamists are suspected of shooting two security officials to death.
2017.06.30 Indonesia Jakarta 0 2 Two police officers are stabbed outside a mosque in a religiously-motivated attack.
2017.06.30 Cameroon Kerawa 1 0 Two female suicide bombers detonate at a rival mosque, killing a worshipper.
2017.06.30 Syria Arsal 1 7 A young girl bleeds out from injuries caused by a Fedayeen suicide bomb attack on a refugee camp.
2017.06.30 Afghanistan Sheb Koh 6 0 Religious fundamentalists murder six local cops.
2017.06.30 Afghanistan Achin 7 5 Two woman and two children are among seven civilians picked off by Islamic State bombers.
2017.06.30 Iraq al-Walid 10 40 An ISIS attack on a group of border guards leaves ten dead.
2017.06.30 Austria Linz 2 0 A 'radicalized' Muslim slits the throats of an elderly couple in their home.
2017.06.29 Niger Kabalewa 2 11 Two young refugees are killed in their own camp by Shahid suicide bombers.
2017.06.29 Nigeria Kangarwa 4 0 Boko Haram kill four Nigerians with a roadside bomb.
2017.06.28 Iraq Mosul 5 0 An ISIS car bomb lays out five Iraqis.
2017.06.28 Afghanistan Badakhshan 2 0 Two sisters are brutally shot to death by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2017.06.28 Yemen Qatn 3 0 Three local security personnel are murdered by al-Qaeda.
2017.06.28 Philippines Marawi 17 0 Seventeen more villagers are found murdered by Islamic militants, including five who were beheaded.
2017.06.28 Iraq Dolab 2 0 Two children are strapped with bombs and sent into a wedding.
2017.06.27 Afghanistan Zabul 2 0 Two police officers are ambushed and killed by the Taliban.
2017.06.27 Kenya Lamu 8 17 Four children are among eight people laid out by an al-Shabaab IED.
2017.06.27 Pakistan Kaday 1 0 A 12-year-old girl is honor killed by her family.
2017.06.26 Afghanistan Alisher Tirazai 1 0 Fundamentalists are suspected of gunning down a tribal elder at a mosque.
2017.06.25 Iraq Alam 14 0 Fourteen women and children are found gunned down by caliphate members for trying to flee.
2017.06.25 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 0 One other person is killed when a Shahid suicide bomber explodes at a university.
2017.06.25 Nigeria Zannari 8 13 Four female suicide bombers lay out eight innocents.
2017.06.25 Syria al-Dana 10 30 Terrorists set off a car bomb at a market, bringing down ten patrons.
2017.06.25 Pakistan Speenmark 6 2 Six young children are killed, and two others badly maimed, by a 'toy' bomb.
2017.06.25 Iraq Hawija 7 0 Seven civilians are slaughtered by the Islamic State and then cut into small pieces.
2017.06.25 Indonesia Medan 1 1 A policemen on a rest break is stabbed to death by religious extremists yelling praises to Allah.
2017.06.24 Saudi Arabia Mecca 0 11 A suicide bomber targets the Grand Mosque.
2017.06.24 India Srinagar 1 1 A Lashkar-e-Toiba attack leaves one dead.
2017.06.24 Iraq Himreen 10 6 Ten women and children are disassembled by a targeted Islamic State bomb blast.
2017.06.24 Iraq Mosul 3 9 Shoppers at an arcade are blown to bits by two suicide bombers.
2017.06.24 Afghanistan Salma Dam 10 4 Ten guards at a dam are machine-gunned point-blank during a surprise Taliban attack.
2017.06.24 Iraq Qaratapa 2 0 ISIS shrapnel claims the lives of two women.
2017.06.24 Egypt Minya 1 0 A Christian artist is beheaded by Religion of Peace advocates.
2017.06.23 Thailand Narathiwat 0 14 A 4-year-old girl is among the casualties of a Muslim cylinder bomb.
2017.06.23 Syria al-Dana 2 0 Two people are wasted by a Sunni explosive.
2017.06.23 Syria Aleppo 4 12 Sunni militants send rockets into a residential area, pulverizing four civilians.
2017.06.23 Iraq Mosul 4 9 Suicide bombers attack a mosque, killing four.
2017.06.23 Iraq Mosul 10 40 Ten people are reportedly killed when an ISIS rocket hits a rocket.
2017.06.23 Pakistan Quetta 12 16 A dozen people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.06.23 Iraq Mosul 13 20 A suicide bomber detonates amidst a group of families fleeing the caliphate, killing at least a dozen.
2017.06.23 Pakistan Tal Adda 72 261 A vicious double-bombing in a Shiite shopping district by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims over seventy shoppers and first responders.
2017.06.23 Pakistan Karachi 4 1 Terrorists gun down four off-duty cops at a restaurant.
2017.06.23 Kenya Elwak 3 3 Three people at a bank are murdered by Islamic extremists.
2017.06.23 Iraq al-Baghdadi 6 4 Four women and a child are among six civilians blown away by four suicide bombers.
2017.06.22 Iraq Baghdad 2 4 Caliphate car bombers take down two Iraqis.
2017.06.22 India Krishna Ghati 2 0 Two border guards are killed during an infiltration attempt by Muslim terrorists.
2017.06.22 Somalia Mogadishu 8 4 Eight bystanders are reduced to pulp when a Shahid suicide car bomber rams a police station.
2017.06.22 Afghanistan Lashkargah 29 60 A suicide car bomb outside a bank lays out thirty customers.
2017.06.22 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A religious cleric is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2017.06.22 Iraq Mosul 5 0 A bomb targeting displaced persons kills five.
2017.06.21 Cameroon Kolofata 8 6 Eight civilians are torn to shreds by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.06.21 Nigeria Abari-Dalwa 2 6 A truck driver is among two people shot to death by Boko Haram.
2017.06.21 Syria Deir Ezzor 2 8 Two civilians succumb to ISIS shrapnel.
2017.06.21 Nigeria Madagali 2 0 Islamists strap bombs to two teenage girls.
2017.06.21 USA Flint, MI 0 1 A police officer at an airport is stabbed in the neck by a man shouting praises to Allah.
2017.06.21 Afghanistan Baraki 2 2 Islamic militants open fire inside a mosque, killing two officials.
2017.06.21 Pakistan Nawabshah 1 1 A young woman is gunned down by her conservative family over suspicion of sex.
2017.06.20 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 54-year-old teacher is gunned down by radicals for supporting the peace process.
2017.06.20 Somalia Mogadishu 15 20 A Shahid suicide car bomber posing as a milk delivery man claims fifteen lives.
2017.06.20 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 3 Terrorists kill a judge with a magnetic bomb.
2017.06.20 Belgium Brussels 0 0 A suicide nail bomber attempts to aerate passengers at a train station.
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