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Jihad Report
May 08, 2021 -
May 14, 2021

Attacks 38
Killed 205
Injured 297
Suicide Blasts 1
Countries 14

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Report
April, 2021

Attacks 218
Killed 951
Injured 1576
Suicide Blasts 14
Countries 22
List of Attacks

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List of Attacks

Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)

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List of Islamic Terror Attacks

List of Killings in
the Name of Islam:
Last 30 Days

This is part of the list of killings in the name of Islam maintained by  Most of these incidents are terror attacks.  A handful are honor killings or Sharia executions.

During this time period, there were 186 Islamic attacks in 23 countries, in which 950 people were killed and 1150 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted).

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2021.05.15 Israel Ramat Gan 1 10 A man loses his life to an Hamas rocket attack.
2021.05.14 Afghanistan Kabul 12 15 A bomb blast rips through a rival mosque, taking down a dozen worshippers.
2021.05.14 Afghanistan Kunduz 2 0 Patrons in front of a shop are picked off by Mujahideen bombers.
2021.05.13 DRC Kinshasa 1 46 A police officer is beaten to death and set on fire by a mosque group.
2021.05.13 Burkina Faso Wassakore 3 0 Jihadists murder three villagers and set fire to shops.
2021.05.13 Israel Sderot 1 7 A 5-year-old boy succumbs to injuries following an Hamas rocket attack.
2021.05.13 Israel Moshav Shtulim 1 0 An 87-year-old woman dies trying to escape an Hamas rocket attack.
2021.05.13 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Mujahid fire on a married couple, killing the wife.
2021.05.13 Afghanistan Salahen 5 0 Five civilian commuters are obliterated by Taliban shrapnel.
2021.05.12 Iraq Safra 1 0 A 17-year-old is shot to death by the Islamic State.
2021.05.12 Niger Fantio 5 2 Five villagers are gunned down by terrorists marking Eid.
2021.05.12 Nigeria Utsua Daa 2 0 Two farmers are killed by militant Muslims.
2021.05.12 Nigeria Baafada 4 0 Muslim terrorists murder four innocents along a road.
2021.05.12 Israel Lod 2 1 A father and his teenage daughter are put down by an Hamas rocket.
2021.05.12 Kenya Mandera 2 0 Two guards at a cell phone tower are picked off by al-Shabaab.
2021.05.12 Kenya Wajir 1 0 Islamic extremists use an RPG to kill a police reservist.
2021.05.12 Israel Lod 2 0 A 7-year-old girl and a woman are taken out by an Hamas rocket.
2021.05.12 Iraq Balga 1 0 An Islamic State sniper shoots a 45-year-old Kurd.
2021.05.11 Indonesia Kalimago 4 0 Mujahideen behead one farmer and butcher three others at a Salvation Army post.
2021.05.11 Israel Ashkelon 2 5 Two women, ages 60 and 80, are killed when a Hamas rocket hits their home.
2021.05.11 Israel Tel Aviv 1 8 A 50-year-old woman is killed when her apartment building is hit by an Hamas rocket.
2021.05.10 Syria Sukhnah 7 15 Seven Syrians succumb to ISIS shrapnel.
2021.05.10 Pal. Auth. Gaza 17 0 Seventeen Palestinians are killed by Hamas rockets falling short.
2021.05.10 France Bordeaux 0 1 A policewoman is stabbed by another woman shouting praises to Allah.
2021.05.10 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 1 0 An off-duty cop is gunned down at a city square.
2021.05.10 Afghanistan Zabul 11 28 Eleven passengers on a bus, including women and children, are eliminated by fundamentalist bombers.
2021.05.10 DRC Kilia 6 0 Five villagers and a female peacekeeper are murdered by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.09 Nigeria Mgbakwu 1 1 A woman is beaten to death by Fulani terrorists.
2021.05.09 Somalia Mogadishu 6 6 A Shahid suicide bomber sends six other souls to Allah.
2021.05.09 Iraq Karbala 1 0 The life of a young activist is cut short by Shiite militia.
2021.05.09 Iraq Jalisiyah 2 2 Two Shiites are exterminated by the Islamic State.
2021.05.09 Afghanistan Kabul 2 9 Taliban shrapnel claims the lives of two people on a minibus.
2021.05.09 Pakistan Lakki Marwat 1 0 Terrorists open fire on a passing van, killing a passenger.
2021.05.09 Syria Raqqa 2 2 ISIS members attack a passing vehicle, killing two passengers.
2021.05.09 Somalia Tage Elle 1 0 A man is hunted down by al-Shabaab and killed inside his home.
2021.05.08 Afghanistan Tiran Kot 4 0 A Taliban disguised as a police officer opens fire on a checkpoint, killing four.
2021.05.08 Afghanistan Kabul 85 147 Bombs targeting a Shiite girls' school bring down over eighty students and staff.
2021.05.08 Iraq Kofa 1 0 A man is pulled out of his car by holy warriors and executed in front of his family.
2021.05.08 Iraq Rutba 2 1 Two shepherds are captured and executed by the Islamic State.
2021.05.08 Nigeria Awka 2 0 Two villagers are murdered by Muslim militants.
2021.05.07 Mali Hombori 3 6 Three local soldiers in a supply convoy are put down by Islam activists.
2021.05.07 Nigeria Abuja 1 0 A police officer is stabbed to death by Shiite radicals.
2021.05.07 Pakistan Panga Khan 1 0 Extremists hack a woman to death in her home with an axe.
2021.05.07 Burkina Faso Tin-Akoff 20 20 Jihadists are suspected of machine-gunning some twenty villagers.
2021.05.06 Maldives Male 0 4 The Islamic State attempts to assassinate the former president with a car bomb.
2021.05.06 Afghanistan Kandahar 1 0 A former Treasury Department employee is assassinated.
2021.05.06 Iraq al-Khalis 2 0 A teacher at a secular school is stabbed to death in his home along with his wife.
2021.05.05 Afghanistan Kalakan 1 3 Islamists bomb a minibus carrying medical workers, killing one.
2021.05.05 Afghanistan Khwaja Omari 6 0 Six locals are liquidated by the Taliban.
2021.05.05 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 5 4 Sunni radicals attack a minibus and nearby police station, killing five.
2021.05.05 Pakistan Zhob 4 6 Islamic militants are suspected of crossing the border and killing four guards.
2021.05.05 Iraq Kirkuk 1 2 An ISIS attack on an oil field claims the life of a guard.
2021.05.05 Somalia Khada 3 1 A woman is among the casualties of an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2021.05.05 Iraq Juwayda 2 1 Mujahideen kill two Iraqis with a cluster bomb.
2021.05.05 Afghanistan Khost 1 17 A mid-city bomb blast takes out a commuter.
2021.05.05 Nigeria Shadadi 8 4 Muslim gunmen storm into a town and kill eight innocents.
2021.05.05 Iraq Dibis 1 2 One Iraqi is killed by the Islamic State.
2021.05.04 Iran Ahwaz 1 0 A 20-year-old man is beheaded by his cousins for being gay.
2021.05.04 DRC Mangina 1 3 ADF Islamists shoot one person dead during a raid.
2021.05.04 DRC Rwenzori 4 3 Mines planted by the ADF claim four lives.
2021.05.04 France Mérignac 1 0 A woman is honor-killed by her strict husband, who shoots her in the street and then burns her alive.
2021.05.04 Cameroon Tumshe 5 7 Jihadists plant a landmine that kills five civilians returning from a market.
2021.05.04 Pakistan Tarkhoo 2 2 A routine security patrol is hit with a roadside blast that kills two members.
2021.05.04 Niger Tillabery 15 4 Islamic terrorists massacre fifteen border guards.
2021.05.04 Syria Jdaidet Kahit 2 0 Two passengers in a passing car are ripped to pieces with heavy weapons fire.
2021.05.04 Afghanistan Kabul 1 3 The Taliban target and kill a health official with a roadside bomb.
2021.05.04 Afghanistan Paktika 1 0 A popular police officer is exterminated by Jihadis.
2021.05.04 Iraq Maysan 2 1 Two local police gunned down by Sharia proponents.
2021.05.03 Afghanistan Kabul 3 0 Three guards at a bazaar are purged by the Taliban.
2021.05.03 Kenya Ishakani 2 0 Two people are eliminated by an al-Shabaab landmine.
2021.05.03 Afghanistan Farah 0 21 Young children are among the casualties of a Religion of Peace bombing at a school.
2021.05.03 Afghanistan Jar Khoshk 9 19 Nine Afghans lose their lives to an attack by Sunni extremists.
2021.05.03 Burkina Faso Hantoukoura 30 20 Children are among thirty villagers shot and burned alive by Islamic militia.
2021.05.03 Nigeria Gwer West 15 0 Fifteen villagers are massacred by Muslim militants in a pre-dawn attack.
2021.05.03 Nigeria Naka-Agagbe 2 0 Two commuters are murdered by Muslim terrorists along a road.
2021.05.03 Nigeria Ajiri 30 0 A second Boko Haram raid in as many days leaves thirty more dead.
2021.05.02 Nigeria Ajiri 13 9 A half-dozen civilians are among thirteen killed by Boko Haram.
2021.05.02 Afghanistan Bala Buluk 22 4 Twenty-two Afghans are blown to bits by Sunni bombers.
2021.05.02 Afghanistan Farsi 8 4 Two Taliban car bombs claim eight souls.
2021.05.02 Israel Kfar Tapuah 1 2 Students waiting for a bus are shot in a drive-by.
2021.05.02 Niger Tahoua 16 6 Sixteen local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Jihadists.
2021.05.02 Afghanistan Rustaq 1 2 Hardliners assassinate a politician with a bomb.
2021.05.01 Afghanistan Gardez 1 0 The Taliban murder a man inside his home.
2021.05.01 Afghanistan Qalat City 3 2 A Taliban attack leaves three dead and two wounded.
2021.05.01 Afghanistan Warduj 8 6 Eight locals are purged by the Taliban.
2021.05.01 Afghanistan Lashkargah 1 0 A child loses her life during an attack by Sunni radicals.
2021.05.01 Iraq Alton Kubre 7 2 Seven Kurds are murdered by the Islamic State.
2021.05.01 Iraq Akashat 3 2 Two ISIS bomb blasts claim three lives.
2021.05.01 DRC Beni 19 10 At least nineteen people are slaughtered by ADF Islamists.
2021.05.01 DRC Beni 1 0 An anti-extremist imam is assassinated by extremists.
2021.05.01 Iraq al-Qaim 2 0 Two Iraqis are liquidated by ISIS shrapnel.
2021.05.01 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A university lecturer is gunned down by extremists.
2021.05.01 Syria Hasakah 1 0 A motorcycle rider is picked off by ISIS snipers.
2021.05.01 Egypt al-Amal 3 0 Three family members are brutally killed in their own home by the Islamic State.
2021.04.30 Afghanistan Shirzad 4 0 Three women and a child are pulled into pieces by a Taliban mortar.
2021.04.30 Iraq Daquq 3 2 Three local police officers loses their lives to an automatic weapons attack by ISIS.
2021.04.30 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 27 60 A Religion of Peace suicide bombing at a guesthouse kills twenty-seven, including high school students.
2021.04.30 Iraq Tarmiya 4 2 An attack at an agricultural area leaves four dead.
2021.04.29 Afghanistan Khinjan 7 0 Seven family members are purged by Muslim terrorists.
2021.04.29 Iraq Hawija 2 1 Two Iraqis are sent to Allah by the Islamic State.
2021.04.29 Nigeria Beaver Ridge, WV 5 4 A late-night attack on a village by Muslim militants results in five dead residents.
2021.04.29 Iraq Ramadi 2 0 The Islamic State claims two lives with a roadside bomb.
2021.04.29 DRC Kyaninga 6 0 Six villagers are purged by ADF Islamists.
2021.04.28 Afghanistan Ghor 1 0 The relative of a journalist is gunned down by hardliners.
2021.04.28 Pakistan Qilla Abdullah 1 8 Tehreek-e-Taliban is suspected of a bomb blast that leaves one dead.
2021.04.28 Somalia Afgoye 3 7 Three people are blown sky high by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2021.04.28 Yemen Alrko 2 0 A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates two children.
2021.04.28 Pakistan Nowshera 5 0 Three woman are among five honor killed by conservative relatives.
2021.04.28 Philippines Datu Saudi Ampatuan 2 6 Two women are killed when a Bangsamoro bomb goes off early.
2021.04.28 Somalia Mogadishu 11 3 An early-morning blast outside a prison leaves eleven dead.
2021.04.28 Syria al-Sour 2 2 An ISIS motorcycle bomb takes out two passersby.
2021.04.27 Iraq Rashad 4 5 Four sappers are aerated by a bomb left by Islamists.
2021.04.27 Afghanistan Dehrawood 3 0 Three locals lose their lives to a pernicious attack by the Taliban.
2021.04.27 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 Two security personnel are ambushed and killed by a group fighting for Sharia.
2021.04.27 Nigeria Jebbu Miango 1 1 One person is killed when Muslim militants attack an orphanage.
2021.04.27 Nigeria Makurdi 10 9 Muslim militants murder ten innocents at a displaced persons camp, including a child.
2021.04.26 Burkina Faso Arly National Park 4 2 Two Spanish journalists and an Irish wildlife conservationist are among four captured and executed.
2021.04.26 Afghanistan Kunar 0 21 Sixteen children are among the casualties of a Taliban rocket attack.
2021.04.26 Iraq Mosul 2 9 Separate Mujahid bombings leave two dead.
2021.04.26 Afghanistan Lalpoor 5 0 Radical Sunnis shoot five people to death.
2021.04.26 Chad Lake Chad 12 6 Jihadists ambush and kill a dozen local soldiers.
2021.04.26 Nigeria Kaduna 2 0 Muslim kidnappers kill two more students.
2021.04.26 Burkina Faso Seytenga 18 1 Eighteen villagers are massacred by armed Jihadists.
2021.04.26 Syria Daraa 1 0 A truck driver is killed by ISIS gunfire.
2021.04.25 Nigeria Miango 1 1 A 21-year-old is killed in an attack that also injures his younger brother.
2021.04.25 Nigeria Jwanshak 1 0 A man is dragged from his home and executed by Muslim militants.
2021.04.25 Iraq Khali 1 1 Terrorists fire on a man and his son, killing the 3-year-old.
2021.04.25 Thailand Raman 1 1 Muslim terrorists kill a policeman with a pipe-bomb.
2021.04.25 Iraq Khanaqin 1 2 A village head is assassinated by the Islamic State.
2021.04.25 Nigeria Mainok 31 43 At least thirty-one are killed when Sharia advocates fire rockets into town and storm a nearby base.
2021.04.25 Afghanistan Mohammad Agha 7 3 The Taliban ambush vehicles along the highway and kill seven copper mine guards.
2021.04.25 Afghanistan Maiwand 5 4 A suicide car bomber takes out five Afghans.
2021.04.25 Nigeria Manini 1 4 Muslim gunmen attack a church, killing a doctor.
2021.04.24 Yemen Marib 26 0 A judge is among two dozen killed in a 2-day assault by Ansar Allah.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Logar 3 0 Three Afghans are laid out by a Taliban nail-bomb.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Bangi 7 0 Seven locals are taken out by a Sunni drone.
2021.04.24 Thailand Sai Buri 3 0 Muslim 'insurgents' stage a barbaric attack on a family, killing three members.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Extremists assassinated a university professor.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Ghazni 3 3 Fundamentalists plant a bomb that claims three civilians.
2021.04.24 Nigeria Guma 5 20 Muslim militants murder five residents in a series of attacks.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A 25-year-old woman is shot dead by fundamentalists.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A tribal elder is picked off by Taliban snipers.
2021.04.24 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A government maintenance worker is gunned down.
2021.04.24 DRC Makundi 2 0 Two Congolese lose their lives to ADF Islamists.
2021.04.24 Nigeria Yogbo-Mbayev 3 0 Three locals are cut down by militant Muslims.
2021.04.24 Nigeria Ajikama 9 0 Fulani terrorist murder nine villagers, including a pregnant woman and a 3-year-old.
2021.04.23 Nigeria Yobe 4 0 Two Christians are hunted down and killed, along with two other school teachers.
2021.04.23 Nigeria Geidam 11 0 Two homes are blown up by Jihadists, along with eleven residents.
2021.04.23 Afghanistan Engil 1 0 Radicals shoot a woman to death.
2021.04.23 Iraq Abbara 3 8 A pair of Mujahid attacks takes three lives.
2021.04.23 Afghanistan Qabristan 4 3 Four civilians are eliminated by Taliban bombers.
2021.04.23 Syria Golan 2 1 Two children are killed by a bomb being transported in a car.
2021.04.23 Afghanistan Riskhvor 1 0 A government employee is murdered on her way home from work.
2021.04.23 Nigeria Tse-Gborigyo 7 6 Seven villagers are massacred by Muslim 'militia'.
2021.04.23 France Paris 1 0 A mother-of-2 is stabbed twice in the throat by an Allah-praising Tunisian migrant.
2021.04.22 Somalia Banadir 4 4 A group fighting for Sharia sends mortars into a residential neighborhood, killing four.
2021.04.22 Burkina Faso Sahel 5 3 Five local soldiers are murdered by religious extremists.
2021.04.22 Nigeria Vom 6 2 A half-dozen innocents are killed by Fulani mercenaries.
2021.04.22 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 1 2 A young man is murdered in his home in front of his family.
2021.04.22 Nigeria Borno 3 0 Three members are executed for 'betraying' an Islamic organization.
2021.04.22 Nigeria Kwanan Bature 3 0 The bodies of two women are among three students found murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.04.22 Syria Markada 2 0 Two employees at a gas station are shot to death by ISIS.
2021.04.21 Syria Hazima 3 1 Three sappers are cut down by the Islamic State.
2021.04.21 Bangladesh Chittagong 0 25 A mob of 'religious fanatics' attack a Hindu village.
2021.04.21 Afghanistan Khairkhan 2 0 A father and son are assassinated by Holy Warriors.
2021.04.21 Afghanistan Baghlan-e-Markazi 2 2 A woman is among two blown up by Jihadists.
2021.04.21 Afghanistan Parwan 1 2 A statistician is murdered in front of his family by the Taliban.
2021.04.21 Nigeria Guma 6 0 Six villager elders are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.
2021.04.21 Nigeria Makurdi 2 0 Two residents are 'butchered' by Fulani.
2021.04.21 Afghanistan Balkh 8 6 Eight Afghan are laid out by gun-wielding Sunni radicals.
2021.04.21 Pakistan Quetta 5 12 The Taliban claims a suicide bombing at a luxury hotel that leaves five dead.
2021.04.21 Afghanistan Dawlatyar 4 0 Three students are among four Shiites murdered by fundamentalists.
2021.04.21 Iraq al-Dibs 1 0 A child is blown to bits by ISIS explosives.
2021.04.20 Iraq Barawhili 1 0 Holy Warriors fell a 15-year-old shepherd with a bomb.
2021.04.20 Afghanistan Kabul 1 9 One other person is killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2021.04.20 Afghanistan Helmand 1 0 The Taliban kill a sports journalist by attaching a bomb to his car.
2021.04.20 Afghanistan Kabul 2 0 Two people are shot to death during a terror attack on a vehicle.
2021.04.20 Somalia Darusalem 1 3 A local official is assassinated by al-Shabaab.
2021.04.20 Iraq Mount Hamrin 2 0 Two Iraqis are brought low by an ISIS nail bomb.
2021.04.20 Nigeria Kaduna 1 20 Muslim terrorists infiltrate a university and kill a staffer.
2021.04.20 Iraq Abbasi 1 0 A farmer is 'executed' in his own home by Islamists.
2021.04.20 Afghanistan Ghorian 3 14 Three people are sent to Allah by a suicide car bomber.
2021.04.20 Nigeria Daffo 1 0 A Christian man is hacked to death with machetes on his own porch.
2021.04.19 Afghanistan Sarha-e-Mohammad Ja 8 2 Eight police officers are killed in two attacks by religious radicals.
2021.04.19 Iraq Kanaan 1 2 An Islamic State bomb blast claims one life.
2021.04.19 Iraq Mutassim 1 0 Islamists execute a man at his home in front of his family.
2021.04.19 Afghanistan Kabul 35 0 Thirty-five more civilians are reported dead in attacks over the past week.
2021.04.19 Nigeria Dikwa 12 0 Boko Haram claims to have killed a dozen locals in an attack on a town.
2021.04.19 Syria Hasakah 1 2 A truck driver is killed by ISIS.
2021.04.18 Afghanistan Sar-e-Pul 1 0 A female athlete is murdered by extremists.
2021.04.18 Afghanistan Fabrica Qand 2 6 A pernicious attack by the Taliban on a township leaves two dead.
2021.04.18 Afghanistan Badghis 3 0 Three local cops are killed in an 'insider' attack by the Taliban.
2021.04.17 Afghanistan Taluqan 4 5 An early morning attack by fundamentalists leaves four dead.
2021.04.17 Nigeria Mbamondu 8 5 A family is among eight butchered by Fulani terrorists.
2021.04.17 Pakistan Makeen 4 0 Four cops manning a checkpoint are wiped out by Islamists.
2021.04.17 Somalia Gololay 1 3 al-Shabaab claims a bombing that leaves one dead.
2021.04.17 Niger Gaigorou 19 6 Nineteen innocents are massacred by Islamic extremists.
2021.04.17 Afghanistan Layakht 2 1 Two civilians are leveled by a Taliban blast.
2021.04.16 Syria Palmyra 2 0 Two civilians are blown up by an ISIS landmine.
2021.04.16 Yemen Marib 6 0 At least a half-dozen others are killed in a series of Ansar Allah attacks.
2021.04.16 Egypt Sinai 2 0 Two captured tribesmen are executed by the Islamic State.
2021.04.16 Nigeria Ngomari 3 1 Boko Haram stage a sudden attack on a security base, killing three personnel.
2021.04.16 Nigeria Kamuya 5 4 The lives of five Nigerians are cut short by Boko Haram.
2021.04.16 Afghanistan Zinda Jan 3 8 Three policemen are killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2021.04.16 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A civilian is obliterated by Taliban shrapnel.
2021.04.16 Pakistan Lahore 4 280 Four more police are reported dead in violent rioting by hardliners.
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