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A Warning to the West from the Heart of Islam
Tiny Minority of Radicals? Try 72%
Islam Co-Opts Judeo-Christian Values
Islamic Slavery; Islamic Denial
A Word to Offended Muslims
Why Islam is Not a Religion
Islam's Indian Slave Trade
Islam's Rule of Numbers
Ten Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

What a Real Feminist
Looks Like (~2:22 mark)

"Brother, you can believe in stones, so long as you don't throw them at me..."
Wafa Sultan on al-Jazeera

Fundamentalist Fashion Show

I’d rather die standing up
 than live on my knees
Stephane Charbonnier


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Picture of the Week

Islam vs. Civilization
Religion of Peace activists in Mosul thoroughly destroy
priceless artifacts dating from the 9th century BC.

Islam's Latest Contributions to Peace "Mohammed is God's apostle.  Those who follow him are harsh
 to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"
  Quran 48:29

2015.03.02 (Baga, Nigeria) - Two men are beheaded on video by radical Islamists.
2015.03.02 (Jalalabad, Afghanistan) - Two children are pulled into pieces by Holy Warrior bombers.
2015.03.01 (Aswan, Egypt) - Islamists kill two people in a tourist town with a planted bomb.
2015.02.27 (Mainok, Nigeria) - Islamist gunmen walk into a market and shoot fourteen traders to death.
2015.02.27 (Nangarhar, Afghanistan) - Two children are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.26 (Jos, Nigeria) - A dozen students are among seventeen innocents shredded by Islamist bombers at a bus station.

* Sources for individual incidents can be provided upon request.


Articles & Commentary

The ISIS Beheader is the Victim?  (Daniel Greenfield)
The unmasking of a terrorist and the reaction of his former "human rights" associates is highly revealing.

The Unveiling of Jihadi John and His Apologists  (Molschky)
"Islam in its undiluted form is supremacist in nature, incompatible with any other manmade political or social systems, and is especially unwilling to integrate within their host Western liberal, secular societies."

The Great 5:32 Canard  (American Thinker)
The Quran likens taking a life to 'killing all of humanity' . . . kind of. . . not really.

How Upset are Muslims by ISIS?  (Islam Watch)
You can tell a lot about a people's true interests by what they turn out to protest - and what they don't.

Israel and the US: Two 'Unclean Dogs'  (Andrew Bostom)
America has good reason to share Israel's concern about Iran.

First They Came for the Jews  (FrontPage Magazine)
(Video) Obama's ability to determine who is and isn't a Muslim is somewhat in question given his inability to recognize Jews and Christians.

Educating Non-Muslims  (Citizen Warrior)
An solid collection of resources to assist non-Muslims help others understand that Islam is different.

ISIS Sets Sights on the Mediterranean  (Gatestone)
The Islamic State is on Europe's doorstep.

Avijit Roy  (Martha van der Pol)
This is an article from the atheist blogger who was hacked to death. It starts out slowly, but eventually delves into the sort of rational questions about Islam which got him killed, including the rule on prayer and rotation of the earth.

Jihadi John and the British Muslim  (Snouts in the Trough)
If Muslims are moving to Britain to embrace British values, then why do twice as many join the Islamic State than the country's armed forces?

Anti-Semitism Grows with Muslim Population  (Molschky)
"Where there is a high concentration of Muslims, there is more violence against Jews."

The Media and the 'Prophet'  (Islam Watch)
Western journalists are increasingly referring to Muhammad as a 'prophet' and the Quran as 'holy' as if these are facts.

Mullah Krekar on Islam and Punishment  (Live Leak)
(Video) The Norwegian government portrays him as a crackpot, but the Mullah - whom they will not deport - seems quite rational and straightforward.

I am Charlie (Brown)  (FrontPage Magazine)
The West keeps placing its faith in appeasement and Muslim immigration despite a glaring track record of failure.

MI5 Didn't Make Jihadi John  (Spectator)
"In truth, the apologists practice inverted bigotry by promoting a view of Muslims as so child-like, so suggestible that they can be propelled into bloodlust and bomb-making by the merest slight or hint of harassment."

Europe Without Jews?  (Gatestone)
"In Europe today, slandering Israel is widely conveyed by European Muslims, and if a political leader or journalist does not agree with what they say, he must be a racist."

Good News, Beheaded Christians  (Truth Revolt)
(Video) 'Supersmart' Obama sets down the selphie stick and golf clubs long enough to lecture potential victims about religion and history.

Signed with Blood  (Mark Durie)
Jihadis made the slaughter of 21 innocent Christians into a film which leaves little doubt that Islam has everything to do with it.

No, Britain is Not to Blame for Jihadi John  (Daily Mail)
The perpetual blame-shifting by the Muslim community is reaching ridiculous heights in Britain.

When Open Hearts Lead to Ruin  (Sweden Report)
Sweden is killing itself with immigration. Why?

The New Shiite Crescent  (FrontPage Magazine)
"The international community might succeed in defeating the Islamic State, but they will lose Iraq and other parts of the region to the Iranian-supported Shiite militias."

How Liberal Britain is Betraying Ex-Muslims  (Spectator)
Across the Muslim world today the tyrannical are triumphing over the tolerant. Now this is becoming true in the West as well.

Obama Summit Betrays Anti-Islamists  (Terek Fatah)
A moderate Muslim writer questions the strategy of lulling potential victims to sleep.

Americans 'Very Concerned'  (Molschky)
As in Europe, fewer people in the States are buying the spin.

When Man Becomes God  (Islam Watch)
"Muhammad shared powers with Allah, the Islamic divinity. Expressions like 'and obey Allah and obey the prophet' and 'whoever loves Allah, loves Muhammad' are known Islamic expressions."

Jews Who Embrace Their Enemies  (Daniel Greenfield)
"If you do not stand up for yourself, you only encourage your enemies to test how low you will crawl."

The Problem with 'Countering Violent Extremism'  (Greenfield)
The CVE summit actually makes the problem worse.

UK Muslim Population 26 Million by 2051?  (The Commentator)
This article opens with the line "No one but a fool engages in scare-mongering. But. . ."

What ISIS Really Wants  (The Atlantic)
"The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic."

Turkey's Culture of Horror  (Gatestone)
"Killing your daughter because she fell in love with a boy is also normal. Covering up such horrible crimes is fine, too. But a boy putting on an earring would be unacceptable."

Islam and Political Correctness  (Rhyme After Rhyme)
Probably the first poetry we've ever posted.

European Colonialism Modernized Islam  (Daniel Greenfield)
Did the Islamic world change much from the 7th century to the 19th?

Obama Doesn't Define Islam  (Andrew C. McCarthy)
A summit that reaches pre-determined conclusions is all show and no substance.


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Islam... so good that it just makes you want to holler.
(and maybe hurt someone).



The Religion of Peace is about helping children get ahead in life.


Most Popular Picture of the Week

In 2007 Islam and Judaism's holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.
Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94
terror attacks across 10
countries during this time... while Jews
worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.


Hate speech? Sounds like it to us, too... but, oddly enough, devout Muslims would have to disagree.

(Some people don't seem to understand the point that we're making here.  Try clicking on the link!)


Gay men being rounded up for "processing" in the Islamic world, where
homosexuals are
demonized, banned, beaten, probed, forced into marriage,
incarcerated, lashed, hanged, brutalized, stoned, thrown from roofs, tortured and shot


So, you think the Ku Klux Klan
and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
So do we, but...

Put the Numbers in Perspective

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 70 years. (

More civilians were killed by Muslim hijackers in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

Islamic extremists massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 than the number of American criminals executed in the last 40 years. (source, source)

Muslim fundamentalists kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials.

Sunni supremacists slaughtered more Yazidi minorities on August 14, 2014 than the number of black Americans lynched by White supremacists in the previous 100 years.
(source, source)


Muslim countries have lower rates of adultery.


Where Islam is "Misunderstood"

For some mysterious reason, the PERFECT religion of Islam
is routinely "misunderstood" each and every day. 
Since 9/11, terrorism in the name of Allah occurs in:

India and the Sudan and Algeria and New York and Pakistan and Israel and Russia and Chechnya and the Philippines and Indonesia and Nigeria and England and Thailand and Spain and Egypt and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Morocco and Yemen and Arkansas and France and Uzbekistan and Gaza and Tunisia and Kosovo and Bosnia and Mauritania and Kenya and Eritrea and Syria and Somalia and California and Kuwait and Virginia and Ethiopia and Georgia and Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Louisiana and Texas and Tanzania and Illinois and Pennsylvania and Belgium and Denmark and East Timor and Qatar and Maryland and Tajikistan and New Jersey and the Netherlands and Afghanistan and Chad and Oklahoma and Canada and Washington State and China and Nepal and the Maldives and Argentina and Mali and Angola and the Ukraine and Uganda and North Carolina and Germany and Arizona and Lebanon and Iran and Kazakhstan and Sweden and Azerbaijan and Iraq and Scotland and Macedonia and Bulgaria and Cameroon and Massachusetts and Djibouti and Australia and...

...and pretty much wherever Islam is taken seriously

"O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who
are near to you, and let them find harshness in you,
and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty"
 Qur'an, Sura 9:123


Arab Anti-Israel Newspaper: Netanyahu is Right about Iran...
Iran Executed 400 Drug Users in 2014...
400 Girls in Oxfordshire Sexually Exploited by Muslim Gang...
Saudi Arabia Says 'No' to Sports for Girls...
Hamas Admits to Rebuilding Rocket Arsenal to Attack Israel...
Wife Stabbed 15 Times for Wanting to Learn English...
ISIS Allows Foosball Only with Decapitated Figures...
US: 180 Have Joined Jihad in Syria, 40 Have Returned...
US State Dept. Tweets Cleric's 'Zionist Conspiracy' Speech...
Ayatollah: Global Anti-Israel Sentiment a 'Divine' Sign...
ISIS Promises 'Great Reward' for Murder of Tennessee Professor
Teachers Ordered to Repent for Using 'Infidel' Textbooks...
ISIS Lures Women with Jihadi Hotties...
Iran Bans Baha'i from Receiving Education...
Saudi Arabia Gives Top Prize to 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist
Osama's Speeches Inspired Woman to Stab American Kindergarten Teacher to Death...
ISIS Promises Recruits 'White Virgins'...
Thai Fishermen Freed After 5 Years of Somali Captivity...
Mother of ISIS Kidnap Victim Told She Had Been Fed Son's Body...
Christians Told to Leave Iran After Raids on Homes...
US: Hezbollah Flag Raised at Anti-Israel Rally in DC...
Islamists Vowed to Kill American Blogger in Bangladesh...
Jihadi John's Father Fled to London After Helping Saddam
Islamists Threaten Family of Victoria's Cross Awardee...
26 Female College Students Kidnapped by Caliphate...
Airplane Bomb Discovered via Use of Torture in Interrogation
SNL Takes Heat for 'ISIS' Sketch
Pro-Palestinian Groups in Europe Tied to ISIS...
Third Group Joins Afghani Islamist Infighting...
Gay MP in Trouble for Wishing Jihadi John Had Killed Himself
Liberal Blogger Could Face Death Penalty...
13-Year-Old Detained by Police for 'Insulting' Erodgan on FB...
American Convert Inspired Deadly Attack on KFC...
Malay Non-Muslims Warned to be 'Polite' When Rejecting Qurans
Finnish Public Radio to Openly Promote Islamic Propaganda...
Fewer Saudi Women Settle for Saudi Men...
AUS Lawmaker Ordered to Facilitate Sharia or Lose Head...
Danish Muslim Shows Solidarity with Killer: 'Je Suis Omar
ISIS Pays Parents to Let Them Radicalize Kids with Quran...
Britain Monitoring 3000 Potential Terrorists...
Islamist Group Claims Murder of American Atheist...
Chant of 'Allah Akbar' Terrifies Iraqis...
Islamic Charities Urged to Stop Supporting Terrorists...
Germany: Difficult to Monitor 200 Returned Jihadis...
UK Sees 500 Cases of Genital Mutilation in One Month...
Twitter Suspends Account for Anti-FGM Tweet...
Jihadi John Prayed at Same Mosque as Rigby Killers...
Taxi Cab Rapist Demands Fare from Victim...
Caliphate Vows to Destroy All Churches in Cairo...
Minnesota Welfare Budget 'Stressed' by Muslim Influx...
UK Judge Tosses Trial Because Muslim Chose to Swear Oath on Bible Instead of Quran...
NYC Muslims Quick to Portray Themselves as Victims...
Another Gay Man Thrown from Building...
Canadian Teens Join Terrorists in Syria...
Canada: 'Anti-Islamophobia' Professor Linked to Extremism
Brave Imam Denounces Islamic State - from Mosul...
Kurds Laud Australian Who Died Fighting ISIS...
Columnist: Muslims Trump All on the 'Victim Value Index'...
Supermarket Killer Asked Victims if They Were Jewish...
ISIS Inspires Beheading by Teens in Japan...
Executions Soar Under Iran's 'Moderate' President...
Norwegian Cleric 'Pleased' By Paris Attacks...
Muslim 'Rights' Group Defends Jihadi John...
(UK) Speaker at Muslim 'Human Rights' Org Urged Jihad...
NJ Hate Crime Hoaxer Found Guilty of Killing Wife...
Paris Gunman: 'You Know Why I'm Here - Allah Akbar!'...
Jihadi John Became a 'More Observant' Muslim...
'Allah' Graffiti in Malta: 'Death to Christians'...
Afghan Girl Protests Harassment with 'Suit of Armor'...
'Death to Christians and Jews' Cleric to Speak at Dutch Charity
Christian Hostages Executed, Woman Beheaded...
Atheist Blogger Hacked to Death
Reuters Pakistan Chief May Have Been Murdered...
'Jihadi John' From 'Normal Muslim Family'...
Caliphate Destroys Ancient Statues...
Israel Pays Palestinians Twice as Much...
Bali Bomber Walks Free...
Berlin Cleric Prays for Jews to be Put to Death...
49% of British Muslims Support Clerics Preaching Violence...
Jihadi John Named: Arab Immigrant to Britain...
Bin Laden Praised Allah in Letters to Chiefs...
Free Buffet Offered to Attract Haters to Temple Mount...
Hungry Boko Haram Begin to Eat Each Other...
Man Marries 15-Year-Old - in Australia...
Video of Gang Rape Goes Viral in Pakistan...
30 Religious Minorities Abducted in Afghanistan...
US House Intelligence Member Has 'Associations' with Muslim Brotherhood
ISIS Threatens to Kill 150 Christian Hostages...
Obama Administration Imports 300,000 Muslims in Three Years
Brooklyn: Resident Muslims Charged with Supporting ISIS...
US Makes Marine Pay for Urinating on Dead Taliban...
'Only' 1 in 4 UK Muslims Openly Support Cartoon Violence...
Ride in Mortuary Van Awaits Malay Muslims Who Skip Prayer
Rome Mobilizes as Islamic State Now 300 Miles from Italy...
CAIR Declares Bomb Threat BY Muslim to Be 'Islamophobia'...
4-Year-Old Forced to Watch Electrocution of Sister...
Islamic School Principal Molests 2 Students - Blames Demon...
Egypt Cleric Rants Against Christians Post-Slaughter...
Obama 'Deal' Allows Iran to Have 6500 Centrifuges...
CAIR Bristles as Lawmaker Calls Kayla Killers 'Savages'...
'Miss Turkey' Faces Prison for 'Insulting' Erdogan...
Alcohol-Shunning Sunni Rapes Young British Girls...
Tunnel Found Near Pan-Am Games Site in Toronto...
Muslim Student Reenacts Torture Scene from '50 Shades'...
Terrorists in India Include 2 PhDs, 8 Post-Grads...
90 Christian Women and Children Abducted...
Children Imitate Beheadings on Video...
UK: Hundreds of Girls Propose Marriage to ISIS Jihadis...
US Court Orders Palestinians to Pay $655 Million for Deaths...
Iraq Puts Number of IS Terrorists at 100,000...
800-Year-Old Church Turned into Torture Chamber...
Sweden Discovers National Job Agency Recruiting for ISIS...
Prayers that Australian PM's Daughter Will Die...
Libya: 'Limited Intervention' Means Temporary Victory...
'Disco Tent' Rocking, Moral Cops Come Knocking...
France Records 371 Attacks on Soldiers Guarding Jews...
Father: Kayla's Fate Sealed by Bergdahl Swap...
Saudi Sentenced to Death for Ripping Quran...
Egyptians Used as Slave Labor by ISIS - Branded...
13 Iraqi Women Kidnapped for Refusing Sex with IS Members
AFP: Israel Floods Gaza (with Non-Existent Dam)...
Fake Dam Story Picked Up by Daily Mail...
Video Shows Syrian Refugees Tortured in Libya...
Mosque Blocks Kindergarten over Fear of Female Teachers...
Oslo 'Ring of Peace' Can't Pull Enough Muslims to Form Ring...
43 Burned Alive by Religion of Peace in Mosul...
Child Killed Outside Hindu Temple...
ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books...
Charlie Hebdo Memorial Vandalized Four Times...
Iran Keeps Christian Convert in Prison for Three Years...
AUS Grand Mufti Defends Islamic Extremist Group...
Saudi Men Dance to Music - Religious Cops Move In...
Swedish TV's 'Islamophobia' Expert Leaves to Join ISIS...
UK Anti-Terror Chief Quits over Inability to Deport...
Australia Ignored 18 Warning Calls about Cafe Killer...
Arab Children Harass Jewish Visitors to Temple Mount...
ISIS Vows to Throw Gays from Leaning Tower of 'Pizza'...
Captured Kurds Paraded in Cages...
White House Excluded Reformist Muslims from Summit...
Summit Included Russia's Secret Police Chief - Not Ex-CIA Director
al-Shabaab Calls for Attack on Western Shopping Malls...
Mall Threat: US Bringing in 800 Somalis a Month...
Indonesia Cracks Down on Condom Sales...
UK: Two Jailed for Horrific Rape of Polish Teen Tourist...
Turkey: Men Don Miniskirts to Protest for Women's Rights...
Police Investigate Principal Who Instructed Miniskirt Harassment
28 Hindu Families Kept Captive
Qatar Slams Egypt for Fighting Terrorists...
ISIS Complains that Syrians Don't Understand Islam...
Italians Mock ISIS with Travel Tips for Rome...
Woman Arrested over 'Sexy Eyes'...
Sudan Forcibly Seizes Church...
Future Caliph Struggled to Graduate High School...
Comedian Arrested for Erdogan Joke...
Hate Crime Fizzle in Texas - Muslim Behind Threats to Mosque...
IS Executes 72 Syrians in 50 Days
Iran Executes 30 People in 4 Days
Better to Dress as Imam in Milan than Jew in Paris?...
Hundreds Attend Funeral for Danish Killer...
'Almost All' Australian Jihadis were on the Dole...
Danish Girl Attacked by Muslims while Walking Dog...
UK Convert Hoped to Kill 'Every Gay, Every Shia'...
ISIS Burns Musical Instruments
UK: Would-Be Beheader 'Radical-ized' by Anjem Choudary...
Turkish MP Argues Soap Operas Increase Rape...
Italy Braces for '9/11' - Jihadis Have 11 Jetliners...
FGM on the Rise in Malaysia...
Teacher Calls for 'Harassment Teams' Against Miniskirts...
Islamist Mob Beats Prisoners to Death...
New Jersey Imam Accused of Stealing Mosque Funds...
Danish Imam Called for 'War Against Jews' on Eve of Attack
Three of Chicago Imam's Sex Victims were Children...
ISIS Shoots at Woman in Labor For Leaving House to Deliver...
ISIS Threatens to Send 500,000 Illegals to Europe...
Florida Church Vandalized with 'Allah Akbar' Graffiti...
Kyrgyz Imam Urges Followers to Join Islamic State...
(UK) Muslim Brotherhood Helps Cheater Repay Stolen Funds...
London Islamic 'Education' Charity Teaches Hate...
US State Dept. Gets Jobs for Jihadis 'Applications'...
Columnist: Japanese Internment Like Armenian Genocide...
Canadian Bomb Maker: 'We're Going to Die for Islam'...
Israel Treats Assad's Syrian Victims...




List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2015.03.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 2 Two children are pulled into pieces by Holy Warrior bombers.
2015.03.02 Nigeria Baga 2 0 Two men are beheaded on video by radical Islamists.
2015.03.01 Egypt Aswan 2 5 Islamists kill two people in a tourist town with a planted bomb.
2015.02.27 Nigeria Mainok 14 24 Islamist gunmen walk into a market and shoot fourteen traders to death.
2015.02.27 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 13 Two children are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.26 Nigeria Biu 19 17 Nineteen people, including several women, are reduced to pulp by a suicide bomber at a market.
2015.02.26 Niger Zaourararm 2 0 Two villagers on a horse-driven car are taken out by Boko Haram bombers.
2015.02.26 Nigeria Jos 17 14 A dozen students are among seventeen innocents shredded by Islamist bombers at a bus station.
2015.02.26 Egypt Cairo 1 1 A person bleeds to death outside a pizzeria following a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2015.02.25 Nigeria Borno 100 0 Over one hundred villagers are massacred by Boko Haram in attacks on three villages.
2015.02.24 Iraq Jisr Diyala 25 50 A double bombing at a Shia neighborhood leaves over two dozen dead.
2015.02.24 Iraq Baghdad 3 8 A bombing at a restaurant leaves three dead.
2015.02.24 Iraq Mishada 4 12 A Jihadi car bomb claims four lives.
2015.02.24 Afghanistan Logar 20 8 Four Taliban suicide bombers slaughter twenty local police officers.
2015.02.24 Iraq Diyala 7 12 Seven Iraqis are pulled into pieces during two ISIS car bomb attacks.
2015.02.24 Nigeria Gonori 4 0 Four residents are murdered by activists fighting for Sharia.
2015.02.24 Nigeria Potiskum 17 53 Seventeen bus passengers are torn to shreds by a teenaged suicide bomber.
2015.02.24 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three lawyers are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.24 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Sunni leader is gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2015.02.24 Libya Tripoli 2 0 A female activist and her aunt are shot to death by suspected Islamists.
2015.02.24 Nigeria Kano 12 30 Two teen boys self-detonate at a bus park, incinerating a dozen innocents.
2015.02.23 Syria al-Hasakah 6 60 Six people are murdered during an ISIS attack on a Christian village, including one woman reportedly raped and killed.
2015.02.23 Syria Tel Goran 4 90 ISIS 'fighters' attack a series of Christian villages and kidnap ninety women and children.
2015.02.23 Iraq Muqdadiyah 1 0 A civilian is executed by the caliphate.
2015.02.23 Pakistan Chaman 1 9 The Taliban is blamed for killing an 8-year-old boy with a motorcycle bomb outside a Hindu temple.
2015.02.23 Syria Damascus 6 13 Twin suicide attacks on a Shia shrine claim the lives of six worshippers and guards.
2015.02.22 Israel Jerusalem 0 1 An ultra-Orthodox Jew is stabbed by a Palestinian.
2015.02.22 Iraq Youssfiyah 2 10 Jihadis bomb an outdoor market, killing two shoppers.
2015.02.22 Iraq Baghdad 2 6 A Mujahid car bomb blast in a commercial district leaves two dead.
2015.02.22 Iraq Tikrit 8 15 A Fedayeen suicide truck bomber sends eight souls to Allah.
2015.02.22 Nigeria Potiskum 5 48 A child suicide bomber murders seven patrons at an outdoor market.
2015.02.22 Iraq Baghdad 7 14 Muslim radicals set off a car bomb outside a row of car repair shops, killing seven innocents.
2015.02.21 Nigeria Gaya 23 0 Two dozen people are slaughtered by Boko Haram.
2015.02.21 Syria Aleppo 6 10 A Sunni group sends mortars into a neighborhood, killing six residents.
2015.02.21 Iraq al-Baghdadi 43 0 Forty-three moderate Sunnis are burned alive by the caliphate.
2015.02.21 Iraq Shirqat 4 0 Three woman are among four executed by the Islamic State for 'moral crime'.
2015.02.21 Syria Qardaha 4 0 At least four others are killed by a suicide bomber at a hospital.
2015.02.21 Iraq Baiji 1 0 An elderly woman is shot to death by religious extremists.
2015.02.20 Iraq al-Ghazlani 5 0 Five tribal elders are kidnapped, tortured and murdered by the caliphate.
2015.02.20 Nigeria Gatamarwa 10 0 Women are among ten people killed when Islamists attack a village.
2015.02.20 Thailand Narathiwat 0 13 Muslim 'insurgents' set off a car bomb outside a karaoke bar.
2015.02.20 Libya al-Qubah 47 80 Fifty people are blown to bits by three Islamic State suicide car bombs.
2015.02.20 Somalia Mogadishu 25 40 A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates twenty-five 'apostates' at a luxury hotel.
2015.02.20 Nigeria Ribadu 13 0 Boko Haram murder thirteen villagers and set their homes on fire.
2015.02.20 Niger Karamga 8 0 A surprise Boko Haram attack on an island community leaves eight others dead.
2015.02.19 India Karnataka 1 1 A Hindu man is hacked to death by members of an Islamist group.
2015.02.19 Nigeria Chibok 30 0 At least thirty are left dead when Boko Haram gunmen open up randomly on villagers.
2015.02.19 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A young political worker is murdered by religious extremists.
2015.02.19 Iraq Baghdad 2 0 A farmer and his wife die from splinter injuries after caliphate militants lob mortars into their home.
2015.02.19 Iraq al-Baghdadi 100 0 One-hundred tribesmen are publicly executed by ISIS.
2015.02.19 Iraq Baghdad 3 11 Three people at a cafe are taken out in mid-bite by Jihadi bombers.
2015.02.19 Niger Tourba Guida 3 3 Three people are murdered by a Boko Haram attack on a village.
2015.02.19 Syria Raqaa 3 0 Three prisoners are beaten to death by an angry mob of Islamists.
2015.02.19 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 6 10 Three civilians are among a half dozen people killed during by a Taliban suicide attack.
2015.02.19 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A journalist is executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.19 Iraq Ghazaliyah 2 8 Two people in a commercial district are reduced to pulp by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2015.02.18 Iraq Samarrah 6 16 Six Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.18 Egypt Cairo 1 0 A bomb planted by religious extremists kills a street cleaner.
2015.02.18 Pakistan Islamabad 4 6 A Jundullah suicide bomber detonates outside a Shiite mosque, killing four innocents.
2015.02.18 Pakistan Nazimabad 2 0 A prominent Shiite and his driver are murdered by sectarian rivals.
2015.02.18 Egypt Suez 1 1 One person is killed by Islamic radicals.
2015.02.18 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An elderly man is tied up and stoned to death after being accused of adultery.
2015.02.17 Nigeria Yamarkumi 36 20 Children are heavily represented in the three dozen innocents blown to bits by suicide bombers.
2015.02.17 Chad Dikwa 2 0 Two guards are killed during a cross-border raid by Boko Haram.
2015.02.17 Iraq Mosul 3 0 Three physicians are executed by the caliphate.
2015.02.17 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four people are put to death for 'witchcraft'.
2015.02.17 Iraq Camp Speicher 4 18 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2015.02.17 Iraq Mashad 15 0 Fifteen civilians are executed by the Islamic State, three of whom are burned alive.
2015.02.17 Iraq Qaim 8 0 Eight citizens are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.17 Tunisia Kasserine 4 0 al-Qaeda militants open fire on a police checkpoint, killing four officers.
2015.02.17 Pakistan Lahore 8 23 At least eight people are killed when a suicide bomber detonates outside a hotel.
2015.02.17 Iraq Fallujah 11 0 Eleven residents of the city are reportedly burned alive by ISIS.
2015.02.17 Pakistan Zhob 4 0 Four members of a polio vaccination team are kidnapped and murdered by the Taliban.
2015.02.17 Nigeria Hong 27 0 Over two dozen people in two villages are massacred by Boko Haram.
2015.02.17 Nigeria Potiskum 4 11 A Shahid suicide bomber blows himself up in a restaurant, killing the manager, a waiter and two customers.
2015.02.17 Iraq Baghdadi 45 0 Forty-five people are burned to death by the Islamic State.
2015.02.17 Iraq Baghdadi 27 0 Islamists capture and execute twenty-seven Iraqi policemen.
2015.02.17 Afghanistan Kabul 4 0 A bomb blast takes out all four members of a family.
2015.02.17 Nigeria Tamsu-Shehuri 12 0 A dozen people are gunned down by Sharia advocates.
2015.02.17 Afghanistan Logar 22 8 Two dozen local recruits are massacred by a suicide bomber at a dining hall.
2015.02.16 Iraq Mansouriya 1 3 An electrical worker is dismantled by a roadside bomb.
2015.02.16 Iraq Saladin 12 0 A dozen Kurds are ambushed and killed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.16 Syria Aleppo 9 20 Four children are among nine killed when Sunnis fire into a Shia-held neighborhood.
2015.02.16 Somalia Mogadishu 4 0 Four airport workers are machine-gunned at point-blank range by al-Shabaab.
2015.02.16 Afghanistan Kandahar 13 0 Thirteen local cops lose their lives to an ambush by armed Taliban fundamentalists.
2015.02.16 Cameroon Waza 4 10 Islamists slay four local soldiers.
2015.02.15 Iraq Udhaim 15 0 Fifteen defenders are killed during an ISIS attack on a dam.
2015.02.15 Iraq al-Baghdadi 3 0 Three policemen are kidnapped and executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.15 Iraq Hawija 15 0 Fifteen Kurds are captured and executed by ISIS.
2015.02.15 Pakistan Rawalpindi 1 1 A Sunni activist is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2015.02.15 Egypt Sheikh Zuweyid 0 2 Islamic militants stage two suicide car bombings on a police station.
2015.02.15 Denmark Copenhagen 1 2 A 37-year-old Jewish man guarding a synagogue is gunned down by a Muslim radical.
2015.02.15 Nigeria Damaturu 16 30 A teenaged girl blows herself up at a crowded bus station, taking at least sixteen bystanders with her.
2015.02.15 Egypt Benha 1 3 A policeman is picked off in a Muslim drive-by.
2015.02.14 Syria al-Bab 3 0 The caliphate publicly executes two men and crucifies another to a cheering crowd.
2015.02.14 Pakistan Shar Sadardin 1 0 A young woman is shot to death by her conservative brother on suspicion of sexual activity.
2015.02.14 Mali Mopti 2 3 Two local soldiers are left dead after a surprise attack by a suspected al-Qaeda linked group.
2015.02.14 Tanzania Tanga 1 5 A police officer is murdered by members of an al-Shabaab offshoot.
2015.02.14 Iraq Sadr City 9 0 A Shiite militia ambushes and brutally executes a Sunni leader, his son and seven others.
2015.02.14 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A 32-year-old Shiite is gunned down by Sunni radicals outside his photo shop.
2015.02.14 Denmark Copenhagen 1 3 A gunman praises Allah and fires into a cafe hosting a free speech event organized by a cartoonist critical of Islam, killing one participant.
2015.02.14 Pakistan Shalman 1 1 The driver for a polio vaccination team is murdered by fundamentalist gunmen.
2015.02.14 USA Detroit, MI 0 2 Two men are stabbed by a Muslim who first verified that they were unbelievers.
2015.02.14 Iraq Nineveh 2 0 Two physicians are executed by Islamic radicals.
2015.02.14 Libya Sirte 21 0 Twenty-one Christians are abducted by Islamists, forced to their knees and then beheaded.
2015.02.13 Egypt al-Minya 1 0 A Coptic youth is reportedly burned alive by Muslim miscreants.
2015.02.13 Iraq Rutba 1 0 A boy is executed for criticizing the Islamic State on Facebook.
2015.02.13 Iraq Samarrah 6 0 Two children and a woman are among a family of six disassembled by a Mujahid bomb.
2015.02.13 Iraq Qadisiya 7 0 An ISIS crew executes seven policemen.
2015.02.13 Iraq Qaim 9 0 Nine civilians are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.13 Egypt Cairo 1 8 A policeman is killed in a roadside bombing by Islamic extremists.
2015.02.13 Pakistan Peshawar 22 65 At least twenty worshippers are massacred by Jundallah gunmen with suicide vests at a Shiite mosque.
2015.02.13 Chad Ngouboua 10 0 Islamists row across a lake and murder ten villagers in a surprise attack.
2015.02.12 Yemen Baihan 8 0 Eight defenders are killed during an al-Qaeda attack which began with a suicide bombing.
2015.02.12 Nigeria Mbuta 9 0 Nine villagers are massacred by Boko Haram.
2015.02.12 Nigeria Akida 12 0 Twelve villagers are massacred by Boko Haram.
2015.02.12 Yemen Lahij 1 0 A pilot is shot to death by al-Qaeda.
2015.02.12 Pakistan Maldilan 2 2 A bomb shaped like a toy kills two children, ages 6 and 13.
2015.02.12 Iraq Salamiya 30 0 Thirty people are rounded up and executed for refusing to fight for the Islamic State.
2015.02.12 Nigeria Biu 11 20 A female suicide bomber slaughters eleven people at a packed market.
2015.02.11 Iraq Baghdad 10 25 Ten civilians lose their lives when terrorists send mortar shells into two Shiite neighborhoods.
2015.02.11 Libya Benghazi 40 0 Forty severed heads are discovered at a training camp for Islamists.
2015.02.11 Syria Raqqa 1 0 An ISIS prisoner is executed with a shotgun blast to the head.
2015.02.11 Iraq Baghdad 9 25 Two Jihadi bombings leave nine dead.
2015.02.11 Iraq Tikrit 12 37 Three ISIS suicide bombers kill a dozen Iraqis.
2015.02.11 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A female politician is publicly executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.10 Iraq Baghdad 4 18 Two Mujahid bomb blasts produce a four dead Iraqis.
2015.02.10 Iraq Madain 2 7 Two civilians are taken out by an IED.
2015.02.10 Somalia Guri-El 12 30 A dozen people lose their lives when Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a attack a government building.
2015.02.10 Iraq Tarmia 3 10 Ten Shiites are laid out by a Sunni bomb.
2015.02.10 Afghanistan Jalalabad 2 3 A massive suicide attack leaves two dead, including a female politician.
2015.02.10 Cameroon Koza 7 8 Boko Haram hijacks a bus with passengers, kills seven and kidnaps eight young girls.
2015.02.10 Afghanistan Kunduz 1 3 Five suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2015.02.10 Iraq Samarrah 6 29 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out six other people.
2015.02.10 Nigeria Logo 22 20 Fulani terrorists massacre over twenty villagers.
2015.02.10 Egypt Arish 10 0 Ten people are beheaded on video by Ansar Bait al-Maqdis.
2015.02.09 Iraq Kadhimiyah 18 42 A Sunni suicide bomber takes out eighteen innocents near a Shia shrine.
2015.02.09 Iraq Saniya 13 6 Over a dozen people at a popular gathering place are torn to pieces by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.02.09 Pakistan Hayatabad 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen murder a Shiite doctor.
2015.02.09 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A Shia museum official is taken down in a Sunni drive-by.
2015.02.09 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five Iraqis are executed by the Islamic State.
2015.02.09 Iraq Mosul 0 15 Fifteen women are reportedly arrested and disfigured with acid by the caliphate for not wearing the niqab.
2015.02.09 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 A member of parliament is assassinated by a group fighting for Islamic law. Two bodyguards are also killed.
2015.02.09 Iraq Husseiniyah 4 8 A Jihadi bomb blast rips through a commercial area, claiming four souls.
2015.02.08 Afghanistan Nangarhar 2 1 Militants enter a rival mosque and gun down two people.
2015.02.08 Somalia Puntland 2 5 Islamic activists roll up to a police checkpoint and throw in a grenade, killing two officers.
2015.02.08 Syria Aldbsa 1 0 An elderly man is publicly beheaded for 'witchcraft'.
2015.02.08 Pakistan Nari Baba 3 5 Lashkar-e-Islam kill ten members of a peace committee with an IED in a house.
2015.02.08 Niger Diffa 5 15 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a pepper market, killing five patrons.
2015.02.07 Iraq Jalawla 1 0 A Kurd is tortured and killed on video by Shiite militia.
2015.02.07 Iraq Baghdad 11 26 Two bombs at a market produce eleven bodies.
2015.02.07 Pakistan Parachinar 1 0 A Shiite is shot to death by Sunni radicals.
2015.02.07 Iraq Baghdad 22 45 A brutal suicide bombing at a packed restaurant snuffs out the lives of twenty-two innocents.
2015.02.07 Iraq Baghdad 5 13 Five Iraqis are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a commercial district.
2015.02.06 Iraq Ramadi 6 9 Six Iraqis are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2015.02.06 Libya Benghazi 2 20 A suicide bomber kills a man and child.
2015.02.06 Iraq Zumar 16 0 Women and children are among sixteen Yazidi victims of an ISIS execution.
2015.02.06 Niger Bossa 4 13 At least four others are killed during a massive cross-border Boko Haram assault.
2015.02.06 Iraq Bardiyan 23 0 Twenty-three Yazidi victims of Islamic State execution are found in another mass grave.
2015.02.06 Iraq Baghdad 3 5 A bomb blast at a market leaves three dead.
2015.02.06 Iraq Tikrit 7 4 A suicide car bomber murders seven Iraqis.
2015.02.06 Afghanistan Ghanikhil 2 0 Two policemen are shot to death by Sunni hardliners.
2015.02.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 3 Two suicide bombings claim the life of one other person.
2015.02.06 Syria Raqqa 1 0 A 26-year-old female American aid worker is reported dead by the Islamic State after being held for a year and a half.
2015.02.06 Afghanistan Washir 2 3 Two civilians are pulled into pieces by a Taliban bomb.
2015.02.05 Syria Damascus 10 50 The Army of Islam sends rockets into mainly Christian neighborhoods, killing ten residents.
2015.02.05 Iraq Tikrit 11 22 Eleven Iraqis are killed during a violent ISIS attack.
2015.02.05 Iraq Shirqat 2 0 A married couple is dragged into the public square and shot to death by pro-Sharia militants.
2015.02.05 Egypt Cairo 1 1 One person is killed when Islamic extremists firebomb and fire into a KFC restaurant.
2015.02.05 Iraq Mosul 2 0 A father and son are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.05 Afghanistan Herat 2 0 Suspected Taliban gunmen pull up on a motorcycle and murder two traffic cops.
2015.02.04 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A priest is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.04 Yemen Bayda 5 3 A suicide car bomber takes out five security personnel.
2015.02.04 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A guard for a polio team is shot dead by fundamentalist.
2015.02.04 Afghanistan Ganjgal 2 0 A 23-year-old woman is among two people shot to death by a Sharia court.
2015.02.04 Iraq Mahmoudiyyah 3 6 A woman is among three civilians who bleed to death following a Mujahid bombing near a bus.
2015.02.04 Iraq Mosul 4 0 Four people are beheaded by ISIS for condemning the burning of a pilot on Facebook.
2015.02.04 Cameroon Fotokol 110 500 Boko Haram overrun a small town and massacre over one-hundred innocents.
2015.02.04 DRC Beni 21 0 Seven women are among twenty-one villagers hacked to death by ADF-NALU.
2015.02.04 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two imams are executed by Religion of Peace rivals.
2015.02.03 Somalia Baidoa 1 0 A cleric is assassinated near his mosque by radicals.
2015.02.03 Pakistan Ormagi 4 0 Four people are disintegrated by a Tehreek-e-Taliban IED.
2015.02.03 Syria Raqqa 1 0 The caliphate releases a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage.
2015.02.03 France Nice 0 3 Three French soldiers standing guard at a Jewish center are stabbed by a radical Muslim.
2015.02.03 Libya Mabrook 13 0 Islamists storm an oilfield and slit the throats of thirteen employees.
2015.02.03 Thailand Yala 1 0 A 35-year-old man is murdered in his home by Muslim gunmen.
2015.02.03 Egypt Alexandria 1 2 A civilian is killed - and a child injured - by an Islamist bomb at a checkpoint.
2015.02.03 Iraq Baghdad 5 15 Jihadis set off a series of bombs at a popular square, killing five bystanders.
2015.02.03 Somalia Mogadishu 1 3 A civilian is taken out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2015.02.03 Iraq Baghdad 8 25 Eight people are blown to bits in three separate Mujahid bomb blasts.
2015.02.03 Libya Sidra 5 13 Five others are killed during an assault by Fajr Libya.
2015.02.02 Pakistan Nari Baba 3 2 Religious radicals blow up three locals.
2015.02.02 Iraq Tikrit 7 28 Seven Iraqis are sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2015.02.02 Libya Tripoli 1 2 One person is taken out by suspected Fajr Libya bombers.
2015.02.02 Iraq Fallujah 2 0 Two Shiites are beheaded by Sunnis.
2015.02.02 Syria Raqqa 1 0 Another gay man is thrown from a building by Sharia activists.
2015.02.02 Nigeria Gombe 5 8 Two suicide bombers kill five people at a market.
2015.02.01 Syria Damascus 6 20 Terrorists blow up a bus carrying Shiite pilgrims, killing six.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 12 37 A dozen people lose their lives when Boko Haram gunmen attack a small city.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Gombe 3 7 A bomb at a market leaves three dead.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Potsikum 9 24 A suicide bomber murders nine innocents at a political gathering.
2015.02.01 Pakistan Jhang 2 0 Two sisters are honor killed by their family for refusing to marry men picked out for them.
2015.02.01 Afghanistan Chasht 4 3 Fundamentalists pour automatic-weapons fire into a police post, killing four officers.
2015.02.01 Nigeria Dalwa 22 5 Nearly two dozen others lose their lives during a Boko Haram attack.
2015.02.01 Iraq Sensil 11 0 The remains of eleven ISIS execution victims are found in a mass grave.
2015.02.01 Iraq Sinuni 25 0 Twenty-five Yazidi victims of an ISIS execution are discovered, including women and children.
2015.02.01 Iraq Karaghol 2 5 Jihadis blow up two civilians.
2015.02.01 Pakistan Karachi 4 1 Four Sunnis are gunned down in two sectarian attacks.
2015.02.01 Egypt Rafah 3 4 Two women and a child are crushed to death by two rocket attacks on their homes.
2015.02.01 Iraq Mosul 2 0 Two Iraqi captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2015.02.01 Syria Aleppo 2 16 Army of Islam members target a neighborhood with rockets, killing two residents.

* Honor killings appear on the list, but are not included in the counter

There is a reason we call it Islamic terrorism, and it isn't
because we falsely attribute motives to the terrorists, but
because Islam is the stated purpose and aim of the terrorists.
Daniel Greenfield

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If we are "at war" with Islam it is not because there is something
 wrong with us, but because there is something wrong with Islam.

"I am one of the servants of Allah.  We do our duty of fighting for the
sake of the religion of Allah.  It is also our duty to send a call to
all the people of the world to enjoy this great light and to
embrace Islam and experience the happiness in Islam. 
Our primary mission is nothing but the furthering of this religion." 
Osama bin Laden (1957 - 2011)

If Muslim men like hijabs so much, maybe they should wear them.

If we should respect the Quran because not doing so causes Muslims to
get angry and kill, then here are the other things we should stop doing:

Educating  women.  Selling alcohol.  Pre-marital sexSharing a
non-Muslim religious faith. 
Democracy.  Disaster reliefSporting events
Free speech. Allowing women to dress as they please.  Being gay
Hindu.  Being Christian.  Being Jewish.  Being Buddhist.  Being Sikh
Ahmadi.  Being Sufi.  Being Muslim, but going to the wrong mosque...


  Hamas Wants Your Money!   

This is Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Hamas terror group, which the Palestinians have chosen to run their government.  He wants your money...  unconditionally.

These are his people, the Hamas terrorists who have slaughtered hundreds of innocent people in shopping malls, cafes and even on buses.  (They're holding Qurans).

This is an example of who they murder: Mazal Marciano a talented and devoted mother of two small children.  She made easy pickings for Haniyeh and his henchmen.

Are you burning with the Peace of Islam?

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